November 29, 2019

Nov. 29

November 29, 2019:  Friday, 34th week, Ordinary Time

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For canticle
    Daniel's vision of the four beasts/ Merian
  • Dn 7:2-14  I, Daniel, saw four beasts emerge from the sea.  One was ordered to devour flesh.  Another was given dominion.  Then thrones were set up, the Ancient One took his throne, thousands ministered to him, court was convened, one beast was slain, and the Ancient One gave glory and kingship to one like a son of man.
  • Dn 3:75-81  "Give glory and eternal praise to him!"  All creation, bless the Lord!
  • Lk 21:29-33  “When trees' buds open, you know summer is near; similarly, when you see these things happening, know the Kingdom is near.  This generation will not pass away until all this has taken place.  Heaven and earth will pass away, but not my words.”
  • Creighton:  "Give glory and eternal praise to him!"  We're called to glorify, praise, and worship God.  This requires consciousness of the transcendent, an eternal realm that ensures "my words will not pass away."  We're called to act with love and justice; caring for one another is caring for God...
    Grow your own fig tree
  •  "My words won't pass away":  Jesus used the fig tree to teach about reading the signs of the times.  The fig tree bore fruit in autumn and early spring.  As signs of a changing season are evident, so too are the signs of God's kingdom and his return.  The kingdom's 'budding' starts in those receptive to God's word, who will bear the kingdom's fruit of justice, peace, and joy in the Spirit.  The Lord gives us signs, not only to warn us but also to rouse us to be ready to receive his kingdom.  The "Day of the Lord" will be a day of rejoicing for those who long to see the Lord.  The Lord Jesus wants us to be filled with joyful anticipation.  While we wait for his physical return, we can know his presence through the Holy Spirit.  The Lord comes to those who long for him, speaks tenderly to us, shows us the way to our Father, and gives us hope.
    • Bl. Denis of the Nativity =Pierre Berthelot, cartographer, naval commander, Discalced Carmelite priest
    • Bl. Redemptus of the Cross =Thomas Rodriguez da Cunha, religious brother
Dress legend
  • 'Alps' pin:  "Mountains and hills, bless the Lord" (canticle)
  • Blue and white in shirt:  Great sea, Ancient One's snow-bright clothes and wool-white hair (1st reading);"seas, rivers, water creatures, bless the Lord" (canticle)
  • 'Bird' pin:  "Birds of the air, bless the Lord" (canticle); lion with eagle's wings, 3rd beast's wings (1st reading)
  • 'Lion' pin:  Lion (and other beasts) (1st reading); "you beasts, bless the Lord" (canticle)
  • 'Feet' pin:  1st beast was raised to stand on two feet, 4th beast tramples with its feet (1st reading)
  • 'Bear' tie bar:  Beast like a bear (1st reading)
  • 'Car' pin showing mouth with teeth:  4th beast's mouth, great teeth (1st reading)
  • 'Eyeball' pin:  Daniel's vision, 4th beast's humanoid eyes (1st reading)
  • 'Fire' pin:  Ancient One's throne (1st reading)
  • 'Crown' tie bar:  Ancient One bestows kingship on son of man (1st reading)
  • Tie with clouds:  One like a son of man coming on the clouds (1st reading)
  • 'Tree' pin:  Consider the trees (gospel)
  • Green in shirt, 'clocks' suspenders:  Ordinary Time season, in its final days

November 28, 2019

Nov. 28 / Thanksgiving

November 28, 2019:  Thursday, 34th week, Ordinary Time / Thanksgiving

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For weekday 1st reading

For Thanksgiving Day
For Thanksgiving gospel
For (Thanksgiving) Psalm 145
For weekday canticle


    • Dn 6:12-28  Men find Daniel praying, tell King Darius who orders him cast into the lions' den.  King returns to den, finding Daniel unhurt.  Daniel was removed; his accusers were cast into the den and crushed.  King Darius:  Reverence the God of Daniel:  he lives forever, saves, works signs, and delivered Daniel from the lions.
    • Dn 3:68-74  "Give glory and eternal praise to him."  Dew, rain, frost, chill, ice, snow, nights, days, light, darkness, lightnings, clouds, earth:  bless the Lord!
    • Lk 21:20-28  Time of punishment, woe, signs, calamity, and judgment will come.  People will fall, be taken captive, and trampled.  The Son of Man will come with power and glory.  Stand erect; your redemption is at hand.
    • Sir 50:22-24  Bless God who's done wondrous things, who fashions people.  May he grant you joy and peace; may his goodness endure and deliver us.
    • Ps 145:2-11 "I will praise your name for ever, Lord."  Great are you, Lord; your majesty, wondrous works, goodness, justice, mercy, kindness, and compassion.  May your faithful bless you, speaking of your kingdom's glory and your might.
    • 1 Cor 1:3-9  I thank my God for God's grace given to you as you await Christ's revelation.  He'll keep you firm to the end.  By our faithful God you were called to fellowship with Christ our Lord.
    • Lk 17:11-19  Ten lepers:  “Jesus, have pity on us!” / “Show yourselves to the priests.”  They were cleansed on the way.  One returned, glorifying God and thanking Jesus.  Has none but this foreigner given thanks?  Go; your faith has saved you.”
        The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth/ Brownscombe
      • Creighton:  This week's sober readings are actually hope-filled, like a "pep rally," encouraging us to hope.  The outcome, God's promise, will be wonderful.  The story of Daniel in the lions' den is good for children and adults alike.  The king wants to protect Daniel, even though the king's servants are out to get him because he enjoys the king's favor.  The king is forced to throw him to the lions, but Daniel is unharmed and the King overwhelmed.  We who have "been a lions' den" can cheer along about God's fidelity.  God delivers us from fear, anxiety, lack of courage, from a feeling of being alone.  When we experience the peace only God can give, we feel freed from the lions' den.
        In the temple Jesus warns of its destruction.  He believes that punishment is because his people reject his coming, but he offers hope and encouragement.  Today we feel the support of these promises.  We feel our hunger, discouragement, and fear; we feel tired of being inconsistent, crabby, and judgmental.  We ask God to come to us and anticipate our hope. We need comfort; we need to know God is greater than the darkness around us and the darkness we choose.  We cry, "Come and save me!" and trust God is ready to come help, heal, restore, and renew us.  Confidence leads to deeper longing, and growing trust opens us to the gifts God longs to give us.
          Healing of the ten lepers/ Tissot
        • One Bread, One Body:  "Eating disorder":  On Thanksgiving Day, day of feasting, we read of not eating:  King Darius couldn't eat out of concern for the doomed Daniel, and the lions couldn't eat because God was protecting Daniel.  This inability to eat has a spiritual counterpart:  spiritual anorexics, stuffed with things of the world, don't realize they're starving and won't eat the spiritual food they need.  To remedy our eating disorder, God gives us the Eucharist ('thanksgiving'), Food from heaven.   In the Eucharist God connects thanks-giving and eating.  May your Thanksgiving meal include thanks to God. The ultimate Thanksgiving meal is Mass.  Food and thanksgiving are so related that God combined them in the Eucharistic.  Happy all who eat thankfully at the banquet of the Lamb.
        • Passionist:  Today we give thanks for our blessings, gather for a special meal, visit family and friends, pray, watch football, and more.  In a world where a sense of the negative surrounds us, remember and celebrate the wonderful things:  always "give thanks, for this is God's will for you in Christ."  Send a card of thanks to someone today, and take time every day to give thanks.
          Cleansing of the ten lepers
        •  "The Son of man is coming with great glory":  Jesus' prophesy of the destruction of Jerusalem, the destruction of the world, and judgment day, was not new to the Jews; prophets foretold these events centuries before.  Jesus warns of the destruction of Jerusalem as a consequence of rejecting the Gospel.  Over a million died when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem.  Jesus speaks about the final judgment.  Only spiritual blindness can keep us from recognizing the signs of judgment day.  Jesus told his disciples what it would cost to follow him and promised he'd never leave them.  Saints and martyrs who underwent torment and death made their prisons a temple and their scaffolds a throne, knowing Christ was with them.  The disciple who walks with Christ may lose body but not soul.  The greatest gift is our redemption through Jesus' blood and our adoption as God's children.  We can be thankful because our hope is in heaven and in the promise Jesus will return to establish his reign of justice and peace.  The Lord will raise our bodies to be like his.  Jesus speaks of his second coming as a certain event to take place when God chooses, marked by signs all will recognize.  When the Lord returns, he'll establish his kingdom of justice and vindicate all who have been faithful....
        Christ cures ten lepers
        Dress legend
        • 'Heart' pin:  Joy of heart (Thanksgiving 1st reading)
        • 'Boundless mercy' pin:  The Lord is gracious and merciful (Thanksgiving psalm); "have pity on us" (Thanskgiving gospel)
        • 'Feet' pin:  Leper fell at Jesus' feet and thanked him (Thanksgiving gospel); Gentiles will trample Jerusalem underfoot (weekday gospel)
        • 'Peace sign' tie bar:  May peace abide among you (Thanksgiving 1st reading); peace to you from our Father and the Lord Jesus (Thanksgiving 2nd reading); all peace to you (weekday 1st reading)
        • 'Musical notes with "joy"' and 'heart' pins:  "joy of heart" (Thanksgiving 1st reading); they joyfully sing of your justice (Thanksgiving psalm); the king's great joy (weekday 1st reading)
        • '10' pin:  Ten lepers including the thankful one (Thanksgiving gospel)
        • '?' tie pin:  "Weren't ten cleansed?  Where are the other nine?  Has none but this foreigner returned to thank God?" (Thanksgiving gospel)
            • 'Red cross' pin:  Jesus healed the lepers (Thanksgiving gospel)
            • 'Car' pin:  Jesus continued through Samaria and Galilee towards Jerusalem (Thanksgiving gospel)
            • 'Angel' pin:  A mighty angel... (weekday 1st reading)
            • 'Stone' tie pin:  ...picked up a stone; king sealed stone brought to block lions' den opening (weekday 1st reading)
            • 'Lion' pin:  Lions' den (weekday 1st reading)
            • 'Crown' tie bar:  King Darius (weekday 1st reading); Christ the King week
            • 'Snowmen' tie:  Ice and snow, bless, praise, and exalt the Lord (weekday canticle)
            • 'Street light' tie bar:  "Light and darkness, bless, praise, and exalt the Lord (weekday canticle)
            • 'Lightning bolt' pin:  Lightnings and clouds, bless, praise, and exalt the Lord (weekday canticle)
            • 'Alps' pin:  Those in Judea must flee to the mountains (weekday gospel)
            • 'Sun' pin:  There will be signs in the sun...  (weekday gospel)
            • 'Star' pin:  ...and the stars (weekday gospel)
            • 'Hand' tie pin:  Your redemption is at 'hand' (weekday gospel)
            • 'Sword' tie bar:  They'll fall by the sword (weekday gospel)
            • 'Clocks' suspenders:  countdown to end of church year
            • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season

            November 27, 2019

            Nov. 27

            November 27, 2019:  Wednesday, 34th week, Ordinary Time

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            For 1st reading
            • But who may abide the day of His coming, from Messiah/ Handel:  traditional"soulful" (gospel)
            Pope Francis

            Inflight press conference:  Light comes from the East, luxury and consumerism from the West.  Eastern wisdom is not only of knowing, but of time, of contemplation.  Western society, always in a hurry, should learn contemplation, stopping and looking poetically at things.  The East can look at things with eyes that go beyond, searching for personal perfection through fasting, penance, and the wisdom of sages.  I believe it would do us Westerners good to stop and give time to wisdom.

            Hiroshima was a catechesis on cruelty.  The possession of nuclear weapons is immoral.  An accident or a government leader's madness can destroy humanity.  Using nuclear power has limits because we haven't achieved absolute safety.  Even electricity can cause a disaster, but it would be smaller.   I wouldn't use nuclear energy until it's completely safe.  There's no guarantee a disaster won't happen.   We have to do research on safety, both to avoid disasters and because of environmental consequences. 

            The death penalty is immoral.  Some countries can't abolish it because of political problems, but they suspend it.  Any sentence must allow for reintegration; one with no hope is inhuman.  One must even think of how someone serving a life sentence can be reintegrated, inside or out.   When people are sentenced because of insanity, sickness, genetic incorrigibility, we must seek a way to make them feel like people. Many prisons are overcrowded; they're warehouses of humanity, often corrupt.  We must combat the death penalty slowly.  Some cases make me happy, but some countries haven't yet reached a humane way of thinking.

            Bullying is violence.  It is a problem we are trying to solve with many educational programs.  Everything that can be done to stop arms production and war, to negotiate and mediate, must be done.  We have to stop the hypocrisy of Christian countries talking about peace and living off weapons.  Peace is weak, but don't be discouraged.  Legitimate defense with arms is valid only after diplomacy and mediation.   The progress we're making confirms humanity is moving towards good.

            To Nizami Ganjavi Foundation:  Thank you for addressing the principal challenges of our day to promote peace through dialogue and mutual respect, for placing your values and experience at the service of the global community.  Thanks especially for the contribution you hope to make regarding climate change.  A culture of dialogue is the path, mutual cooperation the code of conduct, and reciprocal understanding the method to grow in fraternity.

            • Dn 5:1-6, 13-14, 16-17, 23-28  At King Belshazzar's banquet, fingers appear and write on the wall.  Terrified, the king asks Daniel to interpret:  “You rebelled against the Lord.  God sent the hand to write mene, tekel, peres:  God has put an end to your kingdom; you've been found wanting; and your kingdom has been given to the Medes and Persians.
            • Dn 3:62-67  "Give glory and eternal praise to him."  Sun, moon, stars, showers, winds, fire, heat, cold, and chill, bless the Lord!
            • Lk 21:12-19  “They'll seize you, persecute you, and hand you over because of me.  You'll give testimony.  Don't prepare your defense; I'll give you wisdom nobody can refute.  All will hate you, but by perseverance you'll secure your lives.”

            • Fr. Chidi Ekpendu homily video:  The king, under the influence, desecrated the temple vessels.  Pray for addicts, and be careful at Thanksgiving dinner.
            • Creighton:  Jesus speaks of others putting us in positions where we'll be called on to witness to our faith.  Though such violent acts will happen to few of us, we often face such inquisition subtly, at work, at play, or alone sick: we must witness to our faith and love in every choice we make.  The witness isn't always directly to other people, and others may react negatively.  The hardest part comes from our own hearts:  choosing faithfulness and gratitude, knowing we'll never completely succeed.  In making our choices, we're witnessing to ourselves and learning how our attempts to yield to God affect us.  That transformation also affects how we witness to others; the Spirit's gifts and fruits fill us with peace, patience, generosity, purity, gentleness, and more, and others see God at work in us....
            • Passionist:  Following Jesus isn't easy, but he gives us the wisdom and gifts we need.  Not everyone will be our friend or accept or understand, but every path he leads me to, every event, every obstacle, prepares and leads me.  We may ache as we see family members leave the Church.  Being Catholic takes work:  reading, study, prayer, dedication....  Persevere; Christ, our rock, fortress, and shield, is always with us.
              Belshazzar's Feast/ Rembrandt
            •  "Not a hair of your head will perish":  Jesus warns his followers they'll be confronted with wickedness, false teaching, persecution, and temptation to renounce their faith.  Satan opposes God and his followers; Jesus calls him a "murderer" and the "father of lies."  Satan will use any means to turn people away from God:  envy, deception, hatred, fear....  Jesus' response to hostility and persecution is love, forbearance, and forgiveness.  Only love can overcome prejudice, hatred, and envy.  God's love purifies us of all that would divide and tear people apart.  Jesus tells us we don't need to fear; he promises strength, wisdom, and courage as we take a stand witness to Christ.  The Gospel has power to set people free from sin, fear, and death, and bring peace, pardon, and life.  God gives endurance to those who trust in him.  Endurance is patience that never gives up hope.  Patience looks beyond present difficulties to the promised reward.  Endurance is linked with hope, the assurance we'll see God face to face and inherit his promises.  Jesus is our model; he endured the cross for our sake.  "When persecution comes, God's soldiers are tested, and heaven opens to martyrs.  We have not enlisted in an army;...  the Lord has taken first place in the conflict" (Cyprian).  Martyrs live and die as witnesses of the Gospel, overcoming their enemies through hope, courage, love, forbearance, kindness, goodness, and compassion, whether or not they actually shed their blood for bearing witness.  May we testify to the Gospel in our daily challenges; may people see us loving our enemies, joyful in suffering, patient in adversity, pardoning injuries, and showing comfort and compassion to the hopeless and helpless....
            Dress legend
            • 'Silverware' tie bar:  King Belshazzar's banquet (1st reading)
            • 'Chalice' tie pin:  You and your guests drank wine from the temple vessels (1st reading)
            • Purple shirt:  King promises purple clothing to Daniel if he interprets the writing on the wall (1st reading)
            • Gold- and silver-colored accoutrements:  King ordered gold and silver vessels brought in, promises gold to Daniel if he interprets the writing (1st reading)
            • 'Scales' tie:  'Tekel,' you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting (1st reading)
            • 'Abacus' tie pin:  'Peres,' your kingdom has been divided (1st reading)
              • 'Crown' tie bar:  King Belshazzar (1st reading); they'll have you led before kings (gospel)
              • 'Hand' tie pin:  Fingers of a hand wrote on king's wall; your life is in God's hand (1st reading); they'll 'hand' you over (gospel)
              • 'Owl' tie pin:  King heard of Daniel 's wisdom (1st reading); I'll give you wisdom (gospel)
              • 'Star' tie pin:  Stars of heaven, bless, praise, and exalt the Lord (canticle)
              • 'Sun' pin:  Sun and moon, bless, praise, and exalt the Lord (canticle)
              • 'Gun' pin:  They'll put some of you to death (gospel)
              • 'Clocks' suspenders:  Persevere (gospel); countdown to eschaton and end of Ordinary Time season

              November 26, 2019

              Nov. 26

              November 26, 2019:  Tuesday, 34th, week, Ordinary Time

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              For canticle
              Pope Francis at Sophia Univ.

              Japanese culture is rightly proud of its rich heritage of study and meditation.  Japan has integrated the thinking and the religions of Asia to create a well-defined culture.

              Since leaders are trained primarily in universities, broad knowledge and culture must inspire every aspect of the life of the institutions, making them inclusive and able to generate opportunities and social advancement.  We need Wisdom (Sophia) to manage our resources well.  Sophia should be both a center of intellectual formation and a place where a better society and hope-filled future can take shape.  

              I'm confident your humanistic, Christian, and international identity will grow stronger, so that today’s technological advances can serve a more humane, just, and ecologically responsible education.  Your Ignatian tradition should inspire professors and students to create an atmosphere of reflection and discernment.  Students should be defenders of the vulnerable, facing situations with just, humane, conscientious, and responsible conduct. 

              The Church looks with hope to young people.  Sophia University should offer them an excellent education and allow them to be part of it, sharing their insight and vision.  Your Christian and humanistic tradition is consonant with walking with the poor and outcasts.  Creatively incorporate the marginalized into your life and curriculum, to reduce distances and disconnects.  Let the effort to serve justice and the common good inform your education.   The Lord and his Church count on you to seek, find, and spread Divine Wisdom, and so offer society joy and hope.

              • Dn 2:31-45  Daniel to King Nebuchadnezzar re vision and interpretation:  “You saw a statue of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and clay tile, being crumbled by stone.  You're the head.  Kingdoms replacing yours are the silver, bronze, iron with clay.  Last won't stay united.  God will set up a permanent kingdom.”
              • Dn 3:57-61  "Give glory and eternal praise to him."  Works of the Lord, angels, heavens, waters, and hosts, bless the Lord.
              • Lk 21:5-11  “Days will come when nothing you see here will remain.  Don't be deceived, follow the false prophets, or be terrified of wars/insurrections.  There will be earthquakes, famines, and signs from the sky.”

              • Creighton:   Young captive prophet Daniel, not intimidated when he confronted powerful King Nebuchadnezzar, told him the meaning of each element of the statue in the king's dream.  The most unwelcome part of his message was that God's hand can end every earthly kingdom, that God's power and majesty will fill the earth.  In the gospel Jesus speaks of the impending destruction of the second temple in Jerusalem.   His listeners knew it could be destroyed, and they taken captive.  In saying, “many will come in my name, saying ‘I am he’ and ‘the time has come,’” he implies that he is the chosen one and the time had come.  God replaces temporal powers and fills the world with his power.  The alleluia verse says we don't need to fear in the face of the end of nations, plague, war, famine, and earthquakes: “Remain faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.”
                Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dream
              • Passionist:  Thanksgiving commemorates the gathering of the fruits of the earth and encourages us to recognize our blessings, but it also reminds Native Americans how they were displaced.  When Lincoln established the holiday, we were in the midst of the Civil War.  Today's gospel points to messy times ahead (war, earthquakes, famine, plague...), but then Jesus says, “Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and glory.”  Giving thanks isn't about being grateful everything has worked out beautifully but about making it through struggle, loss, disappointment.  God’s love binds us together....
              •  "Take heed":  Jesus foretold signs that would shake peoples, to point us to the truth of his eternal kingdom.  God works to renew us in hope and help us set our hearts on him alone.  His prophecy of the destruction of their temple was a warning of judgment. When they asked for a sign about when it would happen, he admonished them to pray for God's grace and mercy instead.  Jesus said there would be many signs of disasters leading to the last days, when God's anointed King would usher in the reign of God and the last judgment.  But Jesus' prophecy also pointed to God's saving action and mercy.  Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem, knowing he'd be betrayed, rejected, and crucified, but his death brought freedom and victory for all who would accept him.  God extends grace and mercy to all who heed his call....
              Dress legend
              • 'Crown' tie bar:  King Nebuchadnezzar; God will set up a kingdom never to be destroyed (1st reading)
              • Gold- and silver-colored accessories:  Statue's head was pure gold; chest and arms were silver (1st reading)
              • 'Alps' pin:  The stone became a great mountain; the statue was hewn from a mountain... (1st reading)
              • 'Hand' tie pin:  ...without a hand being put to it; God has 'hand'ed... (1st reading)
              • 'Beast' and 'bird' pins:  ...people, beasts, and birds over to you,... (1st reading)
              • 'Ruler' tie bar:  ...making you 'ruler' of all (1st reading); Christ the King, 'ruler' of all (Sunday's celebration)
              • 'Abacus' tie pin, 'feet' pin:  The feet and toes, of tile and iron, mean the kingdom shall be divided... (1st reading)
              • 'Stone' tie pin:  While you looked, a stone struck and broke its feet (1st reading); temple adorned with stones; stones will be thrown down (gospel)
              • 'Angel' pin:  Angels, bless the Lord (canticle)
              • 'Signs' tie:  "What sign will there be when these things are about to happen?...  Mighty signs will come from the sky" (gospel)
              • 'Clocks' suspenders:  Don't follow those who say, ‘The time has come’ (gospel); last week of Ordinary Time season
              • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season