April 30, 2019

April 30

April 30, 2019:  Tuesday, 2nd week, Easter

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For Psalm 93

We can be reborn from our sinful existence only with the help of the power that raised the Lord:  God's power. The Lord sent us the Holy Spirit because we can't do it alone.  In Jesus' first apparition to the apostles, the Lord breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”  This is our strength!  We cannot do anything without the Spirit.  We can write our lives in flourishing penmanship, but we're reborn only from the Spirit, so we must make room for it.  The Spirit allows us to rise from our many limitations and deaths.

Those who call themselves Christian but leave no room for the Spirit and don't let the Spirit carry them forward are pagans disguised as Christians.  The Spirit is the protagonist of Christian life.  The Spirit accompanies us, transforms us, and overcomes sin with us.  The Risen Christ said, "Receive the Holy Spirit," the companion of Christian life.  One can't live a Christian life without the Spirit, our daily companion, gift from the Father, gift from Jesus.  Ask the Lord for the awareness that we can't be Christians without walking and acting with the Spirit, letting the Spirit be the protagonist of our lives.  What place does the Spirit have in my life?

Brazen Serpent/ Rubens
  • Acts 4:32-37  The community was of one heart and mind and held their possessions in common.  The Apostles bore witness to Jesus' resurrection.  Nobody was needy; they distributed property according to need.
  • Ps 93:1-2, 5  "The Lord is king; he is robed in majesty."  He made the world firm; his decrees are trustworthy.
  • Jn 3:7b-15  Jesus to Nicodemus:  You must be born from above.  You people don't accept our testimony; how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?  No one has gone to heaven except the one who has come down, the Son.  Just as Moses lifted up the serpent, so must the Son be lifted up, so all believers may have life.
  • Fr. Chidi Ekpendu homily videoSocialism, communism, or capitalism? None live up to the 1st reading.  Pray that people help themselves and others....
  • Creighton:  John was written about 60 years after Jesus' resurrection.  “With God” speaks to the preexisting relationship between God and Jesus.  Signs, light and darkness, life and death,  spirit and wind, seeing and rebirth testify to Jesus’ divinity and relationship with God.  The synoptics speak of Jesus’ journeys, parables, and healings; they testify to his humanity and call us to discipleship.  John invites us to be in relationship, in communion with his Father, with God, just as Jesus is in relationship with his Father.  We first meet Nicodemus, a Pharisee, a ruler of Jews, as he approaches Jesus at night; he not only has little light to see but is also "in the dark" about who Jesus is.  Jesus responds, "Only one born from above can see God's kingdom.”  What light is needed to be born again?  The “Spirit.”  Later we hear of the Samaritan woman who approaches Jesus at the well.  We don't know what happened to Nicodemus, but we know the Samaritan saw, understood, and told her friends and neighbors. The next time we meet Nicodemus is at Jesus’ crucifixion when he helps in prepare Jesus’ body for burial, possibly with fear, but also with courage and compassion.  The Spirit led him to the light so he could see the kingdom.  John concludes:  “Jesus did many other things, but if they were to be described individually, I don't think the world could contain the books.”  How did the Spirit blow through me so I could see more clearly?  Through a listening friend, a worn-down addict, a child...?  May we always notice...
  • One Bread, One Body:  "Credibility and consistency":  We'll have credibility and power in proclaiming Jesus' Resurrection if we devote ourselves "to the apostles' instruction, communal life, the breaking of bread, and prayer," our community is "of one heart and mind," those with property donate the proceeds to the apostles to distribute them to everyone according to their need," and we "rejoice in the Lord always."  Power in communication comes from credibility, and credibility is based on consistency.  To live consistent with the Easter message is to live in holiness, unity, sacrifice, and joy, practicing what we preach.  The Lord doesn't send us to proclaim his message without giving us the grace to live it.  Unbelievers are looking at our lives before deciding to believe.  May we live a risen life....
  • Passionist:  Everyone suffers; sometimes it seems a waste.  Jesus' suffering was crucial to the world's salvation.  In baptism we became one with Christ, so when we suffer, so does he.  And he doesn’t suffer in vain; we share in his saving work.  Our service also has meaning because of our union with the Lord.  “If we've grown in union with him through a death like his, we'll also be united with him in the resurrection.”  “I come not to be served but to serve.” The risen, ascended Lord serves through us.  “Christ has no body now, no hands, no feet on earth, but yours.  Yours are the eyes through which he looks with compassion on this world, the feet with which he walks to do good, the hands through which he blesses the world” (Teresa of Avila).  By baptism we receive new of life and are baptized into Christ's sufferings, service, and love, into a life with eternal meaning....
  • DailyScripture.net:  "You must be born anew":  Jesus spoke to Nicodemus of a "new birth in the Spirit" (to come through the cross and resurrection).  The Hebrew for 'spirit' means 'wind' and 'breath.'  "As you can hear, feel, and see the wind's effects though you don't know where the wind comes from, so too you can see the Spirit's effects.  Jesus points to the prophetic sign of the bronze serpent.  God showed mercy and instructed Moses to make a serpent; all who are bitten and look at it shall live.  This sign foreshadowed Jesus' saving work:
"The serpent signifies sin devouring the human race, biting us and infusing us with evil; only heaven could save us.  God's Word was made flesh, 'that he might condemn sin in the flesh'; he became Giver of salvation to those who gaze on him with faith.  But the serpent signifies that Christ was manifested by his passion, so none could fail to see him." (Cyril of Alexandria, Commentary on John 2.1, paraphrased)
The bronze serpent points to the cross that defeats sin and death and obtains life for believers.  The result of Jesus' "being lifted up on the cross," rising, exaltation, and ascension is our "new birth in the Spirit" and adoption as God's children.  God frees us from sin and fills us with his own life through the Spirit who gives us power and gifts so we may live in his strength as God's children.
Dress legend
  • "Resurrection cross" (sans Jesus):  Apostles bore witness to Jesus' resurrection (1st reading)
  • 'Money bag' tie pin, 'feet' pin:  Those who owned property sold it and put the proceeds at the apostles' feet for distribution according to need (1st reading)
  • '1' button, thanks to OneLife LA:  The community of believers was of one heart and mind,... with everything in common (1st reading); only the one who came down from heaven has gone up to heaven (gospel)
    • 'Heart' pin:  The community was of one heart (1st reading); Divine Mercy (Sunday)
    • Tie with crowns:  The Lord is king, robed in majesty (psalm)
    • "World's fair" suspenders with globe:  The Lord made the world firm (psalm)
    • 'Dove' pin:  "Be born of the Spirit" (gospel)
    • '?' tie pin:  "How can I?" / "How will you believe?" (gospel)
    • 'Serpent' pin:  The Son must be lifted up as Moses lifted up the serpent (gospel)
    • 'Eyeball' pin:  "We testify to what we have seen" (gospel)
    • White shirt and socks:  Easter season

    April 29, 2019

    Catherine of Siena

    April 29, 2019:  St. Catherine of Siena, Virgin and Doctor

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    From Handel's Messiah

    Your pilgrimage to the tombs of the Apostles and meeting with me show the importance you attach to the Christian faith and the religious dimension that characterizes your association.
    Your patron, St. Martin de Porres, was accepted into the Dominicans only as a tertiary, then brother and co-worker.  He accepted this condition, living humbly, radiated by love.  With self-sacrifice, he devoted himself to the poor and the sick, providing them with health care.  Today he helps you bear witness to Christian values and encourages you to practice your profession in a Christian style, treating customers with kindness, encouraging them, not giving in to the temptation of gossip.  Each of you can always act justly and so make a positive contribution to the common good.

    • Acts 4:23-31  Peter and John reported what the chief priests and elders told them.  The people said, “Lord, you said through David:  Why did the Gentiles rage?  Kings took their stand against the Lord and his anointed.  Herod and Pilate, with Jews and Gentiles, gathered to do what you'd willed long ago.  Lord, let your servants speak your word boldly and do signs and wonders in Jesus' name.”  They were filled with the Spirit and continued to speak God's word boldly.
    • Ps 2:1-9  "Blessed are all who take refuge in the Lord."  Why do the nations rage?  Kings rise up against the Lord and his anointed.  The Lord derides, then terrifies them.  The Lord told me, “You are my Son.  You shall rule and shelter the nations.”
    • Jn 3:1-8  Pharisee Nicodemus / Jesus:  “Rabbi, we know you're from God; no one can do these signs unless God is with him.” / “Unless you're born from above, you can't see God's Kingdom.” / “How can an old man be born again?” / “Unless you're born of water and Spirit, you can't enter.  Flesh begets flesh and spirit spirit.  The wind blows where it wills; you hear it but don't know where it's from or where it's going.  So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”
    • Creighton:  "The Spirit among us":  As Dante embarks on his journey through hell, he enters the plain where the spiritually indifferent are left behind.  Neither hell nor heaven wants them, so they are blown about like tumbleweed.  We need one another to face the spirit.  Like winds that bring spring to plains, the spirit moves when we gather in need and fear and hope.  Then we come alive and are reborn.
    • One Bread, One Body:  "Easter presents":  Today Jesus gives us holy boldness, assurance, confidence, simplicity, trust, the certainty of being loved.  When we pray with such assurance and confidence, we're filled with the Spirit.  If you accept this gift, you commit yourself to use it, to witness for Christ even if you'll be persecuted.  If you love Christ, you'll be impelled to speak up for him, so boldness may be just what you want and need, but if your love is cold, you don't want it.  Jesus asks you what he asked Peter:  "Do you love me?"  He commands, "Receive the Holy Spirit" of love.  Say yes to Love:  receive the gifts of love and boldness.
      Christus und Nikodemus/ von Uhde
    • Passionist:  “Start being brave about everything.  Drive out darkness and spread light.  Don’t look at your weaknesses.  Realize instead that in Christ crucified you can do everything” –Saint Catherine of Siena, who listened to God with love and was open to the Holy Spirit, influenced Pope Gregory XI to return to Rome from Avignon.  She challenges us to drive out darkness and spread light to those around us.  We tend to look at our shortcomings despite but focusing instead on the gifts and talents God has given us will strengthen us.  If we walk in the light, we'll have all we need.  Our sins are forgiven through Jesus’ offering of his Blood.  During Easter time it's easier to choose light and bask in the Resurrection; it's harder when Easter joy fades and we return to old habits or our comfort zone.  Easter is about new life and living in it.  May we not return to the habits we worked to change in Lent.  How will I bring the Light of Christ to others today?
    • DailyScripture.net:  "Unless one is born anew":  Nicodemus was no ordinary Jew; he was a religious ruler, Sanhedrin member, teacher, a devout Pharisee seeking to follow the law of Moses.  He probably chose to meet with Jesus at night because he wasn't ready publicly to associate with Jesus in the face of opposition; rabbis said the best time to study the law was at night.  Nicodemus addressed Jesus as rabbi (teacher) and acknowledged his teaching came from God.  The new birth Jesus spoke about was spiritual birth, from God himself; he explained it could only come through the Spirit.  To be reborn in the Spirit is to enter the community in which God is honored and obeyed.  Those who willingly accept God's rule in their lives become citizens of God's kingdom and his adopted children and enter into his everlasting life of love, peace, joy, and freedom.
    Dress legend
    • 'Peace sign' tie bar:  "Enable your servants to speak your word boldly, as you heal and work signs and wonders..." (1st reading); "no one can do the signs you're doing unless God is with him" (gospel); “peace be with you!” (Sun. gospel)
    • 'Olympics' tie pin:  Herod, Pilate, the Gentiles, and Israel gathered against Jesus (1st reading); "I will give you the nations and the ends of the earth" (psalm)
    • 'Crown' tie bar:  "The kings of the earth took their stand" (psalm, quoted in 1st reading); "I have set up my king..." (psalm)
    • 'Alps' pin:  "...on my holy mountain" (psalm)
    • 'Dove' pin:  "They were all filled with the Holy Spirit" (1st reading); one not born of water and Spirit can't enter the Kingdom (gospel)
    • 'Hands' pin:  "Enable us to speak your word boldly, as you stretch your hand to heal" (1st reading); Jesus showed them his hands; Thomas:  "unless I put my hand into his side" (Sunday gospel)
    • 'Ruler' tie bar:  Nicodemus, a 'ruler' of the Jews (gospel)
    • 'Celebrate teaching' pin:  "Rabbi, we know you're a teacher from God" (gospel)
    • '?' tie pin:  "How can a man be born again?" (gospel)
    • Flesh-colored suspenders:  What is born of flesh is flesh (gospel)
    • 'Key' tie pin:  Locked doors (Sun. gospel)
    • 'Doctor's office' tie:  Catherine of Siena, "doctor" of the Church
    • White shirt and socks:  Easter season; Catherine of Siena, virgin

    April 28, 2019

    Divine Mercy

    April 28, 2019:  Second Sunday of Easter / Divine Mercy Sunday

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    Legend below
    Jesus appeared to the Apostles who were bewildered and afraid after their Master was crucified, revealing that he brought peace as a fruit of his victory over evil.  The Risen One gives peace, because through his sacrifice he reconciled God and humanity and overcame sin and death.  Thomas, who had not witnessed the Lord’s appearance in the Upper Room, needed Jesus to come forward to dispel his disbelief and invite him to touch his wounds.  The wounds represent the source of peace, because they are the sign of the immense love of Jesus who defeated sin, evil and death.
    The risen Jesus also brings joy:  “The disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord.”  Jesus’ resurrection is the greatest reason for our joy; he destroyed the obstacles and negative forces of the world that prevent us from being joyful.
    Jesus also brings mission:  “As the Father sent me, I send you,” putting into motion a dynamism of love, spread through all the faithful, capable of transforming the world with the Spirit's power.  The Risen Jesus entrusts every Christian with the task of announcing his Resurrection, of transmitting God's gifts of peace and joy, continuing Jesus' saving mission in the world.
    Approach Christ with faith, opening our hearts to peace, joy and mission, which is the proclamation of divine mercy, the joyful witness of his transforming and redeeming love.
    • Acts 5:12-16  Many signs and wonders were done at the hands of the apostles.  Great numbers were added to the believers in the Lord.  Many brought in the sick and those disturbed by unclean spirits, and they were all cured.
    • Rev 1:9-11a, 12-13, 17-19  I, John, was caught up in spirit and heard a loud voice:  “Write what you see.”  I saw seven gold lampstands, and one like a son of man in their midst; he wore a robe and gold sash. He touched me and said, “Fear not!  I am the first and the last.  Once I was dead, but now I am alive.  I hold the keys to death.
    • Jn 20:19-31  Jesus came to the disciples, said “Peace be with you,” and showed them his hands and side; they rejoiced.  As the Father has sent me, so I send you.  Receive the Holy Spirit; forgive sins....”  They told Thomas (who wasn't there), “We've seen the Lord.” / "Unless I put my finger into his nail marks and hand into his side, I won't believe.”  Jesus returned a week later when Thomas was there, said, “Peace be with you,” then told Thomas, “Put your finger here, see my hands, put your hand into my side, and believe.”  Thomas:  “My Lord and God!” / “You believe because you've seen?  Blessed those who haven't seen and have believed.”  Jesus did many other signs, but these are written so you may believe Jesus is Christ and Son of God, and you may have life.
    • Creighton:  While doubt and diligence are often prudent, doubt can stunt our growth in relationships.  It's easy to doubt people and suspect underlying motives.  How much better relationships are when approached with trust and assumed positive intent!  My faith can ebb and flow, with lows filled with disconnection from God that wants proof.  Much like Thomas, I also seek such affirmation, calling out to God for proof or a sign.  At these times Christ’s call to faith sustains me and I remember "blessed those who have not seen and believed.”  May we put complete trust in God, accepting his love and mercy unconditionally.  May we live and proclaim our faith freely and boldly in word and deed, going forth like the Apostles sent to spread the Gospel.
      The incredulity of St. Thomas/ Caravaggio
    • One Bread, One Body:  "The difference a week makes":  The octave of the first Easter was disappointing and uneventful for the apostles. On Easter night, Jesus sent his apostles to proclaim his gospel, but eight days later they were paralyzed by fear and behind locked doors. Thomas didn't believe Jesus was risen, maybe because he saw no change in the others' lifestyle, but the Lord had mercy on the apostles after they were unfaithful to him so often:  he came to them again and even invited Thomas to prod his wounds.  Maybe last week was disappointing for you too. But Jesus still comes to you again with mercy.  The Holy Spirit is "the Spirit of truth" (Jn 16:13). He will move us to be true to the Lord and not unfaithful. The Holy Spirit will produce the fruit of love in us (Gal 5:22), and we will stop our sinful rejection of the Lord and our disobedience to Him. By Jesus' mercy and the power of the Holy Spirit, we will be witnesses for the risen Christ and truly celebrate Easter. "Lord, have mercy. Come, Holy Spirit!"
    • Passionist:  We all have ‘Thomas’ days when we believe little and lament a lot.  We live in a "seeing is believing" culture.  Holy Mother Church is a mess at times, but celebrating the Easter sacraments with those being baptized gives hope.  We're nurtured by the faith of the newly baptized and professed and give thanks for their giftedness to us and the Church.  Jesus is alive!
    • DailyScripture.net:  "Unless I see , I won't believe":  The Risen Lord revealed his glory to his disciples gradually.  Even after they saw the tomb and heard about his appearance to the women, they were weak in faith and afraid of arrest.  When he appeared to them, he showed them his wounds, calmed their fears, brought them peace, and commissioned them to proclaim the good news.  His sending of the disciples is parallel to the Father's sending him.  Jesus fulfilled his mission through his love of and obedience to the Father.  He calls us to do the same and gives us the Spirit to equip us with life, power, joy, and courage.  Thomas was a pessimist:  when Jesus proposed they visit Lazarus, Thomas said, "Let's go too and die with him."  He loved the Lord but lacked courage to stand with him in his passion.  After Jesus died, Thomas withdrew and doubted the women and his fellow apostles who saw the Risen Lord.  Through faith we recognize the Lord:  when Thomas finally rejoined the others, the Lord reassured him he'd risen, and Thomas confessed Jesus as Lord and God.  Through faith we too proclaim Jesus as our Lord and God....
        • On Divine Mercy:  Pope John Paul II at Sr. Faustina Kowalska's canonization:  Jesus told Sr. Faustina: “Humanity won't find peace until it turns trustfully to divine mercy.”  The future holds progress and pain, but divine mercy will illumine the way.  The path of mercy reestablishes our relationship with God and creates solidarity among people.  We experience God's mercy and are called to practice mercy towards others.  He showed many paths of mercy, forgiveness, and reaching out; he bent over every poverty, material and spiritual.  We learn to give ourself in love only by penetrating God’s love; then we can look others with unselfishness, solidarity, generosity, and forgiveness.  “I feel pain when I see my neighbors suffer; I carry their anguish, and it destroys me.  I want their sorrows to fall on me, to relieve them” (Sr. Faustina).  This love must inspire humanity, if we're to face our challenges and defend the dignity of every person.  The message of divine mercy is a message about the value of every person, for whom Christ gave his life and the Father gives his Spirit and offers intimacy.  This message is addressed to those who have lost confidence and are tempted to despair.  Christ offers them his face, shows them the way, and fills them with hope.  “Jesus, I trust in you.”
        • Trumped saints
      Dress legend
      • 'Hands' pin:  Jesus showed them his hands; miracles were done at the apostles' hands (1st reading); "he touched me with his right hand" (2nd reading); "unless I put my hand into his side, I won't believe"; "see my hands, and put your hand into my side" (gospel)
      • 'Heart' pin, 'Boundless mercy' button (from Congress):  Divine Mercy (psalm)
      • 'Stone' tie pin:  The stone the builders rejected became the cornerstone (psalm)
      • 'Musical notes with "joy"' pin:  The joyful shout of victory in the tents of the just (psalm), the disciples rejoiced (gospel)
      • 'Eyeball' tie pin:  It's wonderful in our eyes (psalm); "we've seen the Lord"; blessed those who have believed without seeing (gospel)
      • 'Scroll' pin:  Write what you see on a scroll (2nd reading)
      • 'Angel with trumpet' pin:  I heard a voice as loud as a trumpet (2nd reading)
      • 'Feet' pin:  "I fell down at his feet" (2nd reading)
      • Gold-colored accessories:  Gold lampstands, gold sash (2nd reading)
      • 'Keys' tie pins:  "I hold the keys to death" (2nd reading); the doors were locked (gospel)
      • 'Peace sign' tie bar:  “Peace be with you!” (gospel)
      • 'Nail' tie pin:  Thomas:  "Unless I see the nail marks and put my finger into them, I won't believe" (gospel)
      • 'Dove' pin:  "Receive the Holy Spirit" (gospel)
      • 'Signs' tie:  Jesus did many other signs (gospel)
      • 'Clocks' suspenders:  Passage of time between appearances (gospel)
      • White shirt and socks:  color of Easter day and season

      April 27, 2019

      Easter S

      April 27, 2019:  Saturday, Easter Octave

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      Legend below
      In honor of our brothers and sisters ending their Passover celebration tonight, from Jewish a cappella six13:
      You know how important and indispensable safe schools and roads are for orderly development.  You're committed to the common good, through safeguarding the soil, maintaining road networks that link towns with cities, and managing secondary schools.  Investing money and human resources wisely to prevent disruption, dysfunction, and degradation can lead to savings and economic advantage.  These tasks should ensure that environmental conditions don’t deteriorate through lack of maintenance.
      We could be made to believe that rapid progress in technology and science, with individuals' free initiative, can help meet the needs of individuals of society, leading to a harmonious society.  But there could also be imbalances and marginalization that need to be addressed intelligently.  This calls for action from associations and public authorities.  We must promote awareness of the environment.   Individuals and their representatives must increasingly feel the importance of caring for our common home.
      • Acts 4:13-21  The leaders, amazed at Peter and John's boldness and the cured man, ordered Peter and John not to teach in Jesus' name.  Peter and John:  “We can't not speak about what we've seen and heard.”  They released them; they couldn't punish them because of everyone praising God for what happened.
      • Ps 118:1, 14-15ab, 16-21  "I will give thanks to you, for you have answered me."  God's mercy endures forever.  The Lord is powerful; I'll declare his works.
      • Mk 16:9-15  Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene.  She told his companions, but they didn't believe.  Then he appeared to two more; they told the others, but they didn't believe either.  Then he appeared to them all at table and rebuked them because they hadn't believed.  “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to everyone.”
      • Creighton:  After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to those who believed in him.    Today's Gospel says he appeared to the Eleven and rebuked them for their unbelief and hardness of heart.  Christ doesn't appear to us like he did to those who knew him in the flesh back then, but we have the benefit of history, our knowledge of God, teaching, and saints' example.  With all that, do we really believe?  If so, how do we show it?  If he were to appear to us, would we melt like Mary Magdalene, or would he rebuke us?
      • One Bread, One Body:  "Fully alive":  Jesus was raised from the dead, but how many parts of his body are functioning now to the degree God called them?  We need resurrection, animation, and activation.  After Pentecost Peter and John's power and self-assurance were amazing.  Even when leaders threatened them to paralyze them, they answered, "Judge for yourselves whether it's right in God's sight for us to obey you rather than God.  We can't help speaking of what we've heard and seen."  "Christian, recognize your dignity and, now that you share God's own nature, don't return to your former base condition by sinning.  Remember of Whose body you're a member" (Leo the Great).  Ccome to life:  act as members of Christ's body.  "Awake, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light."
      • Passionist:  Faith came no easier for 1st-century Christians than for us; the Eleven didn't accept disciples' testimony, and Jesus rebuked them for their unbelief.  We recognize the Risen Jesus most often in the midst of our deepest need, but sometimes we're challenged to believe even when we can't recognize him at all.  He has a commission for us:  to proclaim the Good News.  Others will recognize the Risen Jesus by our wounds, the wounds of the Body of Christ.
      • DailyScripture.net:  "Go preach the Gospel...":  The first to the tomb to pay her respects, and the first to see the risen Lord, was a woman known for her demonized living!  Unfortunately, the disciples didn't believe her.  Jesus scolded his apostles because of their stubborn hearts.  The Lord makes his presence known to us through the work of the Holy Spirit, giving us faith to know him personally and understand his death and resurrection.  Jesus commissioned his apostles to go preach the gospel to all creation; Christ gives this "great commission" to the whole church.  All believers are to be heralds of the good news and ambassadors for Christ.  The Lord works in and through us by the power of his Spirit.
      Dress legend
      • 'Signs' tie:  "A remarkable sign was done through Peter and John" (1st reading)
      • 'Eyeball' pin:  "We can't not speak about what we've seen and heard" (1st reading)
      • 'Musical notes with "joy"' pin:  The joyful shout of victory (psalm)
      • 'Knocker' pin:  The just shall enter the gate of the Lord (psalm)
      • "Boundless mercy" button:  The Lord's mercy endures forever (psalm); preview of tomorrow's Divine Mercy Sunday
      • 'Olympics' tie pin:  Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel (gospel)
      • '?' tie pin:  "What are we to do with these men?" (1st reading)
      • 'Hand' tie pin:  The Lord's exalted right hand has struck with power (psalm)
      • 'Walker' tie pin:  Jesus appeared to two walking along on their way (gospel)
      • 'Silverware' tie bar:  Jesus appeared to the Eleven at table... (gospel)
      • 'Heart' pin:  ...rebuked them for their hardness of heart (gospel)
      • White shirt and socks:  Easter day and season