January 10, 2018

Jan. 10

January 10, 2018:  Wednesday, 1st week, Ordinary Time

  • 'Phone' tie bar:  The Lord 'called' Samuel (1st reading) and the psalmist
  • 'Clocks' suspenders:  I've waited, waited for the Lord (psalm)
  • 'Scroll' pin:  In the scroll it's prescribed for me to do your will (psalm)
  • 'Heart' pin:  Your law is within my heart (psalm)
  • 'Hand' tie pin:  Jesus grasped Simon's mother-in-law's hand and helped her up (gospel)
  • 'Doctor's office' tie:  Jesus healed Simon's mother-in-law and many who were sick... (gospel)
  • 'Car' tie pin:  ...and 'drove' out many demons (gospel)
  • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season

  • Fever/ Cooley, Blackwell (gospel-inspired :-)
Gloria settings (in honor of today's General Audience*)
* I realize my selection of these (mainly) classical settings is ironic since Pope Francis is talking about our echoing the angels' song, and most folks don't actually sing these settings themselves.
Pope Francis General Audience
As we pray the Gloria at Mass, we echo the angels' song at Jesus' birth and praise the mercy of the Father in sending his Son to take away the sins of the world.
The Opening Prayer is also called the 'Collect' because it gathers up and presents our individual prayers to God.  Without silence after the priest's "Let us pray," we risk neglecting the recollection of the soul; silence is being ready to listen to your heart and the Holy Spirit's voice.
By reflecting on these rich prayers and uniting ourselves with the Church in lifting them to God, the liturgy becomes for each Christian a school of prayer.
  • 1 Sm 3:1-10, 19-20  While Samuel and Eli were asleep. the Lord called Samuel, who answered, “Here I am” and ran to Eli:  “You called. ”  Eli answered, “I didn't; go back to sleep.”  Again God called Samuel, who went to Eli, who answered, “No; go to sleep.”  The Lord called Samuel a third time, and he again went to Eli, who now understood God was calling him and said, “If you're called again, reply, ‘Speak, Lord; your servant is listening.’”  The Lord called again, and Samuel so answered.  Samuel grew; the Lord was with him.  Israel came to know Samuel as a prophet.
  • Ps 40:2, 5, 7-10  "Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will."  I have waited for the Lord, and he heard my cry.  Blessed those who trust the Lord.  You didn't want oblation but gave me ears open to obedience.  To do your will is my delight.
  • Mk 1:29-39 Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick; Jesus took her hand; the fever left her.  He cured many of the sick, drove out demons, left for a deserted place to pray, then went to nearby villages to preach and heal.
  • Msgr. Jim Halley homily videoJesus had compassion on the marginalized and chose to heal them.  May we choose to contact and help the needy.
  • Creighton:  Samuel, sleeping, believes he hears Eli calling, but once Eli tells him to say "Speak, Lord; your servant is listening" if he's called again, he did, and the Lord gave him insight, wisdom, and strength as a prophet.  Listening is so important!  Chatter bombards us and drowns out our thoughts and opportunities for reflection, but we need to listen and be open to what we hear.  Today's gospel shows Jesus as a contemplative in action, working wonders and seeking out time for prayer, which I expect re-energized and further empowered him.  May we turn off the chatter, or tune it out, and use the opportunity to pray, reflect, listen, and allow God to guide us.
  • One Bread, One Body:  "Seek wisdom":  Eli wisely provided Samuel the right direction by leading him to the Lord.  "If you see a man of prudence, seek him out."  Look for prudent, Spirit-led individuals.  Absalom sought counsel from Ahithophel and Hushai on how to kill King David, his father; Hushai's advice led to Absalom's death.  Judas' counsel from the Jewish leaders led to his death, and Jesus'.  Timothy sought out Paul's advice and prospered; Cornelius sought Peter's advice and was blessed with the Spirit.  Seek wisdom by seeking the godly.
    Christ healing the mother of Simon Peter's wife/ Bridges
  • Passionist:  Evil in the world can seem to drown out God's voice.  Where's the voice of justice?  Where are the beatitudes, compassion, care, and Jesus' teachings being lived out?  God’s voice can still be heard.  God keeps calling, working to heal, spread truth and his reign, but even wise prophets can fail to recognize it.  Sometimes it takes “little people” like boy Samuel to get us to wake up.  Just as Jesus needed to go into the desert, I need to take time to pray, listen, surrender my perspectives and longings to God, and answer God's call to be more present to people in need, work for justice, and fight for gospel principles....
    Healing of Peter's mother-in-law/ Bahuet
  • DailyScripture.net:  "Jesus healed many who were sick":  Jesus' disciples brought their troubles to him because he was ready to deal with them.  "Can you imagine Jesus standing before your bed and you continue sleeping?  It's absurd that you'd stay in bed.  Jesus is already among you offering himself.  God's kingdom is in your midst.  If you can't seize his hand, prostrate yourself at his feet.  If you can't reach his head, wash his feet with your tears. Our repentance is his perfume" (Jerome, paraphrased).  Let Jesus be Lord and healer in your life, family, and community; approach him with faith. His healing restores us to health and to active service."

January 9, 2018

Jan. 9

January 9, 2018:  Tuesday, 1st week, Ordinary Time

  • 'Silverware' tie bar:  Hannah rose after a meal; she ate and drank with her husband (1st reading)
  • 'Drop' pin:  Hannah wept during her prayer (1st reading)
  • 'Peace sign' tie bar:  Eli to Hannah:  "Go in peace" (1st reading)
  • 'Heart' pin:  "My heart exults in the Lord" (canticle)
  • 'Musical notes with "joy"' pin:  "I rejoice in my victory" (canticle)
  • 'Children' tie (7 are showing):  The barren wife bears seven sons (canticle)
  • 'OneLife LA' button:  It's not too late to sign up; see "Life corner" below
    • Green shirt and suspenders:  Ordinary Time season starts today

      For gospel
      HomilyThe newness of Christ lay in the authority the Father gave him.  The Scribes and the doctors of the law didn't reach the heart like Jesus; they taught ‎from the chair and weren't in people, but Jesus ‎astonished people and moved hearts.  Jesus' closeness to people gave him authority; he understood their problems, pains, and sins, and he welcomed, healed, and taught them. 

      Closeness to God in prayer grants or awakens authority to a pastor.  If you don't pray, you can't be close to the people and so can't bring them God's message.  A pastor's anointing is closeness to both God and people.  Moved by God’s gift of prayer, a pastor can be moved by people's sins, problems, and diseases.  The Scribes couldn't be moved because they were close to neither people nor God.  Without such closeness, your life is incoherent.  Pastors with a double life, not close to God or compassionate with people, are wounds to the Church; they've lost authority, and Jesus calls them "whitened sepulchers," beautiful outside but rotting within.

      Hannah prayed for a son, ‎but Eli, who had lost his closeness to God and people, considered her a drunkard.  When she explained she was praying, he got close to her and told her to go in peace; realizing he was mistaken, he blessed and prophesied, and Hannah gave birth.  If you're detached from God and people, don't lose hope; look how Eli listened to Hannah and awakened his authority.  Authority comes only from God, and authority in speaking comes from closeness to God and people.   ‎Authority is coherence, not double life.

      Pre-visit message to Chile and Peru:  I will visit you as a pilgrim of gospel joy, share the Lord's peace, and confirm you in hope.  I want to experience God's closeness and tenderness among you all.  I thank God for the faith and love you have for him and for those in need, especially those whom society discards.  I want to share your joys, sorrows, difficulties, and hopes.  You're not alone:  I'm with you, and the Church sees and embraces you.

      I want to experience the peace we need that comes only from God.  Christ gives it to everyone; it's the basis of our coexistence and society.  Founded on justice, it allows us to share communion and harmony.  If we pray for it, he'll give us the peace of the Risen Lord who brings joy, urges us to be missionaries, and revives the faith that leads to encounter and communion.  This encounter with Christ confirms us in hope.  We look beyond the world to God's mercy that heals our suffering and inspires us to keep going.  Feeling God's closeness makes us a community that can be moved by people, take steps of friendship, and confirm one another in faith and hope.

      • 1 Sm 1:9-20  Hannah prayed, promising:  “Lord, if you give your handmaid a male child, I will give him to the Lord.” Eli: “May God grant you what you have asked.”  She conceived and bore a son whom she called Samuel [asked of/heard by God].
      • 1 Sm 2:1, 4-7, 8abcd  "My heart exults in the Lord, my Savior."  The barren wife bears seven sons.  The Lord puts to death and gives life, casts down and raises up, makes poor and makes rich, humbles and exalts.
      • Mk 1:21-28  People were astonished at Jesus' teaching, for he taught with authority.  He rebuked an unclean spirit; all were amazed.
      • Creighton:  Mark describes Jesus' teaching style at authoritative and illustrates Jesus' healing power.  In today's gospel Jesus took care of an ugly situation; it foreshadows his victory over evil and death.  How did Jesus become so extraordinary given his humble beginnings?  How can I comfort those who are suffering and on the margins?
        Hannah prays to the Lord for a son
        who will be Samuel (Chagall)
        Hannah art and more
      • Passionist:  "What we have seen and heard":  This year's Ordinary Time readings start with the Books of Samuel and the Gospel of Mark, the anointings of Saul and David, and Jesus' healing of a man with an unclean spirit.  The lens of the Incarnation reveals things invisible to normal vision:  angels gathering to see the Holy Family, the increase of charity among people celebrating God’s Love incarnate, the star the Magi followed....  This ‘unseen’ must have been at work when Jesus called the fishermen, showed authority over demons, and went forth from his baptism to do good and lead us to the Father.  The vision of God’s love was at work in God’s choice of Saul, Saul’s weakness, and David’s greatness, failures, and penitence.  May we enter more deeply into the mystery of God's love story....
        The Possessed Man in the Synagogue/ Tissot
      • DailyScripture:  "Jesus taught with authority":  Jesus spoke God's word as no one had before.  The prophets spoke with delegated authority, but he was authority incarnate.  "Faith is mighty, but without love it profits nothing. The devils confessed Christ, but lacking charity it availed nothing....  They confessed a sort of faith, but without love" (Augustine).  Without love faith profits nothing.  Faith works through love and abounds in hope.  Love orients us to the supreme good, God himself, and good of our neighbor, created in his image.  Hope anchors faith and purifies our desires for things that last.  Christ's word can free us.  "The devil, because he deceived Eve with his tongue, is punished by the tongue, that he might not speak" (Bede, Homilies on the Gospels).  Faith is God's gift and our assent to the truth.  To live, grow, and persevere in faith, we must nourish it with God's word and the Spirit's light.  May we approach his word with trust and submission, eager to do what he wants.

      January 8, 2018

      Jesus' Baptism

      January 8, 2018:  Baptism of the Lord

      Can you find about 30 connections with today?
      Legend below

        For Psalm 29
        Pope Francis
        To diplomatic corps on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights anniversary:  The Gospel and the recognition of human rights are closely related.  Relations between nations, like all human relationships, must be harmonized in accordance with the dictates of truth, justice, cooperation, and freedom.  It's painful to see how fundamental rights are still violated:  children discarded before they're born, the elderly cast aside, women who suffer from violence and oppression.  Policies must be adopted to support the family, on which the future and the development of states depend.  The ability to leave your country and return there is a fundamental human right.  The right to employment is so important; there can be no peace or development if individuals can't contribute to the common good through their labor.  I'm especially concerned about the increase in child laborers.  Cultivate a spirit of service to humanity and intergenerational solidarity, and be a sign of hope.
        Ordinary Time homily (since they celebrated Jesus' baptism yesterday):  Samuel's father, Elkanah, had two wives: Hannah, who was barren, and Peninnah, who had borne him several children.  Instead of consoling Hannah, Peninnah scorned and humiliated her.  Many other Biblical stories tell of scorn towards the weak, as does the story of Abraham’s wives, Hagar and Sarah.  The same attitude occurs between men, as Goliath ridiculed David.  Job's and Tobias’ wives belittled their suffering husbands.

        What makes us mock and mistreat people weaker than we are?  It even happens among children; we see it today in bullying, attacking the weak, foreign, or black....  Something in us makes us act aggressively toward the weak.  I believe it's a consequence of Original Sin, the work of Satan, who has no compassion.  When we have a good desire to do a good act, like an act of charity, it’s the Holy Spirit's inspiration.  When we realize we harbor a desire to attack a weaker person, it's the devil's.  Attacking the weak is the work of Satan.  Lord, you who have compassion on us and help us to move forward, give us the grace of compassion. 
        • Is 42:1-4, 6-7  Here's my servant; he'll bring justice.  I, the Lord, called you, grasped you, formed you, and set you as light for all, to open the eyes of the blind and to release prisoners and those in darkness.
        • Is 55:1-11  Come to the water, eat, and drink, without cost.  Come, heed, listen, and live.  I'll renew the everlasting covenant.  Seek the Lord while he may be found; call him while he's near.  Turn to the Lord for mercy.  For my thoughts and ways are not yours.  For just as rain and snow don't return till they water the earth, making it fruitful, my word shall not return to me void but shall do my will.
          Wordle: Readings 1-11-15
        • Ps 29:1-4, 9-10  "The Lord will bless his people with peace."  Give the Lord glory; adore him in holy attire.  The mighty, majestic voice of the Lord is over the waters.  The Lord is king forever.
        • Is 12:2-4bcd, 5-6  "You will draw water joyfully from the springs of salvation."  God is my savior, strength, and courage.  Shout with exultation, for great in your midst is the Holy One!
        • 1 Jn 5:1-9  If you believe Jesus is the Christ, you're begotten by God and conquer the world through faith.  When we love God and obey his commandments, we know we love God's children.  The Spirit of truth, the water, and the blood all testify...
        • Acts 10:34-38  Peter: God shows no partiality; he accepts all who fear him and act uprightly.  God anointed Jesus with the Spirit and power; Jesus did good and healed the oppressed.
        • Mk 1:7-11  John the Baptist:  “One mightier is coming after me; I'm not worthy to loosen his sandals.  I baptized you with water; he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”  Jesus came from Nazareth and was baptized by John.  He saw the heavens being torn open and the Spirit descending upon him.  A voice came from the heavens:  “You are my beloved Son; with you I am pleased.”
        • Creighton:  Today we celebrate Jesus' and our baptisms and listen to God.  God sent us to carry his message of love, to bring light and love to the blind, the imprisoned, and those in darkness, to bring justice to the poor and the oppressed.  At our baptism, we (or our godparents) answered:  What are you looking for?  (Faith) and What does faith hold out for you?  (Everlasting life).  The joy of everlasting life comes as we renounce sin, but often we're attracted to the riches, honor, and pride that keep us from hearing God.  In today's gospel, Jesus comes to be baptized, and all hear God tell him, “You are my beloved son…”  God thunders the same to us, but we don't hear it if we're under water, focused on ourselves and our sin.  Once we surface and listen, we hear God's loving voice....
        • One Bread, One Body:  "He came to the water":  John the Baptist baptized thousands with his baptism of repentance (metanoia), a 180° turn from sin.  Symbolically, the sins they left behind stayed in the waters of the Jordan, after the people emerged.  Sinless Jesus had no need of baptism, but he told John to baptize him for the sake of righteousness.  John didn't understand that Jesus took on the sins "left behind" in the water.  Jesus is present in the waters of Baptism.  When we're baptized, Jesus has already entered that water to take all our sins upon His shoulders, to pay the price for all sins, including ours, on the cross.
          Baptism of Christ/ Ghirlandaio
          (More Jesus' baptism art)
        • Passionist:  In today’s readings Jesus' "cousin" John introduces him to the world, and God affirms what Jesus has become and is to do.  The 1st reading amplifies the gospel's significance:  Jesus is God’s servant, God's “chosen one" to "bring forth justice to the nations."  Jesus sees those traits as part of his own mission.  While we can say with John that we're unworthy, we're still chosen to be his disciples.  God loves us; we're precious to him.  We're formed in his image and his emissary.  We're to be a light for the nations, to bring sight to others, help them see the truth.  We're to free people from their inner prisons.  Our words can forgive, encourage, or give hope.  We're to liberate those in darkness.  A mere visit can lift someone from sadness or darkness.  May we reach out to others and be disciples the Lord is pleased with.
        • DailyScripture.net:  Jesus' humble submission to baptism foreshadowed the "baptism" of his death on the cross.  Sinless, he allowed himself to be numbered among sinners and submitted to his Father's will.  His baptism is the acceptance and beginning of his mission as God's suffering Servant.  The Father proclaimed his delight.  The Spirit anointed Jesus for his ministry.  The heavens were opened and the waters sanctified, signifying the beginning of a new creation.  "Let us be buried with Christ by Baptism to rise with him; let us go down with him to be raised with him; and let us rise with him to be glorified with him" (Gregory Nazianzen).  Ask the Spirit to give you Jesus' humility.  The Lord anoints us for mission as ambassadors of his kingdom of justice, peace, and joy, to be salt and light that radiate his mercy and goodness.  He wants his love and truth to shine through us that many may find life, freedom, and joy in the Spirit....
        • Trumped saint, from Universalis:  St. Nathalan (Nachlan, Nauchlan), bishop, distributed his harvest to the poor.
        Dress legend
        • 'Snowmen' tie:  As... snow doesn't return till it's watered the earth, so does God's word not return empty (Is 55); Christmas season
        • 'Hand' tie pin:  I have grasped you by the hand (Is 42)
        • 'Street light' tie bar:  I set you as a light for the nations... (Is 42)
        • 'Eyeball' tie pin:  ...to open the eyes of the blind (Is 42)
        • 'Money bag' pin:  Why spend your money for what is not bread, that doesn't satisfy? (Is 55)
        • 'Boundless mercy' button:  Turn to the Lord for mercy (Is 55)
        • 'Cow' pin:  Drink milk! (Is 55)
        • 'Phone' tie bar:  Call the Lord while he's near (Is 55)
        • 'Dove' pin, 'blood drop' pin, blue in shirt:  Spirit, water, blood all testify... (1 Jn)
        • 'Thunderbolt' pin:  The God of glory thunders (Ps 29)
        • 'Peace sign' tie bar:  The Lord will bless his people with peace (Ps 29); God proclaimed peace through Jesus Christ (Acts 10)
        • 'Crown' tie bar:  The Lord is enthroned as king forever (Ps 29)
        • 'Dove' pin:  I've put my spirit on my servant (Is 42); God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit (Acts 10); he'll baptize you with the Spirit; Spirit descended on Jesus (gospel)
        • 'Heart' pin:  Love God (1 Jn); The people were asking in their hearts whether John was the Messiah (gospel)
        • 'Musical notes with "joy"' pin:  With joy you'll draw water at the fountain of salvation (Is 12)
        • Blue and white shirt:  Blue: The Lord's voice is over the waters (Ps 29); Come to the water! (Is 55); you'll draw water from the springs of salvation (Is 12); I've baptized you with water (gospel); white for liturgical color of today
        • 'Star' tie pin:  Yesterday's Epiphany celebration; Epiphanytide is shortest ever this year, though there are other (unofficial) ways to delineate it.
        • 'Noël' button:  Christmas season ends today
        • Sandals (not shown):  John:  I'm not worthy to loosen his sandals (gospel)

        January 7, 2018


        January 7, 2018:  Epiphany of the Lord

        Find 15 connections with today?
        Legend below


        For the Epiphany
        For 1st reading
        For Psalm 72
        For future celebrations
        Pope Francis
        Baptism of the Lord (though we don't celebrate it till tomorrow) homilyBaptizing your children is the first step in your transmitting the Faith to them, for which you need the Holy Spirit.  Transmission of the Faith can only be done in “dialect,” in the “language” of the family.  Catechists come later and develop this transmission.  If the “dialect” is missing, if you don't speak the language of love, the transmission of the Faith can't be done.  Transmit the Faith with the language of the love of your home.
        Children have their dialect too, and Jesus asks us to be like them, to speak like them.  Communicate simply like they do:  tell Jesus what's in your heart.  Your language as parents must be the love you transmit the Faith with, and children's language must receiving Faith from you and growing in it.
        • Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 10-13  "Lord, every nation on earth will adore you."  The king shall govern with justice; peace will flourish.  All kings shall offer gifts and serve him.  He'll rescue the poor and afflicted and have pity on the lowly.
        • Eph 3:2-3a, 5-6  The mystery of God’s grace was revealed to me for your benefit.  Gentiles are coheirs and partners in Christ's promise.
        • Mt 2:1-12  Magi asked, “Where's the newborn king?  We saw his star.”  Troubled King Herod asked where and when he was to be born, then sent them to look for the child and bring him word.  They followed the star, entered, did homage, and offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  Warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they took another route back.
        • The triple meaning of Epiphany:  Before the feast was associated with the Magi's visit to baby Jesus, it celebrated three events that manifested God the Son:  Jesus' Incarnation, Jesus' baptism, and the wedding at Cana....
        • Creighton:  God’s choices are unpredictable.  How could we have imagined the salvation history we celebrate today?!  God chose an insignificant people, and from among them chose an insignificant virgin; through them, through whom to reveal his plan to save the world.  Today we celebrate the revealing of the plan beyond the Jews to the world.  Paul exalts that God intended the mystery of salvation treasured by the Jews as theirs alone for the Gentiles too.  God chose us, and we're heirs of his promises!  How central to us is our relationship with Jesus Christ?  Do we take it for granted or grow each day in treasuring the gift of faith?
          Adoration of the Magi/ Murillo
        • One Bread, One Body:  "Herod understood" the significance of Jesus' birth.  We must either surrender our lives to Jesus or declare war on him.  We either live for him or make a pathetic attempt to keep him from living; we die to self or try to make him die.  Herod understood Jesus' birth would lead to Calvary; there's a competition for allegiance to "the newborn King" and the king of the world.  We'll either decide to be crucified to the world or to crucify the King.  Either my ego or the Son of God has to go.  Be a wise man or woman:  dethrone yourself, enthrone Jesus as your King, Savior, and Lord, and humble yourself before him; otherwise you're a Herod.
        • Passionist:  Today we read about the Magi, evidently gifted people who visit a baby at the mercy of those around him and offer their gifts to him.  Matthew doesn’t tell us what gifts the baby Jesus gave them....
          The Virgin suckling the Child/ Cranach
          30 more; Vatican:
          "Show tender images of Mary breastfeeding"

          (re today's homily)
        • DailyScripture.net:  "They fell down and worshiped Jesus":  If Jesus is really the Son of God and Savior, why didn't everyone who heard and saw him recognize him?  "When he came into the world, the world didn't know him and his people didn't receive him."  Only the shepherds recognized him at his birth, and some foreigners also found their way via the star to pay homage.
        "Note the fitting order of events:  the wise men saw the star; the Jews and their king received them; they heard prophecy; the angel instructed them; they journeyed to Bethlehem by the star's guidance.  From this we learn this was no ordinary star, for no other star can guide, even beckon, them.  The star remained after they arrived, so the child might also be seen, for there's nothing conspicuous about the place:  the inn was ordinary, and the mother was not notable.  The star was needed to manifest and illumine the place, until they had reached their destination" (John Chrysostom).
        The wise men left everything, including home and country, to pursue their quest; they were led to the source of knowledge:  Jesus Christ, God's Light and Wisdom.  They worshiped the newborn King and gave him fitting gifts.  The same Lord gives each of us the same light of revelation to recognize and accept Jesus.  The Spirit moves us so we may understand, accept, and believe the truth God revealed to us through Jesus Christ.  "Believing is an act of the intellect assenting to divine truth by command of the will moved by God through grace" (Thomas Aquinas).  To know and to encounter Jesus Christ is to know God personally.  In the encounter of the Magi with Jesus we see God's plan to give his Son as King and Savior for for all nations.  He came that all may find peace with God.  May all find the Lord and Savior on their journey of life.  Do I bring the light of Christ to those I meet?
        Dress legend
        • 'Heart' pin:  "Your heart shall throb and overflow" (1st reading)
        • 'Money bag' pin:  "The wealth of nations shall be brought to you" (1st reading)
        • 'Eyeball' tie pin:  Raise your eyes and look about (1st reading)
        • 'Heart' pin:  Your heart shall throb (1st reading)
        • Gold-colored accoutrements:  All shall come bearing gold... (1st reading)
        • 'Christmas lights' tie, white shirt and socks:  Nations shall walk by your light (1st reading), Magi followed star's light (gospel)
        • 'Olympics' tie pin:  Lord, every nation on earth will adore you (psalm)
        • 'Peace sign' tie bar:  Peace shall flourish (psalm)
        • 'Ruler' tie bar:  May he rule from sea to sea (psalm); from you shall come a ruler (gospel)
        • 'Crown' tie bar:  Endow the king...; kings shall offer gifts (psalm); King Herod (gospel)
        • 'Star' tie pin:  Magi:  "We saw his star" (gospel)
        • No-'L' pin:  Christmas season lasts through tomorrow