December 9, 2014

Dec. 9

December 9, 2014:  Tuesday, 2nd week, Advent / St. Juan Diego

  • 'Hand' tie pin:  Israel has received double from the Lord's hand (1st reading)
  • Green shirt (though it doesn't look green here):  “All flesh is grass that withers (1st reading)
  • 'Sheep,' 'lamb' tie bars:  He feeds his flock like a shepherd, gathering the lambs... (1st reading); shepherd seeks the stray and rejoices on finding it (gospel)
  • Purple suspenders:  Advent season
  • 'Crowns' tie:  The Lord is king (psalm)
  • 'Tree' pin:  Let the trees rejoice before the Lord (psalm)

For 1st reading and/or gospel
From Messiah (1st reading)
Pope Francis
Homily:  Isaiah was speaking about the end of the tribulation of the Babylonian exile; the Lord's presence gave them the consolation they needed.  We usually flee from consolation, more comfortable in our stuff, even our failures.  But the Spirit lifts us to abandonment in the Lord's consolation.  The greatest consolation is mercy and forgiveness.  Allow the Lord to console you; ‘renting’ our own consolations doesn’t work.
The consolation of the Church is to become a fruitful mother, to go out of herself to seek those far off, like the shepherd with the heart to seek the lost sheep instead of being content with the rest.  When we don't, the Church is closed in on herself, lacks joy and peace, and becomes disheartened and stagnant. Our joy is to give life, to show tenderness like shepherds and mothers.  May the Lord give us the grace of working, of being joyful, fruitful Christians, and console us with Jesus' tenderness and mercy.
+La Nación interview (12-4-14):  English, español, sobre
  • Is 40:1-11  God:  Comfort my people.  Proclaim tenderly her service is over.  Prepare the Lord's way!  People shall see his glory.  All flesh is withering grass, but God's word stands forever.  Here is your God who rules with strength, with his reward.  Like a shepherd he feeds, carries, and leads his flock.
    Looking for the lost sheep...
    (note man's orientation)
  • Ps 96:1-2, 3, 10ac-13  "The Lord our God comes with power."  Sing to God a new song; announce his salvation and wondrous deeds.  Say the Lord is king, governing with equity.  Heaven and earth, rejoice, for the Lord comes to rule with justice!
  • Mt 18:12-14  “If you have 100 sheep and one goes astray, won't you leave the 99 to search for the stray? And if you find it, you rejoice more than over the rest.  In the same way, your Father doesn't want any of these little ones be lost.”
      St. Juan Diego
    • Creighton:  Centuries before John the Baptist, Isaiah prophesied, “A voice cries out, prepare the Lord's way!”  Cherish and share the love and comfort you've received from God.
    • One Bread One Body:  'Comfort' ≠ pleasure, circumstance, human power, or accomplishment; = freedom from slavery, sin, and guilt; = being in and with the Lord.
    • Passionist:  "In the Savior's light shadows disappear":  Isaiah wrote "comfort ye" to people who lost a war and were in exile.  home is near.  Would they have received it as a mockery/empty words? / We need a "shepherd" to seek, carry, and guide us.
    •  God won't rest till we're home in him.  Shepherds had to watch their sheep 24x7, protecting them from predators and other dangers. They often had large flocks, sometimes over 100,000, but they sought out a single stray because an isolated sheep can become bewildered and easy prey.  Jesus insisted sinners must be sought out time and again.
    • Universalis:  St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, baptized as an adult, saw Our Lady of Guadalupe and asked the bishop to have a church built there.  Humble and fervent, he devoted himself to the care of the sanctuary and reception of pilgrims; see Wikipedia.

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