June 28, 2015

13th Sun. in Ordinary Time

June 28, 2015:  Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

  • 'Clock' tie bar:  God's anger lasts but a moment; his good will, a lifetime. (psalm)
  • 'Sailboat' tie bar:  Jesus crossed again in the boat (gospel)
  • 'Precious feet' tie pin:  Jairus fell at Jesus' feet... (gospel)
  • 'Hand' tie pin:  “Please, come lay your hands on my daughter..." (gospel)
  • 'Blood drop' pin:  Jesus cured woman with a hemorrhages (gospel)
  • Green in suspenders and shirt:  Ordinary Time season
  • He touched me/ Gaithers:  lyrics  (gospel-inspired, though I know she touched him today :-)

Pope Francis Angelus
Do we believe Jesus can heal us and wake us from death like he healed the woman with hemorrhages and raised Jairus' daughter?  Both episodes have a single center:  faith.  The whole Gospel is written in the light of this faith:  Jesus has risen and conquered death, and through his victory, we too shall rise.  But faith can become “tarnished” and uncertain.  Today's Gospel invites us to live in the certainty of the Resurrection:  Jesus is Lord, has power over evil and death, and wants to bring us to the Father's house, where life reigns.  Jesus’ Resurrection is the principle of renewal and hope in history.  If you feel hopeless or tired to the point of death, entrust yourself to Jesus and his love, and you can can begin to live again.  Believers should be able to be recognized because they promote life in every situation so that everyone, especially the weakest, can experience God's freeing and saving love.

  • Ps 30:2, 4-6, 11-13  "I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me."  Your anger lasts but a moment; your good will, a lifetime.  At nightfall, weeping; with dawn, rejoicing.  You changed my mourning into dancing.

  • 2 Cor 8:7, 9, 13-15  As you excel in faith, discourse, knowledge, earnestness, and love, may you excel in this too.  Though Jesus was rich, he became poor for your sake, so that by his poverty you might become rich.  Your abundance should supply others' needs, so theirs may supply yours too.

    Christ healing a
    woman with an issue of blood
  • Mk 5:21-43  Synagogue official Jairus pleaded with Jesus:  Please, come lay your hands on my daughter that she may live.”  They went off.  A woman afflicted with hemorrhages for twelve years who had suffered at doctors' hands and had spent all her money but was growing worse came up behind Jesus and touched his cloak, saying, “If I but touch his clothes, I'll be cured.”  Immediately her blood flow dried up.  Jesus / disciples:  “Who touched my clothes?” / “See how the crowd is pressing upon you....”  The woman told Jesus everything.  “Your faith has saved you.  Go in peace, cured.”  Then people from Jairus's house arrived:  “Your daughter has died.”   Jesus:  “Don't be afraid; just have faith.”  At his house:  “Why this commotion?  She's asleep, not dead.”  They ridiculed him.  He took the child by the hand and said, “Little girl, arise!”  She arose immediately and walked around; all were astounded....
    • Creighton:  Have faith:  let go, let God in, and believe; it can be scary and freeing.  It can be hard in this tragedy-beset world, but miracles do happen.  Our faith should propel us to act.
    • One Bread One Body:  "Contagious":  According to the Old Testament, if a hemorrhaging person touched you or you touched a dead person, you'd become unclean, but when Jesus was touched by or touched the unclean, his healing, life-giving power made them clean.  Unlike others, Jesus was contagious in the good sense.  Usually sickness and death are contagious, but with Jesus, health and life are.  When he entered this sick, dying world, people caught health and life.  Catch abundant life; let Jesus touch you.
      St. Irenaeus
    • DailyScripture.net:  People in desperate circumstances weren't disappointed when they sought Jesus. He gave hope where there seemed to be no cause for it because his hope in God; he spoke words of hope to fire up their faith.  It took courage and risk for Jairus to go to Jesus, inviting scorn, but Jesus delivered the girl from death.  "This man was a synagogue ruler versed in the law.  He'd surely read that while God created other things by his word, he created man by his hand, so he trusted in God that his daughter would be restored to life by that same hand... " (St. Peter Chrysologus)  Jesus showed personal concern for others' needs and readiness to heal and restore life.  In Jesus God's love extends to each of us.  Do I approach him with confidence he'll hear me and act?

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