July 30, 2015

July 30

July 30, 2015:  Thursday, 17th week, Ordinary Time

  • Tie with building and columns:  Moses erected the Dwelling...  (1st reading)
  • 'Girl with heart' pin:  My heart and my flesh cry out for God  (psalm)
  • 'Fish' pin:  The Kingdom like a net collecting fish...  (gospel)
  • 'Angel' pin:  At the end, angels will separate the wicked from the just  (gospel)
  • Green shirt and suspenders:  Ordinary Time season

Hear music for today's psalm

  • Ex 40:16-21, 34-38  Moses who erected the Dwelling as the Lord commanded:  pedestals, boards, bars, columns, tent, covering, commandments in the ark, poles, propitiatory, and curtain veil.  The cloud covered the tent, and the glory of the Lord filled the Dwelling.  When the cloud rose, the Israelites set out....
    Ark of the Covenant
  • Ps 84:3-6a, 8a, 11  "How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord, mighty God!"  I yearn for the courts of the Lord; I cry out for the living God.  Blessed they who dwell in your house!  Blessed those whose strength you are!  I'd rather have one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere....
  • Mt 13:47-53  “The Kingdom is like a net thrown into the sea to collect fish; when it's full, they haul it in, put what's good into buckets, and throw away what's bad.  At the end of the age, angels will separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the furnace.  Every scribe instructed in the Kingdom is like a head of household who brings from his storeroom both the new and the old.”
      St. Peter Chrysologus
    • Creighton:  Moses creates a dwelling and in it puts the Ark of the Covenant containing the Ten Commandments; it's a place where God can communicate with his people.  God came there and let his people know when to move and when to stay.  God dwells in all of creation and in our hearts....
    • DailyScripture.net:  The most common ways of fishing in Jesus' time was with a casting-net thrown from the shore and a drag-net let down from a boat.  As the boat moved, the dragnet took in fish and flotsam and jetsam.  As the net catches every kind of fish, so the church gathers in all comers.  Just as the net can't discriminate, so the church doesn't discriminate good from bad.  Our duty is to gather everyone in, but a time of separation will come when God will reward the good. / Scribes were devoted to study and practice God's word and to instruct others how to live according to it.  Some people store up old possessions, but others are eager to get rid of them.  Jesus praises keeping the old with the new; who'd throw away jewels or gold coins just because they're old?  Jesus' parable of old and new points to the older covenants God made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and David and to the new one he established through shedding his blood and sending the Spirit.  God gave both Old and New, Old prepares for New, New fulfills Old, and each enlightens the other.  Jesus interpreted the Old Testament and explained how he came to fulfill what was promised and foreshadowed there.  Do I treasure all God's word?

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