September 22, 2015

Sept. 22

September 22, 2015:  Tuesday, 25th week, Ordinary Time

  • 'Houses' tie:  Rebuild the house of God; I'll pay all your expenses (1st reading); "Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord." (psalm)
  • 'Lamb' tie bar:  They offered 400 lambs... for the dedication (1st reading)
  • 'Feet' pin:  We've set foot within Jerusalem's gates (psalm)
  • 'Mary' pin:  Jesus' mother and brothers came to him... (gospel)
  • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season


For dedication of house of God (1st reading)
For the psalm
Pope Francis
Holguin homily (on yesterday's readings):  Matthew tells of the glance that changed his life, and ours.  How loving and powerful must have been Jesus' look to move this man considered sinner and traitor!  Jesus' merciful gaze set him free and gave him new hope and life.  Each of us can say, “I'm a sinner Jesus has looked on.”  Jesus’ love anticipates our needs.  He sees beyond appearances, sin, failure, and rank to see our enduring dignity.  He seeks out all who feel unworthy of God.  Allow Jesus to look at you....
After the look, a word:  “Follow me.”  He followed.  After love, mission.  The encounter with Jesus transformed him.  Before, he took from others; now, he gives himself to them.  Matthew encounters the joy of service.  Jesus' gaze gives rise to service.  Jesus heals our short-sightedness and pushes us not to be satisfied with appearances.  Jesus invites us to overcome our preconceptions:  "Do you believe a tax collector can become a servant?  Do you believe a traitor can become a friend?  Do you believe a carpenter's son can be the Son of God?”  His heart transforms ours.
Gaze upon the Lord in prayer, in the sacraments, in those who feel excluded or abandoned.  Share his tenderness with the sick, prisoners, the elderly, and families in difficulty.  Jesus sees his Father's image in every person.  May Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre look with love on and protect all her children as she once cared for Jesus.

  • Ezr 6:7-8, 12b, 14-20  Order of King Darius:  “Rebuild the house of God.  Pay the workers from tax revenue.”  They made progress, then finished.  The children of Israel celebrated its dedication with joy, offering bulls, rams, lambs, and he-goats.  They set up the priests and Levites for the service of God, as Moses prescribed.  The exiles kept the Passover; the Levites sacrificed the Passover for the rest of the exiles, the priests, and themselves.
  • Ps 122:1-5  "Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord."  We've set foot within your gates.  The tribes of the Lord go up to Jerusalem to give thanks to the Lord.
  • Lk 8:19-21  Jesus' mother and brothers came to him but couldn't join him because of the crowd.  “Your mother and brothers are outside and want to see you.” / “My mother and brothers are those who hear God's word and act on it.”
    • Creighton:  In the gospel episode, which appears about three times a year (from Mt, Mk, or Lk), Jesus emphasizes a new kind of relationship in which all who keep God's word are Jesus' family.  As with kinship in the Middle East, family membership carries responsibilities, affecting how we respect and treat one another....
    • One Bread One Body:  "Dream the impossible dream":  The Israelites rebuilt the Temple with the unusual combination of government support and prophesy.  As the Israelites never dreamed a Persian king would be used to rebuild the Temple, the Lord continues to do things we've never seen, heard, or thought of; nothing is impossible for him.  So pray for, believe, and expect the miraculous and impossible....
    • Passionist:  The remnant of the Jewish people received permission to return to their homeland and rebuild the temple after decades of servitude and exile.  They'll need God's guidance to understand God's plan for them....  Jesus redefined 'family' to extend beyond blood lines to bonds of active faith.  Who are my family members and how shall I help them?
    •  Jesus pointed to our relationship with God and with those who belong to God.  Being a Christian is being in a relationship with God of trust, affection, commitment, loyalty, faithfulness, kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion, mercy, helpfulness, encouragement, support, strength, and protection, binding us together in love.  Martyr Lucian of Antioch:  "a Christian's only relatives are the saints."  Jesus' disciples enter into a new family, a family of "saints" on earth and in heaven.  Our adoption as God's children transforms our relationships and requires loyalty to God first and his kingdom of justice and peace....
    • Universalis:  St. Maurice and the Theban Legion, martyrs

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