March 28, 2016

Easter Mon

March 28, 2016:  Monday, Octave of Easter

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  • See Easter Vigil for Psalm 16 settings (also for 1st reading which quotes Ps 16)
Pope Francis Regina Coeli
We stand before the empty tomb and meditate on the mystery of the Resurrection.  Life has conquered death; mercy and love have conquered sin!  We need faith and hope to open this wonderful horizon.  Lord, give me faith and hope!  Let us be pervaded by the emotions that resonate in the Easter sequence:  "We're certain:  Christ is truly risen."  This truth indelibly marked the Apostles who, after the Resurrection, felt the need to follow their Master and, receiving the Spirit, went without fear to proclaim what they had seen and experienced.
Rediscover and welcome the announcement of the resurrection:  "Christ, my hope, is risen!"  Look with new eyes and hearts at every event of life, even the most negative.  Darkness, failure, and sin can be transformed.  In our misery and weakness, Christ gives us the strength to lift ourselves up.  His grace saves us!  The crucified and risen Lord is the full revelation of mercy.
The silent witness to the Passion and Resurrection was Mary.  She stood next to the cross, strengthened by her faith, fanning the flame of hope in her broken heart.  We ask her to help us to accept the Easter proclamation and embody it in our daily lives.  May she give us the certainty of faith that suffered every step of our journey, illuminated by Easter light; that it may become a blessing and joy for us and others, especially those who suffer because of selfishness and indifference.
Read the Gospel; remember it takes no more than five minutes to read a passage.
  • Acts 2:14, 22-33  Peter:  “Children of Israel, God worked mighty deeds through Jesus.  You killed Jesus, but God raised him up.  David says, "I saw the Lord; I shall not be disturbed.  I hope, because you won't abandon me or allow me to see corruption.  You made the paths of life known to me."  David died, but he knew God would set one of his descendants on his throne; he foresaw the Christ's resurrection.  We see God raised Jesus; he poured forth the Holy Spirit.
  • Ps 16:1-2a, 5, 7-11  "Keep me safe, O God; you are my hope."  I set the Lord before me.  My heart and soul rejoice.  You won't allow your faithful one to undergo corruption.
  • Mt 28:8-15  Mary Magdalene and the other Mary left the tomb to tell his disciples.  Jesus told them on the way, “Don't be afraid.  Tell them to go see me in Galilee.”  Some of the guard told the chief priests what happened.  The chief priests paid them off, telling them to say the disciples stole Jesus.  They did, and the story still circulates.
    • Creighton:  Imagine the fear and joy Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were feeling.  Peter's Pentecost proclamation speaks to the inexorability of God's plan of salvation, listing the obstacles it overcame.  He shows that this saving power has been active in the history of the Chosen People.  God's desire to call us back, to lead us away from our dead-end ways and put us on a path to the Kingdom won't fail....
    • One Bread, One Body:  "Bushel basketed?"  The guards felt the earth quaking, then an angel rolled the stone away and they grew paralyzed with fear and fell down as dead.  But a few hours later they weren't afraid to take a bribe to lie about the Resurrection.  We who are called to witness for the risen Christ must recognize that formidable powers oppose us.  Easter is a feast of light, "the light of the world," but strong forces try to hide the light.  Even Christians have bushel baskets over their light:  fear, lukewarmness, unforgiveness, self-hatred, depression, laziness, anxiety, lust, compulsions....  We need the Spirit's power to remove them and make us witnesses for Christ, to receive anew the graces of Baptism.  As we live our baptismal promises more deeply, may our light shine....
      The Resurrection of Jesus Christ/ della Francesca
    • Passionist:  Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went away quickly from the tomb to announce the news to Jesus' disciples, while the chief priests and elders were trying to discredit the Resurrection by paying off the guards.  Today the newly baptized also experience the fear and joy the Marys did.  New life is all around us:  flowers, grass, streams, babies, weddings, graduations, sacramental celebrations, are ways Jesus shows us he is risen.  May we continue to be refreshed in the waters of baptism and feast gratefully at the Lord's table.  May our new of life in Jesus never wear thin...
    •  "News of the resurrection":  The disciples of Jesus were as unprepared for his resurrection as for his death. Though Jesus had spoken to them of his death and rising, they didn't believe until they saw the tomb and met the risen Lord.  We too want to see before we believe!  The guards testified to the chief priests and elders, who were resolved to not believe and bribed the guards so others wouldn't believe.  But through the gift of faith, the Lord reveals himself to believers and fills them with life in the Spirit....
    Dress legend
    • NEW 'Prize' pin:  "You alone are my prize" (psalm)
    • 'Cups' tie:  Lord, my portion and cup (psalm, 1st reading)
    • 'Girl with heart' pin:  "My heart has been glad" (1st reading, psalm); "my heart exhorts me" (psalm)
    • 'Holy Spirit' chain:  "Jesus poured forth the promise of the Spirit" (1st reading)
    • 'Feet' pin:  The Marys embraced Jesus' feet when he met them (gospel)
    • 'Eyeball' pin:  "Tell my brothers to go to Galilee; they'll see me there" (gospel)
    • 'Cross' pin:  "You used lawless men to crucify him" (1st reading)
    • 'Coin' pin:  The chief priests gave the soldiers money; the soldiers took it and did as they were instructed (gospel)
    • White in suspenders, tie pin:  color of day
    • 'Lamb' tie bar:  Our lamb has been sacrificed; a Lamb redeems the sheep (Easter sequence)

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