August 21, 2016

21st Sun., Ordinary Time

August 21, 2016:  Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Pope Francis Amoris Laetitia capsule:  Love hopes all things
πάντα ἐλπίζει Love doesn't despair.  This phrase speaks of the hope of one who knows others can change, mature, and radiate beauty and potential.  It doesn't mean everything will change in this life, but realizing God may make crooked lines straight and draw good from evil.  Hope embraces the certainty of life after death.  Each person is called to life in heaven, where, transformed by Christ’s resurrection, every weakness, darkness, and infirmity passes away and their true being shines.  This realization helps us see each person in the light of hope and await the fullness they'll receive, even if not yet visible. (IV:116-117)
  • Is 66:18-21  "I come to gather nations to see/proclaim my glory, bring offerings."
  • Ps 117  "Go out to all the world and tell the Good News."  The Lord is kind and faithful!
  • Heb 12:5-7, 11-13  The Lord, as father, disciplines his children out of love.  Endure; be strong; don't lose heart; it'll bring fruit, healing. 
  • Lk 13:22-30  “Enter through the narrow gate; many will try but not be strong enough." ‘Lord, open the door; we ate with you.’ / ‘I don't know where you're from.  Depart, evildoers!’  Some last will be first; some first last.”
    • Creighton:  When Jesus is asked how many will be saved, he tells us to focus on our own journey and choose a counter-cultural path.  You can be saved, but don't take it for granted; we're called to a special life and role, not to "blend in" with the crowd.  Jesus tells us the path involves not judging, showing mercy, forgiving, serving the poor, sharing, feeding, clothing, welcoming, caring....  He himself is the gate, the way, the truth, the life.; a personal relationship with him places us on the narrow way....
    • One Bread, One Body:  "Are you saved?  Are few saved?"  Jesus seems to say only a few people are saved; he also said eating and drinking with him and hearing his teachings don't assure salvation.  We're saved only by God's grace....
    •  "Don't risk being shut out":   Jesus' story about the door shut to latecomers suggests they'd offended their host and deserved to be excluded.  Teachers closed the door on tardy students for a week to teach them about discipline and faithfulness.  Many rabbis held that all Israel would be saved except for a few blatant sinners who excluded themselves, but Jesus surprised them by saying that being a person of the covenant didn't automatically let you in, and saying that Gentiles would also enter.  Jesus himself is the "narrow door"; he freed us and made us God's children, citizens of his kingdom.  To enter God's kingdom and receive our inheritance, we must follow Jesus in his way of the cross, renouncing our own will, way, and life for his.  'Strive' can be translated as 'agony.'  To enter God's kingdom we must struggle against every power of opposition, including temptations to remain indifferent, to compromise in our faith, hope, or love.  When we face difficulty, temptation, or failure, God who knows our weaknesses is ready to help, and his grace is sufficient!
      • Pope St. Pius X, child of poor family, ordained at 23, sought to restore all things in Christ, insisted on Church/State separation, revised canon law, founded institute for Bible studies, started revision of Vulgate translation, reformed the liturgy, lived poorly even as pope, preached weekly, worked miracles.
      • Bl. Victoria Rasoamanarivo, born in powerful family, Jesuit- and Sisters-educated, baptized at 15, kept Madagascar Church alive, married/prayed for a violent alcoholic who converted on deathbed.
    Dress legend
    • 'Sign' pin:  I will set a sign among them (1st reading)
    • 'Horse,' 'chariot' tie pins:  They'll bring your brothers and sisters on horses and in chariots to my holy mountain (1st reading)
    • 'Olympics' and 'plane' pins:  "Go out to all the world and tell the Good News." (psalm)
    • 'Heart' pin:  "Don't lose heart when the Lord reproves you" (2nd reading)
    • 'Fruit' pin:  "Discipline brings the fruit of righteousness" (2nd reading)
    • 'Hands' pin:  "Strengthen your drooping hands;..." (2nd reading)
    • 'Feet' pin:  "Make straight paths for your feet." (2nd reading)
    • 'Key' tie bar:  "After the master has locked the door..." (gospel)
    • '?' tie pin:  "...He'll tell you, 'I don't know where you're from.'" (gospel)
    • 'Silverware' tie bar:  "People will come from all over and recline at table in the kingdom" (gospel) 
    • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season

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