November 13, 2016

33rd Sun., Ordinary Time

November 13, 2016:  Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

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  • But who may abide the day of His coming, from Messiah/ Handel (1st reading, gospel):  traditional"soulful"
    For the next two Sundays
    • Mal 3:19-20a  The Day is coming when evildoers will be stubble, set on fire, but for you the sun of justice with its healing rays will arise.
    • Ps 98:5-9  "The Lord comes to rule the earth with justice."  Sing praise to God with harp, trumpets; he comes to rule with justice.
    • Lk 21:5-19   Don't be deceived and follow false messiahs.  Don't be terrified at the mighty signs.   You'll be persecuted, handed over, even by family and friends.  Testify; I'll give you wisdom your adversaries won't be able to refute.  All will hate you because of me, but by your perseverance you'll be safe.
      • Creighton:  The disciples saw Herod’s adorned temple but not the spiritual desolation behind it:  hypocrisy, oppression, and rejection of Christ.  Jesus warned his followers about false teachers; he appearances and silver tongued teachers could deceive.  We must practice discernment, focusing on our emotions and intellect to listen to the Holy Spirit.  Jesus also says his disciples will be hated and persecuted, but those times are opportunities to witness to the Gospel.  Servants of Christ face resistance, recrimination, and persecution but are promised hope, strength, and support from God, if we trust him.  The Spirit will carry us when our own wisdom and effort won't.  Our exterior may not reflect our interior disquiet, but through faith we can always find meaning and purpose.  We must become aware of the comfort that God can give us by helping us turn negatives into positives.  Our service may be hard and tiring:  it's hard to put others’ needs ahead of ours, to choose the right path over an easier shortcut, but our vision of the return of Jesus in glory can sustain us....
      • One Bread, One Body:  "The testimony test":  Persecutions are opportunities for giving witness to Jesus.  Jesus uses our testimony to soften listeners' hearts.  Even if people disagree with us, they can't deny what happened to us or our experience of and relationship with Jesus, who promises us irresistible words and wisdom.  God is constantly planting seeds in each heart. Perhaps your testimony will bring someone closer to Jesus....
      • Passionist:  We risk missing God if we don't pay attention to the present.  As believers experience persecution, Luke stresses redemption through Christ’s life.  Only Christ can save us; we follow him through the cross to new life.  Our story doesn’t end at the cross, but our fears might have us stuck there; may we place them at the foot of the Cross for Grace to bless them.  Let us persevere in faith through tribulations and look ahead with confidence.
      •  "Take heed you're not led astray":  God's signs point us to the truth of his eternal kingdom.  God works through many events to renew us in hope.  Jesus prophesied the destruction of the temple the Jews took such pride in; it pointed both to God's judgment and mercy.  When they asked for a sign saying when it would occur, he told them to pray instead for God's grace and mercy.  Jesus said disasters would precede the last days, when there will be final judgment.   Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem, knowing he'd meet betrayal, rejection, and death, but his death brought freedom, peace, and victory.  The Lord tells us that there will be trials, suffering, and persecution until he comes again.  God extends grace and mercy to all who heed his call and warning.  God's love can overcome prejudice, hatred, envy, and anything that could divide us.  Jesus says he'll give us strength, wisdom, and courage as we witness to the truth and love of Christ.  Endurance, a gift of the Spirit, hopes beyond difficulties to the reward of those who persevere. "When persecution comes, God's soldiers are tested, and heaven opens to martyrs.  We have not enlisted in an army to think of peace and decline battle, for we see the Lord has taken first place in the conflict" (Cyprian).  Martyrs live and die as witnesses of the Gospel, overcoming through hope, courage, love, forbearance, kindness, goodness, and compassion.  Whether or not we're called to shed our blood for bearing witness to Christ, we're called to bear witness to gospel joy and power in the midst of daily challenges, contradictions, temptations, and adversities. Others will be attracted to the gospel when they see Christians loving their enemies, joyful in suffering, patient in adversity, pardoning injuries, and showing compassion to the hopeless and helpless....
        • Frances Xavier Cabrini, youngest of 13, judged too weak to enter convents, devoted herself to teaching, founded Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to spread devotion to the Heart of Jesus by works of mercy, running orphanages, schools, and homes for the old and sick; founded 67 institutions across the US, South America, and Europe.
      Dress legend
      • 'Clocks' tie:  "The time has come!"  Countdown to Day of the Lord (gospel)
      • Keyboard suspenders, 'angel with trumpet' pin:  Sing praise to God with trumpets... (psalm)
      • 'Fire' pin:  The day will set evildoers on fire (1st reading)
      • 'Sun' pin:  The sun of justice will arise for you who fear me (1st reading)
      • 'Hands' pin:  They'll 'hand' you over (gospel); let the rivers clap their hands... (psalm)
      • 'Alps' pin:  ...and the mountains shout for joy (psalm)
      • 'Crown' tie bar:  The Lord will come to rule the earth (psalm); Kingdoms will rise against each other (gospel)
      • 'Silverware' tie bar:  We didn't eat free food.  Anyone who doesn't want to work shouldn't eat.  Meddlers should work and eat their own food.  (2nd reading)
      • 'Precious stones' and 'stone' tie pins:  The temple was adorned with costly stones.  All stones will be thrown down (gospel)
      • 'Boundless mercy' sign pin:  What sign will tell us when it'll happen?  Pray for God's mercy.  Signs will come from the sky (gospel)
      • 'Owl' pin:  I'll give you wisdom your adversaries won't be able to resist (gospel)
      • 'Gun' pin:  They'll put some of you to death (gospel)
      • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season coming to a close

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