February 15, 2017

Feb. 15

February 15, 2017:  Wednesday, 6th Week, Ordinary Time

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For Psalm 116 (though none with today's specific response)

Pope Francis Audience
The hope we've been given doesn't separate us from others nor lead us to discredit or marginalize them.  God doesn't have favorites or exclude anyone but opens his home to everyone, beginning with the least.  We're called to become channels of hope to all, with humility and simplicity.
As children we were always taught it's not good to boast, but St. Paul tells us to boast:  of the abundant grace we receive in Christ through faith and love.  When we do, we know God’s peace, which flows into our lives and relationships.  We can also boast about our afflictions, for God’s peace isn't the absence of fear, disappointment, or suffering, but it reminds us that always God loves us and is with us.
  • Ps 116:12-15, 18-19  "To you, Lord, I will offer a sacrifice of praise," call on the Lord's name, pay my vows.
  • Mk 8:22-26  People begged Jesus to touch a blind man. He put spittle on his eyes, laid his hands on him, and asked what he saw. “People like walking trees.” He laid hands on him again and restored his sight.

  • Creighton:  God wants us to follow him but doesn't force us.  He sets a cup of salvation before us, with all we'll need to live a fulfilling life.  If we drink from it, we'll be transformed into the image of God given to us at conception but lost because of sin.  I make a return to the Lord for the good he's done for me by drinking from the cup of salvation and keeping my word.  We can't pay God back, but we can listen to him and follow him. In a world that tries to silence the faithful, we repay the Lord’s goodness by publicly living for him, being salt and light, offering sacrifice with our lips and lives...
    Christ Healing the Blind Man/ Assereto
  • One Bread, One Body:  "Rest area":  After the flood, Noah sent out a raven, then a dove.  When the dove didn't return, he knew the destruction had ended re-creation had begun.  The dove resting on Jesus at his baptism meant the Spirit was beginning to re-create the earth.  When the Spirit rests on us, we become part of the new creation.  "Happy are you when you're insulted for the sake of Christ, for then God's Spirit has come to rest on you..."
  • Passionist:  At Lourdes I saw an inscription, “I came here seeking sight for my eyes and left with sight for my soul.”  Pray for healing, and be open to God's answer....
  • DailyScripture.net:  "The blind man was restored, and saw everything clearly":  Worse than physical blindness is a mind and heart darkened by sin, unbelief, and rejection of God.  Jesus came to free us from the blinding darkness of sin and he offered us new life and freedom to walk in love.  When Jesus spat on the blind man's eyes and laid hands upon him, he identified with the man's condition, to show compassion and awaken his faith.  "Christ laid hands on his eyes that he might see clearly, so through visible things he might understand the invisible, that after the film of sin is removed, he might behold his soul with the eye of a clean heart" (Jerome).  Pride and refusal to repent can lead to spiritual blindness, robbing us of faith and trust in God's forgiveness. Jesus is the light that opens our eyes and hearts to his word and healing power.  Lord, help me recognize my blind spots and allow you to transform me...
Dress legend
  • 'Boat' tie bar:  Noah's ark (1st reading)
  • 'Bird' and 'dove' pins:  Raven, then dove, Noah sent out (1st reading)
  • 'Hand' tie pin:  Noah put out his hand to catch the dove (1st reading); Jesus took the blind man by the hand, laid hands on him (gospel)
  • 'Fire' pin:  Noah offered burnt offerings to the Lord (1st reading)
  • 'Heart' pin:  "Never again will I doom the earth though the desires of the human heart are evil" (1st reading)
  • 'Cups' tie:  I'll take up the cup of salvation... (psalm)
  • 'Phone' tie bar:  ...and 'call' on the Lord (psalm)
  • 'Eyeball' pin:  Precious in the Lord's eyes is the death of his faithful (psalm); blind man at Bethsaida (gospel)
  • 'Tree' pin:  "I see people looking like trees...." (gospel)
  • 'Clocks' suspenders:  Timetable of 1st reading
  • Blue shirt:  Flood waters (1st reading)

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