February 17, 2018

Feb. 17

February 17, 2018:  Saturday after Ash Wednesday

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For Psalm 86
    • Mighty Lord/ Foley [needs banjo]; use free Spotify login
Pope Francis to Sardinia seminarians
Today's material and spiritual poverty makes attention to the poor more important.  Be with them, so they feel our churches are their home.  Be priests of and to the people, not dominators but servants.  Look to the essential, lead sober and transparent lives, and look ahead according to the Church's healthy tradition.  Your bishops follow you with affection and trepidation; they count on you to conform to Jesus the Good Shepherd.  Live in union with Christ so you may exercise your ministry well; without him we can do nothing.

  • Is 58:9b-14  If you remove oppression... and satisfy the afflicted, the Lord will guide and renew you.  If you honor the sabbath, you'll delight in the Lord, and I'll nourish you.
  • Ps 86:1-6  "Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth."  Have mercy on me.  I lift my soul to you; gladden it.  Attend to my pleading.
  • Lk 5:27-32  Jesus to Levi:  “Follow me”; he left everything and followed.  He gave a banquet for him with tax collectors and others; Pharisees complained:  “Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?”  Jesus:  “The healthy don't need a doctor; just the sick.  I came to call sinners.”
  • Creighton:  As Isaiah says to hold back on our own pursuits and delight in the Lord's day, Lent is a time to hold back our pleasures and pursuits to delight in this season.  Lenten sacrifices can be life-changing too.  Helping others as Isaiah asks may be the best way to observe Lent. / The scribes and Pharisees were right by law to rebuke Jesus for eating with tax collectors and sinners, but Jesus was following Isaiah by helping the hungry and afflicted.  "The sick, not the healthy, need a physician...."  He gave his word to people hungry for it.
  • One Bread, One Body:  "Fast for Christendom":  If we truly fast, we'll see the Lord renew our strength and work miracles.  Many of the Lord's works have been named "Christendom," a society centered on Christ.  Christendom has been in ruins, but if we fast faithfully, we'll see the ruins rebuilt.  Fast for the building up of God's kingdom.
    Banquet in the House of Levi/ Veronese
  • Passionist: If we do good things, especially seeking justice for the poor, we'll be renewed.  If we avoid evil, we'll find happiness and life.  Isaiah tells Israel that if they want light and joy, they must confront evil and bring justice.  If we battle oppression, stop malicious speech, share with the needy, and reach out to the afflicted, then light and life will come.  Jesus invites Levi to leave everything for an uncharted path, and Levi becomes his disciple.  The gospel suggests that if he's to find new life, he must reimagine even identity.  Perhaps the healing and renewal of Lent starts in the gospel call to reimagine who we are and what we're up to.
  • DailyScripture.net:  "Jesus calls sinners to follow him":  When we bless others, especially those needing help, God blesses us.  The religious leaders were upset with Jesus' behavior towards public sinners.  Orthodox Jews avoided them, didn't do business with them, didn't give them anything.  Jesus' association with tax collectors and sinners shocked their sensibilities.  When they challenged him, he told them a doctor goes to the sick.  Jesus sought out those in greatest need.  Jesus came as Divine Physician and Good Shepherd to care for us and restore us.  The orthodox were so preoccupied, they neglected to help the people who needed it most.  Jesus came to call sinners, not the "righteous."  Ironically the orthodox were as needy as those they despised; all have sinned.  Thank God for his mercy; seek others' good.  "By 'follow' [Jesus] meant not so much the movement of feet as of the heart, carrying out a way of life.  One who says he lives in Christ ought to walk as Christ walked, not aim at earthly things or pursue perishable gains, but flee base praise, embrace contempt of all that is worldly for the sake of heavenly glory, do good to all, inflict injuries on no one, patiently suffer injury, ask God’s forgiveness for those who oppress, seek God's glory, and uphold what helps you love heavenly things.  In this way Matthew became a follower of One who had no riches. The Lord who outwardly called Matthew inwardly bestowed on him the gift of an invisible impulse so he could follow" (Bede the Venerable).
  • 'Feet' pin:  Hold back your foot from following your own pursuits (1st reading)
  • 'Street lamp' tie bar:  If you remove oppression, give your bread to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted, then light shall rise for you (1st reading)
  • 'Boundless mercy' pin:  Have mercy on me, Lord,... (psalm)
  • 'Walker' tie pin:  "Teach me Your way, that I may walk in Your truth." (psalm)
  • 'Money bag' tie pin:  Jesus saw tax collector Levi; tax collectors at Levi's banquet (gospel)
  • 'Silverware' tie bar:  Levi gave a great banquet for Jesus... (gospel)
  • 'Doctor's office' tie:  Only the sick need a doctor (gospel)
  • 'Phone' tie bar:  To you I call all day (psalm); I came to call sinners (gospel)
  • Blue shirt:  If you remove oppression, share your bread, and satisfy the afflicted,... you'll be like a spring whose water never fails (1st reading)
  • Purple suspenders:  Lenten season

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