June 30, 2018

June 30

June 30, 2018:  Saturday, 12th week, Ordinary Time

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  • Fever/ Cooley, Blackwell (gospel-inspired :-)
Since the beginning of Christianity, the mystery of love of the Blood of Christ has fascinated many.  Your founders have cultivated this devotion because they have understood that the Blood of Christ is the fount of salvation for the world.  God chose the sign of blood because no other can express so eloquently the love of a life given for others.  This gift of the Blood of Christ is renewed at every Eucharist when together with the Body of Christ, his Precious Blood is made really present.
Meditation on the sacrifice of Christ leads us to accomplish works of mercy, giving our lives for God and others.  The courage of the truth, attention to all, especially the most distant, and the ability to captivate and communicate will help you in your work and witness.
Be courageous people.  Build courageous communities unafraid to affirm the truth.  Go out to all in need, especially those farthest away, putting the Gospel in terms everyone can understand.  Let the Gospel and the Holy Spirit inspire your words and actions to help others open themselves to God and others.  Imitate Jesus; we live in a time when we need to carry out a revolution of tenderness.
The strength of Christian witness comes from the Gospel itself.  Rely on the superabundance of love expressed in the Lord's Blood, brought to light bu the Saints, especially your founder.  In Christ we find the principle of our existence.  He's our fundamental, definitive hope.
  • Lam 2:2, 10-14, 18-19  The Lord has consumed the dwellings of Jacob and brought her king down.  Old men strew dust on their heads, maidens bow their heads.  I weep.  Children faint and die.  Who can heal you?  Your prophets didn't lay bare your guilt.  Cry out to God; let your tears flow.  Pour out your heart and lift up your hands to the Lord for the lives of your little ones.
  • Ps 74:1b-7, 20-21  "Lord, forget not the souls of your poor ones."  Remember your flock, the tribe you redeemed.  Your foes triumph.  Look to your covenant.  May the humble not retire in confusion; may the afflicted and poor praise you.
  • Mt 8:5-17  Centurion / Jesus:  “My servant is home paralyzed.” / “I'll come cure him.” / “I'm not worthy to have you enter; only say the word and he'll be healed.  I'm subject to authority with soldiers subject to me...." / “I haven't found such faith.  Many will come and recline with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob at the banquet in the Kingdom, but the children of the Kingdom will be driven out.”  [to centurion:]  “Go; as you've believed, let it be done.”  His servant was healed.
Jesus entered the house of Peter and saw his mother-in-law in bed with a fever.  He touched her, the fever left, and she waited on him.  Later they brought many to himand he drove out spirits and cured the sick, fulfilling He took away our infirmities and bore our diseases.
  • Creighton:  The centurion is clear about being in command and answering to others.  His faith gives him clarity.   Praying with this gospel gives me peace and a sense of purpose.  My true role and responsibility is to have faith, without which my efforts are meaningless.  May I hear God, so I may serve others.
    Jesus healing the servant of a Centurion/ Veronese
  • One Bread, One Body:  "The day of 'wreckoning'":  Jesus came to proclaim and establish God's kingdom and save the human race. He has to demolish structures not founded on him to lay new foundations.  Jesus is zealous for His house.  To build things the right way, he clears the ground, ripping out and cutting down unstable foundations.  Don't wait for Jesus to make a wreck out of what in your life is opposed to God's kingdom; rely on God's grace and do some wrecking yourself to prepare the Lord's way and give Jesus more time for building.  What needs to be eliminated from my life?...
  • Passionist:  Do we pray with humility?  Do we forgive before we pray?  Do we pray first for the coming of God’s kingdom?  Do we pray with love?  Do we give thanks for gifts received?  A rabbi asked “How come no one seems to see God?” responded, “No one bows low enough.”  The centurion bows low, praying with humility, recognizing Jesus' greatness.  If we reflect on creation, we'll bow before the Creator; if we gaze on the crucifix, we'll bow before the expression of God’s love.  If we consider our smallness relative to the universe, we'll be in awe that God would notice and have compassion on us.  So humbly pray with confidence....
  • DailyScripture.net:  "Say but the word...":  Jews hated Romans because they represented everything the Jews stood against:  pagan beliefs, idol worship, immoral practices, and suppression of the Israelites' claim to be a nation governed by God's law.  Centurions were the backbone of the Roman army, each in charge of 100 soldiers. "They must be men who can command,... not overanxious to rush into the fight, but ready to hold their ground, and die at their posts" (Polybius).  The centurion was courageous and faith-filled; he risked ridicule and mockery by seeking Jesus' help, but he approached Jesus with confidence and humility.  He was an extraordinary man; he loved his slave, though slaves were treated as property.  He believed Jesus could heal his slave....
  • Universalis:  First Martyrs of the See of Rome,  persecuted by Nero in 64.  They were thrown to beasts or soaked in tar then used as torches.
Dress legend
  • Dust-colored suspenders:  They strew dust on their heads (1st reading)
  • 'Eyeball' pin:  My eyes are worn out from weeping; your prophets had false visions; let there be no repose for your eyes (1st reading)
  • 'Grain' pin:  In vain they ask, “Where's the grain?” (1st reading)
  • 'Heart' money clip (oops; cropped out):  Pour out your heart like water in the Lord's presence (1st reading)
  • 'C' pin (sideways horseshoe :-):  The centurion, also Roman numeral for 100, the number centurions initially commanded (gospel)
  • 'Hands' pin:  Lift up your hands to the Lord (1st reading); Jesus touched Peter's mother-in-law's hand and healed her (gospel)
  • 'Sheep' tie bar:  Why are you angry with your sheep?  Remember your flock... (psalm)
  • 'Tree' pin:  Your foes are like men coming up with axes to trees (psalm)
  • 'Hammer' pin:  With chisel and hammer they hack at the sanctuary paneling (psalm)
  • 'Fire' pin:  They set your sanctuary on fire (psalm)
  • 'Tech words' "geek tie":  “Say the word and my servant will be healed" (gospel)
  • 'Silverware' tie bar:  "Many will come and recline at the heavenly banquet..." (gospel)
  • 'Car (with teeth)' tie pin:  "...but the children of the Kingdom will be 'driven' out into darkness"; Jesus 'drove' out evil spirits; there will be wailing and grinding of teeth (gospel)
  • 'Blood drop' pin:  Jesus' Precious Blood (pope's reflection)
  • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season

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