April 27, 2019

Easter S

April 27, 2019:  Saturday, Easter Octave

See a dozen connections with today?
Legend below
In honor of our brothers and sisters ending their Passover celebration tonight, from Jewish a cappella six13:
You know how important and indispensable safe schools and roads are for orderly development.  You're committed to the common good, through safeguarding the soil, maintaining road networks that link towns with cities, and managing secondary schools.  Investing money and human resources wisely to prevent disruption, dysfunction, and degradation can lead to savings and economic advantage.  These tasks should ensure that environmental conditions don’t deteriorate through lack of maintenance.
We could be made to believe that rapid progress in technology and science, with individuals' free initiative, can help meet the needs of individuals of society, leading to a harmonious society.  But there could also be imbalances and marginalization that need to be addressed intelligently.  This calls for action from associations and public authorities.  We must promote awareness of the environment.   Individuals and their representatives must increasingly feel the importance of caring for our common home.
  • Acts 4:13-21  The leaders, amazed at Peter and John's boldness and the cured man, ordered Peter and John not to teach in Jesus' name.  Peter and John:  “We can't not speak about what we've seen and heard.”  They released them; they couldn't punish them because of everyone praising God for what happened.
  • Ps 118:1, 14-15ab, 16-21  "I will give thanks to you, for you have answered me."  God's mercy endures forever.  The Lord is powerful; I'll declare his works.
  • Mk 16:9-15  Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene.  She told his companions, but they didn't believe.  Then he appeared to two more; they told the others, but they didn't believe either.  Then he appeared to them all at table and rebuked them because they hadn't believed.  “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to everyone.”
  • Creighton:  After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to those who believed in him.    Today's Gospel says he appeared to the Eleven and rebuked them for their unbelief and hardness of heart.  Christ doesn't appear to us like he did to those who knew him in the flesh back then, but we have the benefit of history, our knowledge of God, teaching, and saints' example.  With all that, do we really believe?  If so, how do we show it?  If he were to appear to us, would we melt like Mary Magdalene, or would he rebuke us?
  • One Bread, One Body:  "Fully alive":  Jesus was raised from the dead, but how many parts of his body are functioning now to the degree God called them?  We need resurrection, animation, and activation.  After Pentecost Peter and John's power and self-assurance were amazing.  Even when leaders threatened them to paralyze them, they answered, "Judge for yourselves whether it's right in God's sight for us to obey you rather than God.  We can't help speaking of what we've heard and seen."  "Christian, recognize your dignity and, now that you share God's own nature, don't return to your former base condition by sinning.  Remember of Whose body you're a member" (Leo the Great).  Ccome to life:  act as members of Christ's body.  "Awake, arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light."
  • Passionist:  Faith came no easier for 1st-century Christians than for us; the Eleven didn't accept disciples' testimony, and Jesus rebuked them for their unbelief.  We recognize the Risen Jesus most often in the midst of our deepest need, but sometimes we're challenged to believe even when we can't recognize him at all.  He has a commission for us:  to proclaim the Good News.  Others will recognize the Risen Jesus by our wounds, the wounds of the Body of Christ.
  • DailyScripture.net:  "Go preach the Gospel...":  The first to the tomb to pay her respects, and the first to see the risen Lord, was a woman known for her demonized living!  Unfortunately, the disciples didn't believe her.  Jesus scolded his apostles because of their stubborn hearts.  The Lord makes his presence known to us through the work of the Holy Spirit, giving us faith to know him personally and understand his death and resurrection.  Jesus commissioned his apostles to go preach the gospel to all creation; Christ gives this "great commission" to the whole church.  All believers are to be heralds of the good news and ambassadors for Christ.  The Lord works in and through us by the power of his Spirit.
Dress legend
  • 'Signs' tie:  "A remarkable sign was done through Peter and John" (1st reading)
  • 'Eyeball' pin:  "We can't not speak about what we've seen and heard" (1st reading)
  • 'Musical notes with "joy"' pin:  The joyful shout of victory (psalm)
  • 'Knocker' pin:  The just shall enter the gate of the Lord (psalm)
  • "Boundless mercy" button:  The Lord's mercy endures forever (psalm); preview of tomorrow's Divine Mercy Sunday
  • 'Olympics' tie pin:  Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel (gospel)
  • '?' tie pin:  "What are we to do with these men?" (1st reading)
  • 'Hand' tie pin:  The Lord's exalted right hand has struck with power (psalm)
  • 'Walker' tie pin:  Jesus appeared to two walking along on their way (gospel)
  • 'Silverware' tie bar:  Jesus appeared to the Eleven at table... (gospel)
  • 'Heart' pin:  ...rebuked them for their hardness of heart (gospel)
  • White shirt and socks:  Easter day and season

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