October 19, 2019

NA Martyrs

October 19, 2019:

SS. John de Brébeuf and Isaac Jogues, Priests and Martyrs,
and Companions, Martyrs

    For Psalm 105


    • Rom 4:13, 16-18  It was through righteousness coming from faith that the promise was made to Abraham that he would inherit the world.  It depends on faith, so that it may be a gift, and the promise may be guaranteed to those who follow in faith.  He believed he'd become the father of many nations:  "Thus shall your descendants be."
    • Ps 105:6-9, 42-43  "The Lord remembers his covenant for ever."  The Lord, is our God; his judgments prevail.  He led forth his people with joy.
      • Lk 12:8-12  Everyone who acknowledges/denies me before others, the Son of Man will acknowledge/deny before God's angels.   When they take you before synagogues, rulers, and authorities, don't worry about your defense; the Holy Spirit will teach you.
      • Creighton:  “Righteousness comes through faith,” but the “faith of Abraham” doesn't exclude unbelievers. Faith opens the door to the outsider, expanding the church.  Paul faced opposition to this universalizing from ethnic partisans, who saw Gentiles as a threat to their understanding of being chosen, children of Abraham.  Today many are tempted to keep out "foreigners" and worship only with people who look, sound, and think like us, but Paul calls us to expand our vision of who our brothers and sisters are.  May we follow the witness of Abraham and the North American martyrs and make our local churches churches of many nations.  
      • One Bread, One Body:  "Life of faith":  We try to be in control instead of operating by faith, but we should walk by faith in every area of our life:  daily prayer with my spouse, having another child, quit or continue my job, home-schooling my children, giving money to God's work?...
      • Passionist:  Paul praises Abraham’s faith.  How could God make Abraham father of a great nation when he and Sarah were so old?  Abraham believed God would be faithful. We're all called to this kind of faith in God's promises. Faith and grace are gifts.  Hope is an important part of our faith life.  At the beginning, we want everything to go well.  If things don't, we doubt and complain to God or think God is displeased with us.  When things aren't going well, it's hard to walk by faith; we need to hope the troubles won't delay God’s promise. If we lose faith and hope, we lose our way, give in to temptation, and make bad decisions, but even then, God will be faithful and call us back.
      “Hope is faith folding out its hand in the dark” (Havel).   This is what Paul says Abraham was doing when he believed God's promise.   This is what the Jesuit martyrs believed when they dedicated themselves to their mission to bring the Good News to a people who needed it, to witness to Gospel values, and bring God's Love by the witness of their lives.  When we begin to lose our way or think life or God is unfair, may we remember all who have gone before us in faith, hope, and love.  Hope!
      • DailyScripture.net:  "The Holy Spirit will teach you what to say":  Jesus assures his disciples the Spirit will give them what they need but warns them that it's possible to reject God's grace.  Blasphemy is uttering words of hatred, reproach, or defiance against God; Jesus spoke about blasphemy against the Spirit right after the scribes and Pharisees attributed his miracles to the devil.  If someone stays closed to God, at some point they may not recognize God even when he makes himself known to them.  God's mercy has no limits, but we can refuse to ask for and accept pardon and help,  God gives grace and help to all who call on him, but pride, stubbornness, sin, and despair can lead us to give up....  Hope in God is a gift from Jesus Christ who won for us new life and freedom.  The Spirit enables us to live as God's children.
        Today's saints, from Universalis
        • John de Brébeuf, Isaac Jogues, Rene Goupil, John de Lalande, Anthony Daniel, Charles Garnier, Noel Chabanel and Gabriel Lalemant, Jesuit martyrs (6 priests, 2 brothers); see Wikipedia re de Brébeuf and Jogues and Catholic Encyclopedia re de Brébeuf (his killers, wanting his bravery, ate his heart) and Jogues.
          Dress legend
          • 'I ♥ my dad' tie:  Abraham believed he'd become the father of many nations (1st reading)
          • 'Dove' pin:  One who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit won't be forgiven; the Spirit will teach you what to say (gospel)
          • 'Angel' pin:  If you acknowledge me, the Son will acknowledge you before God's angels (gospel)
          • 'Dove' pin:  One who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit won't be forgiven; the Spirit will teach you what to say (gospel)
          • 'Rulers' suspenders:  When they take you before 'rulers,' don't worry what to say... (gospel)
            • Red shirt, 'blood drop' pin:  North American martyrs

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