June 8, 2021

June 8

June 8, 2021:  Tuesday, 10th week, Ordinary Time

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Pope Francis Angelus

(Though we in the US celebrated Corpus Christi Sunday, many celebrate it today.) 

The Lord touches our hearts as he takes bread, blesses and breaks it, and offers it to the disciples: "Take; this is my body."  Jesus gives us the greatest sacrament in a humble gesture of giving and sharing.  He doesn't feed the crowds with an abundance of bread but rather breaks himself with the disciples, showing us the aim of life is self-giving, service.

We find God's greatness in bread, in fragility overflowing with love and sharing.  At the last supper, Jesus becomes fragile like broken, crumbled bread.  In the Eucharist, fragility is strength, the strength of love become small, to be welcomed, not feared; the strength of love broken and shared to nourish and give life; the strength of love split apart to join us.  In the fragility of the Eucharist, the strength to love those who make mistakes stands out:  he gave us the greatest gift when betrayed, feeling the deepest abyss.  Jesus reacted to the evil with good, responding to the No of Judas with the Yes of mercy, not punishing the sinner but giving his life for him.  When we receive the Eucharist, Jesus does that with us; he knows we're sinners and make mistakes but still joins his life to ours.

The Eucharist is the Bread of sinners, not the reward of saints.  When we receive the Bread of Life, the Lord comes to give new meaning to our fragility.  Share your fragilities with the Lord; his mercy isn't afraid of our miseries.  He heals us from them with love:  our resentments, our distancing from others and closing ourselves off, our feeling sorry for ourselves not finding peace....  The Eucharist heals because it joins with Jesus, making us assimilate his way of living, his ability to be broken up and given to others, responding to evil with good.  The Lord gives us courage to go outside ourselves and love others in their fragility, as God loves us.  We receive Jesus who loves and heals us in our fragility so we may love and help others them in theirs fragilities.  May Mary help us embrace the gift of the Eucharist and make a gift of our life.

  • 2 Cor 1:18-22  As Jesus Christ's word wasn't "yes" and "no" but "yes," so ours to you is "yes."  God gives us security with you and gave us the Spirit.
  • Ps 119:129-133, 135  "Lord, let your face shine on me." Your decrees are wonderful; I observe them.  Your word sheds light and gives understanding; I yearn for it. Turn to me, steady my steps, and teach me.
  • Mt 5:13-16  “You're the salt of the earth, but if salt loses its taste, it's no longer any good.  You're the light of the world.  People put lamps on stands to give light to all.  Shine your light so others may see your good deeds and glorify your Father.”
  • Creighton:  Salt and light enhance what they encounter.  How do we enhance the well-being of those around us?  How do we illuminate the word of God?  How do we raise others out of darkness?  Do we speak of the goodness of others to enhance their flavor?  Every day God sends us to be salt and light.  Daily difficulties can make us lose our taste or dim our light. What makes us lose our taste for life and God's word?  What prevents us from bringing light into dark situations and lighting a path for others?  Without light, others can't see our good deeds or revel in God’s glory shining within and around us. 
    Has our spiritual light dimmed or been hidden?  Have we lost our energy to enhance goodness in ourselves and others?  Have we lost the zeal to highlight others' talents, skills, and beauty?  Have life's pains, burdens, and heartbreaks dimmed my ability to be light for others?  God has called us to we have been called to be a positive influence on those around us.  We have been called to be enhancing agents of the goodness in the world, which seems hidden sometimes.  We have been called to be a force for positive change, witness, and light which illuminates the word of God. So, let us set ourselves on spiritual lampstands and shine brightly for the glory of God. It is our role as Church.
    • One Bread, One BodyOnce we step out in faith as witnesses for Jesus on the job and in public, letting our light shine, our lives can no longer be hidden. When we let others know we live in Jesus, people watch to see whether we stay faithful.  If we let our light shine, then turn back to a worldly lifestyle, we're “unfit” to give glory to God's kingdom. The credibility of God's kingdom is at stake. We desperately need the Holy Spirit to keep us “aflame and burning bright.” May we always come to Jesus and never move away.
    • Passionist:  God's children are to shine. Darkness leads to sin, death, lies, and separation from Jesus; light to truth, holiness, generosity, sacrifice, and virtue.  We are to influence the world for good.  We should walk along the way of holiness and love. May we patiently bear sufferings that may afflict heart, spirit, and body.  May we fix our eyes on Jesus, always say yes to him, shine, and attract everyone to his goodness.
    • DailyScripture.net:  "Salt of the earth, light of the world":  Jesus used ordinary images to convey extraordinary truths that transform us.  Salt was a valuable commodity.  People traded with it, and it flavored and preserved food.  Jesus used the image of salt to describe the transforming effect of God's work and how the Spirit wants to work through us to bring God's power and blessing to others.  As salt purifies, preserves, and flavors our food, we disciples of Jesus are 'salt' for human society.  The Lord wants us to help purify, preserve, and spread the flavor of God's kingdom of justice, peace, and joy in the Spirit."
    Christ's word wasn't "yes" and "no"
    but "yes"  (for sale)
    Salt was put into ovens to intensify the heat, then when no longer useful, thrown onto the ground where it would get stepped on and swept away.  The Lord wants us to preserve our "saltiness" through virtuous living and rejection of sin, for our sake and others'.  We're called to be "the aroma of Christ to God among those being saved and among those perishing."  May we let the fragrance of Christ's love, truth, and holiness permeate every area of our life...
    Jesus also used the image of light to illustrate God's transforming work.  Lamps enable people to see and work in the dark and avoid stumbling.  Light also symbolized God's beauty, truth, and goodness of God.  "In his light we see light." "His word is a lamp that guides us."  God illumines our darkness and fills us with spiritual light, joy, and peace.  As natural light enables one to see, so the light of Christ shines in believers and enables us to see God's kingdom.  Our mission is to bear the light of Christ so others may see the truth of the gospel and be freed from sin and deception....
      Dress legend
      • Black slacks/white in shirt:  Our word to you is not "yes" and "no" (1st reading)
      • 'Seal' tie pin:  Christ has put his 'seal' upon us...  (1st reading)
      • 'Holy Spirit' chain:  ...and given the Spirit... (1st reading)
      • 'Heart' tie bar:  ...in our hearts  (1st reading)
      • 'Jesus' pin:  "Lord, let your face shine on me" (psalm)
      • 'Car with mouth' pin:  "I gasp with open mouth" (psalm)
      • "Celebrate teaching" pin:  Teach me yo0ur statutes (psalm)
      • 'Feet' pin:  Steady my footsteps... (psalm); salt that's lost its taste is good for nothing but to be trampled underfoot (gospel)
      • 'Lights' tie, 'street light' tie bar:  "You are the light of the world."  Shine before others, as lighted lamps set high to give light to all (gospel); the revelation of your words sheds light; let your face shine on your servant (psalm)
      • 'Alps' pin:  A city set on a mountain can't be hidden (gospel)
      • Green in shirt and tie:  Ordinary Time season

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