June 20, 2022

June 20

June 20, 2022:  Monday, 12th week, Ordinary Time

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For Psalm 60
From the Vatican

Pre- World Meeting of Families"Growing in love" video of Rome suburbs working couple, parents of 2 girls, volunteering at day care center, paired with "Excuse me; thank you; sorry" catechesis:  With these words family members recognize their own limitations. Recognizing our weakness leads us to respect each other.  These simple words guide us to concrete steps towards holiness and love. When we accept we're not enough ourselves and leave space for others, we can live love in the family and experience faith.

  • 2 Kgs 17:5-8, 13-15a, 18  King Shalmaneser took Samaria and deported the children of Israel to Assyria.  This came about because they sinned and venerated other gods; though the Lord warned, “Give up your evil ways and keep my commandments,” they didn't listen.  Only the tribe of Judah was left.
  • Ps 60:3, 4-5, 12-13  "Help us with your right hand, O Lord, and answer us."  You've have rejected us, broken our defenses, rocked the country and split it open; repair its cracks.
  • Mt 7:1-5  “Stop judging; you'll be judged as you judge.  Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye but not the beam in yours?  Hypocrite, remove the beam; then you'll see clearly to remove the splinter.”
  • Gospel-related wisdom from Dr. Tom Keens, renowned bass in the St. Bede Choir:  People can be quick to judge, but before you judge or criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.  Then you'll be a mile away from them, and you'll have their shoes!  (Perhaps this nugget originated before Tom.  If you know, please tell me.)
  • Creighton:  Jesus tells us not to judge because most of the time, our flaws are worse than those we judge.  How do we perceive our flaws before pick at others' flaws?   To not see others' flaws?  "Live and let live"?  Today's gospel challenges us to self-reflection.  After self-reflection and improvement, I might be able to help others. In a healthy community we can engage in self-reflection and stand in solidarity with and learn to forgive each other.  Unfortunately, in society people judge with no mercy.  May we model self-examination and forgiveness as we work to create hope for all.
  • One Bread, One Body:  "Secular humanism":  Secular humanism is a religion that bows down before the god of self.. Whether or not adherents are atheists, they put people before God.  If we get caught up in the cult, we'll be manipulated, become perverse and empty, and perish. The Lord, patient and merciful, gives us a chance to repent and get the plank out of our eye.
    • Passionist:   Jesus calls us to humility about our sinfulness. When I recognize my sin, I better understand my fellow sinners.  If I remove the beam from my eye, I see more clearly and may find the splinter isn't there at all, or that something else is getting in the way.  If I'm judgmental, I may see shyness as snobbery, but if I let go, I may see you need to be lifted up instead of taken down....  Lord, help us acknowledge our sin and see clearly to help others....
    • DailyScripture.net:  "Take the log out of your eye":  Think the best of others to grow in love.  We can't see people's inner motives and intentions and don't have all the facts, we're swayed by instinct, and we react unreasonably.
    "'Hypocrite,' pretender, is aptly used here, since denouncing evil is best viewed as a matter only for the upright.  We must avoid pretenders who under the guise of seeking advice censure, often moved by malice.  When you must reprove, proceed with discernment and caution.  If the fault is one you had but overcame, remember our common frailty so the correction and admonition will be with mercy.  If you've never had the fault, remember you could have.  If you have the fault, don't correct or rebuke, but bemoan your fault and induce the other to the same concern." (Augustine, Sermon on the Mount, paraphrased)
    How we treat others will return to us.  The Lord sees everything, even imperfections and sins we don't see, draws us to his mercy seat, and removes the sin.  Lord, purify my heart so I may have room for charity and forbearance.  "Give us the humility that realizes its ignorance, admits its mistakes, recognizes its need, welcomes advice, and accepts rebuke.  Help us praise not criticize, sympathize not discourage, build not destroy, and think of people at their best not their worst." (Barclay)
    Dress legend
    • 'Golden calf' tie pin:  "The children of Israel venerated other gods" (1st reading)
    • 'Hand' tie pin:  "Help us with your right hand, Lord." (psalm)
    • 'Rock' tie pin:  "You have rocked the country" (psalm)
    • 'Scales of justice' tie:  Stop judging, lest you be judged (gospel)
    • 'Rulers' suspenders:  The measure you measure will be measured out to you (gospel)
    • 'Crown' tie bar:  Shalmaneser, king of Assyria (1st reading)
    • 'Wood block' tie pin:  Splinter in my brother’s eye vs. beam in mine (gospel)
    • '?' tie pin:  Jesus' questions:  "Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye but not the beam in yours?  How can you say, ‘Let me remove that splinter’ while the beam is in your eye?  Can a blind person guide a blind person?  Won't both fall into a pit?" (gospel)
    • 'Eyeball' pin:  Remove the beam from your eye (gospel)
    • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season

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