February 24, 2023

Feb. 24

February 24, 2023:  Friday after Ash Wednesday

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40 Hymns & Worship Songs for Lent... 
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For Psalm 51, see Wednesday's post  

Pope Francis to Max Planck Society

Maintain standards of pure science, uninfluenced by political or economic prejudice.  Be careful in these times of technological change about supplementing people's intellectual and emotional thoughts with machines' through AI.  It raises issues for ethics and for society as a whole:  where we are heading, and what's the meaning of life?  Reflect on how to solve problems with this new form of “hybrid thinking,” from people using AI to supplement thought and ask questions.  Preference has often been given to “technical” responsibility, leaving no room for morality.  People give precedent to functionality over what's ethical, but really, care for others is more important than "results."  We're responsible not only for what we do, but above all for what we can do but choose not to do.

  • Is 58:1-9a  On your fast day you quarrel and carry out your own pursuits, but the fast I want is releasing those bound unjustly, freeing the oppressed, sharing your bread, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked, and caring for your own.  Then you'll have light, healing, and vindication, and God will answer you.
  • Ps 51:3-6ab, 18-19  "A heart contrite and humbled, O God, you will not spurn."  Have mercy on me.
  • Mt 9:14-15  John's disciples / Jesus:  “Why do we and the Pharisees fast, but not your disciples?” / “Wedding guests can't mourn while the groom is among them, but when he's taken away, they'll fast.

      • Creighton:  "What have you given up for Lent?"  Children often give up sweets.  Adults might select something more such as alcohol or social media.  Today's 1st reading says fasting is to loosen the yoke of oppression shouldered by the poor, marginalized, and others in need. Look to see them.  May we connect more with those who would benefit from our love and attention.  May we find ways to notice and serve the hungry, marginalized, and excluded, to give from the heart, so that the efforts become habit.  May our experiences satisfy the thirst that remains after our fast, so that we too may flourish...
      • One Bread, One Body:  "A fast one":  Fasting is limiting our food intake in obedience to God to build his kingdom.  It's about obedience, not quantity.  Lenten fast is intentional imitation of Christ who fasted in the desert, to be united with him and grow in relationship with him.  When we abstain from meat today, our expression of unity encourages us to persevere and focus on unity with Jesus and other Catholics.  Fast and make your voice heard on high.
      • Passionist:  How are we going to ‘do’ Lent this year?  Lent challenges me to refresh my spirit that I may be an instrument of God.  We're to help the poor, hungry, oppressed, homeless, naked, those victimized and treated unjustly.  Lent calls me to be present to those in need, to pray with and for them, to try and relieve their suffering.  Our pastor encourages us to pray daily for someone who's wronged us or whom we just don’t like.  May I be more contrite and humble, focusing on the goodness around me, not succumbing to ways that move me away from God’s love.
      • DailyScripture.net:  "Fasting for God's kingdom":  Hunger for God and fasting for his kingdom go hand in hand.  The Lord's disciples must bear the cross of affliction and purification; there's a time for rejoicing in the Lord's presence and goodness and a time for seeking him with humility, fasting, and mourning for sin.  May we allow the Holy Spirit to transform our life with God's power and grace.  Fasting can be done to gain freedom from a bad habit, share in others' suffering, or grow in hunger for God and things of heaven.  "Don't just abstain from meat. True fasting is refraining from vice.  Shred your unjust contracts.  Pardon your neighbors...." (Basil the Great).
      Dress legend
      •  'Car' pin:  "On your fast day you 'drive' all your laborers" (1st reading)
      • 'Wheat' tie bar:  Share your bread with the hungry (1st reading)
      • 'Skeleton' tie pin:  Clothe the naked (1st reading)
      • 'Angel with trumpet' pin:  "Lift up your voice like a trumpet blast" (1st reading)
      • 'Helm' tie pin:  Don't turn your back on your own (1st reading)
      • 'Lights' tie:  When you fast like God wants, your light shall break forth (1st reading)
      • 'Phone' tie bar:  You'll 'call' and the Lord will answer (1st reading)
      • "?" pin:  “Why do we fast, and you don't see it?  afflict ourselves, and you not take note?” "Is this the kind of fast I wish?" (1st reading); “Why do we fast but not your disciples?” “Can the guests mourn while the groom is with them?” (gospel)
      • 'Boundless mercy' button:  "Have mercy on me; in your compassion wipe out my offense..." (psalm)
      • 'Heart' pin:  You won't spurn a contrite, humbled heart (psalm)
      • Blue shirt:  Wash me from my guilt (psalm)
      • Purple suspenders:  Lenten season

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