February 14, 2014

February 14

February 14, 2014:  SS. Cyril, monk, and Methodius, bishop

What about St. Valentine?

Tagxedo word cloud 2-14-14
  • 1 Kgs 11:29-32; 12:19   Ahijah met Jeroboamtook off his new cloak, tore it into twelve pieces, and said:  “Take ten pieces; the Lord says: ‘I'll tear away the kingdom from Solomon and give you ten tribes.  One shall remain for the sake of David and Jerusalem.’”  Israel went into rebellion.
  • Ps 81:10-11ab, 12-15  "I am the Lord, your God: hear my voice."  Have no strange god.  led you from Egypt.  My people didn't obey, so I gave them up and they walked on their own.  If they would hear me, I'd humble their enemies.
  • Mk 7:31-37  People brought Jesus a deaf man with a speech impediment.  He put his finger into the man’s ears, touched his tongue, and said, “Ephphatha!” (“Be opened!”)  His ears were opened, his speech impediment was removed, and he spoke.  Jesus ordered them not to tell anyone, but they proclaimed it.
Pope Francis
The mysterious working of Christ and his Spirit:  Some don't commit themselves because they think nothing will change and it's useless to try; it's an excuse for selfishness and a self-destructive attitude.  We can't live without hope. Jesus triumphed over sin and death.  When the disciples went forth, the Lord worked with them; experience the same today.  Christ our hope will help us. 
Christ’s power has permeated the world.  Where all seems dead, signs of resurrection spring up.  Something springs to life and produces fruit; goodness re-emerges; values reappear.  Evangelizers are instruments of this power. Lowering our arms momentarily isn't lowering them for good, overcome by discontent and listlessness.  If we're caught up in ourselves, we lose hold and bury the Gospel under excuses. 
Faith means believing God loves us and can bring good out of evil.  God's kingdom is growing like leaven in dough or seeds flourishing.  Christ’s resurrection is woven into history.  Don't remain on the sidelines of this march of hope!
Because we don't always see the growth, we need interior certainty, a conviction God can act amid setbacks.  All who entrust themselves to God will bear fruit though perhaps invisible and unquantifiable.  Our lives will be fruitful, but we may not know how.  Our acts of love, concern, or endurance will be a vital force.  Our work may seem fruitless, but mission is deeper than a transaction, investment, or show; it escapes measurement.  God may use our sacrifices to bless another part of the world.  We entrust ourselves, knowing commitment is necessary.  Rest in the Father's tender arms.  Give everything; allow him to make our efforts bear fruit. 
Keeping our fervor calls for trust in the Spirit.  Trust has to be nourished, so invoke the Spirit constantly to heal what causes us to flag.  There's no greater freedom than allowing the Spirit, who knows what's needed to enlighten and guide us.  (5.I, 275-80, pp. 205-209)
    • Fr. Chris Bazyouros (at Mass):  God has been writing us a love letter.  Will people recognize the writing through my life?
    • Creighton:  Idolatry is alive when we reprioritize God’s importance in our life.  How important are prayer and service to me?
    • One Bread One Body:  The one-to-one attention Jesus gave the deaf man is available to us in prayer.
    • Universalis:  SS. Cyril and Methodius preached and translated liturgical texts, developed alphabet leading to Cyrillic script.


    • Hearts (suspenders, tie):  God's healing love (gospel, Gospel Joy excerpt)
    • "Telephone" tie bar:  "hear my voice" (psalm); deaf man's hearing restored (gospel); call to evangelize (Gospel Joy excerpt); SS. Cyril and Methodius's call to preach...

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