February 4, 2014

February 4

February 4, 2014:  Tuesday, 4th Week, Ordinary Time


    Wordle: Readings 2-4-14
  • 2 Sm 18:9-10, 14b, 24-25a, 30-19:3  Absalom came up against David’s servants.  His hair got caught in a tree, and someone thrust pikes in his heart as he hung.  When David heard he died, he wept:  “My son Absalom!  If only I had died instead of you...!”
  • Ps 86:1-6  "Listen, Lord, and answer me."  You are good, forgiving, and kind.
  • Mk 5:21-43  Jairus pleaded with Jesus:  “My daughter is dying; please lay your hands on her.”  A woman with hemorrhages for 12 years touched Jesus' cloak and was cured.  “Your faith has saved you.”  People told Jairus his daughter had died, but Jesus continued:  “She's asleep, not dead....  Talitha koum,” (“Girl, arise!”)  She rose and walked; they were astounded.
Pope Francis
  • Homily:  Two fathers:  David mourns the death of rebel son Absalom; Jairus begs Jesus to heal his daughter.  David cared about his son more than victory; he wept on hearing he was killed, even though the son fought against him.  A father never disowns his son.  Jairus wasn't ashamed to beg Jesus to help his dying daughter.  The children are the most important.
God our Father, whom the Spirit teaches us to recognize (“Abba, Father!”), is like that:  He weeps for us as he did for Jerusalem; he wants us with him.  He responds in times of difficulty as he did to Jesus at Gethsemane (sending angels), as the father did when seeing his prodigal son from afar.  So must our fatherhood, physical or spiritual, be.  A father can't understand himself without his children; he needs, awaits, loves, looks for, and forgives them.
Social dialogue as a contribution to peace:  Evangelization involves dialogue.  The Church should dialogue with states, with society (including cultures and sciences), and with non-Catholic believers, contributing our long experience and remembering human life and suffering. 
We proclaim the Gospel of peace and want to safeguard it.  By preaching Jesus Christ our Peace, the new evangelization calls us to be peacemakers and witnesses to a reconciled life, building consensus and agreement and seeking a just, responsive, and inclusive society.  The people as a whole, not a minority, must be the principal author.  The State must safeguard and promote the common good and can’t delegate that role.  The Church fosters values and convictions to be expressed in political activity:  it supports programs that respond to the dignity of each person and the common good.  (4.IV, 238-41, pp. 179-81)
    • Creighton:  Two fathers reach out to men to help their children.  David was disappointed by Joab who disobeyed him in having Absalom killed; Jairus received Jesus' help.
    • One Bread One Body:  David wouldn't talk to Absalom for five years but then loved and forgave him.
    • Universalis:  St. Gilbert of Sempringham, priest, founder, lived to 106.


    • "Hearts" suspenders:  Absalom's heart thrust with pikes (1st reading), Fathers' love for  their children (1st reading, gospel)
    • "Blood drop" pin (note upgrade from 9 to 10 :-), red shirt:  woman's flow of blood (gospel)
    • "Medical" pin:  healing of daughter of Jairus and woman with hemmorhage (gospel)
    • "Peace sign" tie bar:  proclaim the Gospel of Christ our Peace (Gospel Joy excerpt)
    Dress your life!

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