September 10, 2014

Sept. 10

September 10, 2014:  Wednesday, 23rd week, Ordinary Time

  • 'Clock' tie bar:  "Time is running out" (1st reading)
  • 'World' tie:  "The world in its present form is passing away." (1st reading)
  • 'Eyeball' tie pin:  "See and bend your ear" (psalm)
  • Gold-colored tie bar:  "Her raiment is threaded with spun gold." (psalm)
  • 'Bitten apple' pin:  "Blessed you hungry; you'll be satisfied" / "Woe to you full; you'll be hungry." (gospel)
Music for the gospel
Pope Francis

Audience:  Mercy is essential to being Christian:  God sent his Son to save us, to give us his mercy.  "Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful."  Mercy brings us to seek the face of the person.  Mercy changes hearts and lives.  Mother Church acts like Jesus, teaching by example.  She teaches us to:
  • give to the hungry and thirsty, to clothe the naked—with the example of saints, and families that make an extra place at table and spare bed for those who need it.
  • be close to the sick:  So many assist the sick today in a hospital, nursing home, or their own home!
  • be close to prisoners:  They're no worse than we; each of us is capable of what they did.
  • stay close to the abandoned.  Blessed Teresa did on the streets of Calcutta, and many do when they shake hands with those about to leave this world and open Heaven's gate for them.  Mercy gives peace to those who leave and those who remain.  Blessed Teresa took dying people home so they'd die clean, in peace; she bade them farewell!
We thank God, who gives us Mother Church who teaches us the path of mercy, the path of life.  She learned this essential path from Jesus.  We must do good to those who can't reciprocate.  How much did we pay for our redemption?  Our Father did good without waiting for a return; so must we.  Go do some good!


  • 1 Cor 7:25-31  My opinion re virgins:  because of the present distress, it's good to remain as you are.  If you're bound to a wife, don't seek separation.  If you're free of a wife, do not look for one; if you marry you don't sin but will experience affliction....  The world in its present form is passing away.
  • Lk 6:20-26  “Blessed are you:  poor; the Kingdom is yours.  ...hungry; you'll be satisfied.  ...weeping; you'll laugh.  ...when people hate, exclude, insult, and denounce you...; your reward will be great.  But woe to you:  rich; you've received your consolation.  ...full; you'll be hungry.  ...laughing; you'll grieve.  ...when all speak well of you....”

  • Creighton:  Feel the “blessings” that come with our reliance on God.  If we feel content with our earthly wealth, how can we develop dependence on God?  Hunger/weeping implies need.  When we overcome poverty, sorrow, hunger, or insults, through relying on God, we'll find joy.
  • One Bread One Body:  Paul tries to keep single people free to devote themselves to Christ in stressful times.  Time is short...
  • Passionist:  Paul was convinced the world ending soon so thought marriages wouldn't have time to grow, but St. Peter was married, as were many disciples, priests, bishops, deacons, and other ministers in the Church's first millennium.
  •   How do I respond to misfortune, grief, or loss?  Jesus gave us a way to transcend difficulty, but it demands transformation from within to empty ourselves of what would shut God out.  Do I know the joy of hungering for God alone?
St. Ambrose:  "See how Luke encompassed the eight blessings in four.  There are four cardinal virtues:  temperance, justice, prudence, and fortitude.  One who is poor in spirit is not greedy.  One who weeps is not proud but submissive and tranquil.  One who mourns is humble.  One who is just does not deny what he knows is given to all.  One who is merciful gives away his goods.  One who bestows his goods does not seek another's.  The virtues are interwoven.  Where virtue abounds, so too the reward.  Thus temperance has purity of heart and spirit, justice compassion, patience peace, and endurance gentleness." (St. Ambrose, Exposition of the Gospel of Luke 5.62–63, 68, paraphrased).
  • Universalis:  St. Ambrose Barlow OSB, priest, martyr:  “Let them fear that have anything to lose they're are unwilling to part with.”  St. Egwin, bishop; Bl. Agnellus of Pisa, Franciscan priest

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