February 8, 2015

5th Sun., Ordinary Time

February 8, 2015:  Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Look for 7 connections with the readings and season; legend below.


  • Fever/ Cooley, Blackwell (gospel-inspired)
Angelus:  Preaching and healing is the principal activity of Jesus in his public life, announcing God's Kingdom  and showing it's in our midst.  Jesus saw Peter's mother-in-law with a fever, took her by the hand, and healed her; then he healed the multitude brought to him.  He shows a predilection for the wounded; he's the doctor of souls and bodies, our Good Samaritan, true Savior.
Wednesday, Our Lady of Lourdes' memorial, is World Day of the Sick.  Christ's saving work continues through the Church, the sacrament of God's love and tenderness.  As Jesus commanded his disciples to announce the Gospel of salvation and heal the sick, we've always considered helping the sick integral to our mission.  The Church always finds the poor and sick and considers them a privileged way to encounter, welcome, and serve Christ; the sick person is the flesh of Christ.
Suffering raises questions about the meaning of illness and sorrow and the reason for death; we must respond with the light of faith, remembering the Crucifixion, where out of love God didn't spare his own Son.  Each of us is called to bear the light of God's Word and the power of grace to the suffering and those who help them, so service to the sick may be better accomplished with more humanity, generous dedication, evangelical love, and tenderness.  Mother Church, through us, caresses sufferings and cures wounds with a mother's tenderness.  Mary, Health of the sick, may every sick person experience, thanks to the care of those close to them, the power of God's love and the comfort of his tenderness.
Homily:  see here 

  • Jb 7:1-4, 6-7  Job:  Our life is drudgery; we're slaves.  I've been given misery, restlessness; I won't see happiness.
    'Thermometer' cloud
  • Ps 147:1-6  "Praise the Lord, who heals the brokenhearted."  The Lord is good, gracious, wise, mighty; he gathers the dispersed, binds wounds, calls by name, sustains the lowly...
  • 1 Cor 9:16-19, 22-23  Preaching the gospel is my obligation; I offer it free.  I've made myself a slave to win many over.  I've become all things to all, to save at least some.  I do this for the gospel's sake, so that I may have a share.
  • Mk 1:29-39  Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick with a fever.  Jesus grasped her hand, and helped her up; the fever left and she waited on them.  They brought him the sick and possessed; he cured many and drove out demons.  He rose early and left to pray, then went with his disciples to nearby villages to preach and drive out demons.
    • One Bread One Body:  Job's fortunes collapsed, family members died, and health declined; unfortunately many today suffer multiple tragedies too.  Job's negative assessment was true, but now we can hope in Jesus and his love, forgiveness, and healing.
    • Passionist:  Jesus must have been exhausted, but he rose early to pray.  He knew his work depended on renewal through rest and prayer.  We're called to "active contemplation":  work, prayer, and rest.
    • DailyScripture.net:  "Imagine staying asleep with Jesus standing before your bed.  Jesus is here offering himself to us, but you don't recognize him.  'His kingdom is in your midst.'  Faith beholds Jesus among us.  If we can't take his hand, let us prostrate ourselves at his feet and wash his feet with our tears.  Our repentance is his perfume" (St. Jerome).  Do I take my troubles to Jesus and allow him to be Lord and healer?  God restores us to health, service, and care of others.
    • Today's saints, from Universalis (though trumped by Sunday):
      • Josephine Bakhita, rescued slave, religious; see Wikipedia.
      • Cuthman of Steyning, shepherd, builder, man of prayer, begged to support mom
    Attire legend
    • 'When I grow up...' tie:  "I became all things to all..." (2nd reading)
    • 'Pierced hearts' suspenders:  "Praise the Lord, who heals the brokenhearted" (psalm)
    • 'Star' tie pin:  The Lord tells the number of the stars (psalm)
    • 'Owl' tie pin:  There's no limit to our Lord's wisdom and power  (psalm)
    • 'Hand' tie pin:  Jesus grasped her hand and helped her up (gospel)
    • 'Kneeling person' tie bar:  Jesus rose early and left for a deserted place to pray (gospel)
    • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season

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