February 9, 2015

Feb. 9

February 9, 2015:  Monday, 5th week, Ordinary Time

See 6 connections with today's readings?
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Pope Francis
Today's homily:  God creates and sustains the universe.  In the gospel we see God's other creation, of Jesus, who came to re-create what sin ruined.  Those who touched Jesus were saved; it's the 're-creation,'  more wonderful than the first.  There's another job, perseverance, the Holy Spirit works on.
How shall we respond to God's love-born creation?  To the 'first creation,' assume the responsibility the Lord gave us to take it forward and let it grow, nurture it, nurture Earth, making it grow; we're creation's lords, not masters.  Protect Creation and make it grow; a Christian who doesn't, doesn't care about God's work, work born from God's love for us. 
St. Paul says about the 'second creation,'  "be reconciled to God":  go on the road of inner and communal reconciliation; it's Christ's work.  The Spirit is within us and works in us.  We believe in God, the persons of the Father, Son, and Spirit:  all three are involved in creation, re-creation, and perseverance in re-creation.  And to all our response is to preserve and nurture creation, being reconciled with Jesus every day, not driving the Spirit away; he's the host of our hearts who accompanies us and makes us grow.  May the Lord  give us grace to understand he's at work and to respond appropriately to this labor of love.
Sunday parish visit and homily:
  • To the homeless:  That people don't know your name and call you homeless is your cross, and your patience.   The Holy Spirit is in your heart!
  • To parents of newly baptized:  Teach the faith well; some Christian children can't make the sign of the cross.
  • To older children:  The devil is the father of war, hate, and lies and seeks disunity.  But God wants unity.  If you feel jealousy, it's the beginning of war.
  • Homily:  It's sad when brothers don't speak because of something stupid.  The devil takes stupidity and makes a world, then enmities continue and multiply.  It destroys the family:  parents suffer because children don't speak to each other.  The devil sows jealousy and envy, and only Jesus can drive out demons and heal.  Let Jesus heal you; listen to him in the Gospel and ask what he's telling you.
    Wordle: Readings 2-9-15
  • Gn 1:1-19  When earth was a dark wasteland, a wind swept over the waters.  God:  “Let there be light,” and there was.  God separated light from the darkness:  day 1.  “Let a dome separate bodies of water.”  God made it, separating land and sky:  day 2.  “Let dry land appear.”  Water was gathered, and dry land appeared:  'earth' and 'sea.'  “Let vegetation come forth.”  Earth brought forth plants and fruits:  day 3.  “Let lights separate day from night, mark days and years, and shed light on earth.”  God made sun, moon, and stars.  God saw how good it all was:  day 4.
    Day One/ Leavitt
  • Ps 104:1-2a, 5-6, 10, 12, 24, 35c  "May the Lord be glad in his works."  Bless the Lord!  You're great, clothed with glory.  You fixed the earth and covered it with waters.  How manifold your works; in wisdom you wrought them all.
  • Mk 6:53-56  Jesus and his disciples came to land.  As they left the boat, people immediately recognized him.  They brought in the sick and begged him that they might touch his cloak; those who touched it were healed.
      Day Two/ Legarde
    • Creighton:  The miracle of creation continues.  In the Gospel, Jesus continued the tradition, healing the sick, making wellness where it wasn't.  Let him create wholeness in us. Every day is creation.
      Day Three/ Leavitt
    • One Bread One Body:  "New creations":  Spirit, Word, and light are the first three movements of God's new creation in our lives:  God began creation with the wind of the Spirit; stir into flame the gift of the Spirit.  Next, God spoke and the heavens were made.  Know God's Word; expect new creation.  God first created light.  As plants need light to bear fruit, so we need God's light to become fruitful.  We received the light of Christ at baptism; let it shine to let God create something new in our lives.
      Day Four/ Legarde
    • Passionist:  Patience!  As Jesus' disciples learned patiently, we're always being schooled in our missionary calling.  At times Jesus seems impatient, like when he said he came to light a fire and how he wishes the blaze were already ignited, but listening and discerning God's will invite our patience.
    • DailyScripture.net:  When Jesus disembarked, people immediately recognized him.  When they pressed on and touched his garment, they were made well.  Do I recognize Jesus and approach him with faith?  God gives us faith through the Spirit.  We grow in faith by listening to God's word and persevering.
    • 'Earth and sky' tie:  God created earth and sky (1st reading, psalm)
    • Blue shirt:  God created the sea (1st reading, psalm)
    • 'Plant' pin:  God created plants (1st reading)
    • 'Star' tie pin:  God made the stars (1st reading)
    • 'Owl' tie pin:  in wisdom you've wrought your works (psalm)
    • 'Boat' tie bar:  As they left the boat, people immediately recognized Jesus.
    • Green socks:  Ordinary Time season.  (I didn't count this one above since you can't see it.)

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