October 26, 2015

Oct. 26

October 26, 2015:  Monday, 30th week, Ordinary Time

  • 'Holy Spirit' chain:  Those led by the Spirit of God are God's children (1st reading)
  • "I ♥ my dad" tie:  We received a spirit of adoption and cry “Abba, Father!” (1st reading)
  • 'Bear' tie bar:  Blessed be the Lord who 'bears' our burdens (psalm)
  • 'Hand' tie pin:  Jesus laid his hands on, healed the demon-crippled woman (gospel)
  • DISC t-shirt (under dress shirt):  I'm in Atlanta helping to plan DISC 2016
  • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season

Pope Francis
Synod closing address:  The Synod wasn't about settling the issues, but rather seeing them in the light of the Gospel and Church tradition and history, bringing hope, seeing family difficulties in the light of the Faith, confronting them, urging appreciation of marriage and family, listening, showing the Church's vitality in lively discussions, interpreting realities through God's eyes, kindling faith, enlightening hearts, bearing witness to the living Gospel, baring closed hearts that may even hide behind Church teaching and judge, showing the Church as of the poor in spirit and redeemed sinners, and opening horizons to defend and spread true freedom.
The opinions expressed led to lively dialogue and showed a Church that draws living waters to refresh hearts.  We've seen that what seems normal for one bishop may be considered almost scandalous for a one from another place; what's considered a rights violation in one society is an inviolable rule elsewhere. Each general principle needs to be inculturated to be respected and applied.  Inculturation transforms values through their integration in Christianity and helps Christianity take root in human cultures; it doesn't weaken values but demonstrates their strength and authenticity.
Our challenge is to proclaim the Gospel to the people of today, and to defend the family.  We sought to embrace God's goodness and mercy.  True defenders of doctrine uphold its spirit, people; and God's love and forgiveness.  God treats us according to his boundless Mercy.  Laws and commandments were made for people, not vice versa.  Repentance, works, and efforts are a response to the One who loved and saved us.  We must proclaim God’s mercy and call to conversion, and lead everyone to salvation.
"Each of our sins kindles in him more intense love, a desire to bring us back… God shows himself to be infinitely good, in himself and for us.  He loves, seeks, knows, touches, and waits for us.  He'll be delighted when we return and ask forgiveness.”  “The Church lives an authentic life when she proclaims mercy… and brings people close to the Savior’s mercy.”  “Mercy is indeed the nucleus of the Gospel… May all we say and do manifest God's mercy.”
“Family” has a new resonance, evoking the richness of the family’s vocation.  To conclude the Synod is to return to “journeying together,” to bring the light of the Gospel, the Church's embrace, and God's mercy to everyone everywhere!
  • Rom 8:12-17  We're not debtors to the flesh; if you live according to the flesh, you die, but if you put deeds of the body to death by the spirit, you live.  Those led by the Spirit of God are God's children.  You received a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, “Papa!”  The Spirit bears witness that we're heirs of God, joint heirs with Christ, if we suffer with and are glorified with him.
  • Ps 68:2, 4, 6-7ab, 20-21  "Our God is the God of salvation."  God arises; his enemies are scattered, but the just rejoice.  God, father of orphans and defender of widows, gives the forsaken a home.  The Lord, our salvation, bears our burdens and controls death's passageways.
  • Lk 13:10-17  On the sabbath a crippled woman was bent over.  Jesus called to her:  “You're set free of your infirmity.”  He laid hands on her, and she stood and glorified God.  Synagogue leader to crowd“Don't come on the sabbath to be cured.”  Jesus:  “Hypocrites!  Don't you untie your ox on the sabbath?  Shouldn't this daughter of Abraham, bound for 18 years, have been set free on the sabbath?”  His adversaries were humiliated; and the crowd rejoiced at the splendid deeds he did.
    • Creighton:  "How do you keep score?"  Ignatius of Loyola's twice daily examen may be one of the most tried and true ways to let the Spirit guide our lives, finding time to be silent and take stock of our acts or omissions, to address times we lived by the flesh and take pride in times we “lived by the Spirit....
    • One Bread One Body:  "With the suffering Jesus":  Jesus is with us and we with Him; we're co-heirs "if only we suffer with him."  Jesus wants to remove many, but not all, sufferings from our lives.  He frees people who have been in bondage, drained of strength, and badly stooped.  His heart is moved with pity for us.  Be healed of many sufferings, and also choose to suffer in the pattern of Jesus' death.  Choose persecution and rejection for the Gospel, and other sacrifices; you're not alone....
    • Passionist:  The Law and rules–like what's permitted on the sabbath–give structure to this synagogue leader, but Jesus disrupts his world view.  I too get upset when others don't play by the rules, when people scam the system for their benefit.  The danger is that I begin to think the world is made in my image and that others should conform to my world view.  I too need Jesus to upturn my life to remind me that I'm made in God's likeness.
    • DailyScripture.net:  "Freedom from bondage for 18 years":  What keeps me bound up?  Jesus demonstrates God's power and authority in releasing people oppressed by sickness, weakness, sin, or harassment.  The leaders were indignant that Jesus would cure on the Sabbath; they were so caught up in their observance that they lost sight of God's mercy.  God never rests from showing mercy and love....
      • Chad, abbot, bishop, holy and humble, dedicated to preaching the Gospel.
      • Cedd, Chad's brother, monastery founder, bishop

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