January 11, 2016

Jan. 11

January 11, 2016:  Monday, 1st week, Ordinary Time

See 10 connections with today?
Legend below

  • 1 Sm 1:1-8  Elkanah had two wives, Peninnah who had children and Hannah who was barren.  Elkanah offered double sacrifice for Hannah, but Peninnah tormented her, and she wept.  He said, “Why do you weep and grieve?  Am I not more to you than ten sons?”
  • Ps 116:12-19  "To you, Lord, I will offer a sacrifice of praise."  Lord, you have loosed my bonds.  I'll take up the cup of salvation, call on you, and keep my vows.  Precious in your eyes is the death of his faithful ones.
  • Mk 1:14-20  Jesus proclaimed the Gospel of God:  “The Kingdom of God is at hand.  Repent and believe.”  As Simon and Andrew were casting their nets, he called, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men,” and they followed him.  He called James and John while they were mending their nets, and they left everyone and followed him.
    • Creighton:  Hannah didn't have the means to praise until she received it, and, though she had less, she received the ability to praise even more.  When we praise God, we offer back what God has given us and find joy by participating in that giving.  Hannah was not happy but still offered praise to God.  Even if it seems dry, dutiful, mournful, or reluctant, or boisterous, it can still be praise and can still form me and remind me of God's gifts.  Today's gospel doesn't speak explicitly of praise, but that's what the disciples did in accepting Jesus' invitation to follow him.   What kind of praise am I offering God?
    • One Bread, One Body:  "Fruit stand":  Paul was in grief and constant pain because his kinsmen had not accepted Christ; he made himself "the slave of all to win over as many as possible," "all things to all to save at least some."  Jesus, wanting to bear the fruit of salvation in our lives, died on a cross for us.  May I leave anything, do anything, and suffer anything in order to bear fruit.
      Elkanah and his two wives returning to Ramah
      (Meester van de Vederwolken)
    • Passionist:  Peter and his brother left their nets and followed Jesus.  James and his brother left their father too.  They gave up their security and left their old lives behind for a risky venture, and they kept stumbling and falling.  Am I ready to give up my net?  If I keep it, I can get tangled in it.  What is Jesus asking me to leave behind?  The good news is that Jesus calls me, weak as I am, to enter more deeply into my true self, child of God, created in his image....
    • DailyScripture.net:  "The kingdom of God is at hand":  God sent his prophets to announce the coming of his anointed King and Messiah. After Jesus was baptized and anointed by the Spirit, he began his ministry of preaching the good news that God's kingdom was at hand.  'Kingdom' means more than a territory; literally, it's 'sovereignty' or 'reign,' and the power to 'rule' and exercise authority.  The prophets announced God would establish a kingdom for the whole world.  God's throne is in heaven and his rule is over all.  His universal, everlasting kingdom is beyond anything we can imagine.  God sent his Son to bring us into his heavenly kingdom of truth, justice, peace, and holiness.  God's kingdom is core of Jesus' mission.  Jesus, taking up John the Baptist's message, calls disciples to repent, and believe the good news of peace, hope, truth, promise, immortality, and salvation.  When we submit to Christ's rule in our lives and believe the gospel message, the Lord gives us the grace and power to renounce sin and live as citizens of his kingdom.  Like fishermen, we're called to gather in people for the kingdom.   Jesus called smelly fishermen to catch people for the kingdom; he wanted ordinary people who could do an assignment well.  The Lord takes what we can offer and uses it for greatness in his kingdom.  May I allow Christ to shine through me....
    Dress legend
    • NEW '10' pin:  I'm more to you than ten sons (1st reading) 
    • 'Phone' tie bar:  I'll 'call' on the Lord's name (psalm); Jesus 'calls' the fishermen... (gospel) 
    • 'Eyeball' tie pin:  "Precious in the eyes of the Lord..." (psalm) 
    • 'Cups' tie':  The 'cup' of salvation I'll take up (psalm) 
    • 'Fishing pole' tie bar:  Simon and Andrew cast their nets into the sea (gospel) 
    • 'Fish' pin (gospel) 
    • 'Hand' tie pin:  Kingdom of God is at 'hand' (gospel) 
    • 'Clock' tie bar:  beginning of new season 
    • Green shirt and suspenders:  Ordinary Time begins (season) 

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