January 20, 2016

Jan. 20

January 20, 2016:  Wednesday, 2nd week, Ordinary Time

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Pope Francis audience
The theme of this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, "Called to proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord,” was chosen by an ecumenical group in Latvia.  This Week of Prayer invites us to reflect on, and bear witness to, our unity in Christ as God’s People.  All the baptized, reborn to new life in Christ, are brothers and sisters, despite, our divisions.  Rediscover the source of mercy, a source of hope for all.  Sharing this grace creates an unbreakable bond between us Christians.  Lord, help us all grow in the unity that's greater than what divides us, so we may respond together to your call to share with others, especially the poor and forgotten, the gift of your mercy we have received.
  • 1 Sm 17:32-33, 37, 40-51  David/Saul:  “I can fight Goliath.” “No; you're only a youth.” “God will keep me safe.” “Go!”  David approached him with stones and sling.  To Philistine:  “I come in God's name; I'll cut off your head; all will learn of God.”  He killed him with sling, stone, and sword.
  • Ps 144:1b, 2, 9-10  "Blessed be the Lord, my Rock!"  My refuge, fortress, stronghold, deliverer, shield, I'll praise you with lyre and song.
  • Mk 3:1-6  Jesus to man with withered hand:  “Come...  Stretch out your hand.”  When it was restored, Pharisees planned with the Herodians to kill him.
      David and Goliath/ Titian
    • Creighton:  Who’s my Goliath and how best may I slay him?  What keeps me from getting closer to God?  Impatience, intolerance, selfishness, addiction, sin?  Reflection will help us discover the enemy and a battle plan. God is with us, as he was with David, and will keep us safe.  Today’s gospel shows not only Jesus' healing ministry but also his resolve to confront the Pharisees.  How do we handle moral dilemmas? 
    • Passionist:  Good deeds can be misinterpreted, even twisted into something many will condemn.  Jesus heals the man with a withered hand, even though he knows that because it's the Sabbath some will be offended and enemies will twist his good deed into a violation of the Sabbath.   The man rejoices, but Jesus' enemies plot to have Jesus killed.  We, too, can be intimidated by what others might think or say.  May God give us the courage and wisdom to live with the same integrity we read about today.
    • DailyScripture.net:  "Is it lawful to save life or to kill?"  What is God's intention for the commandment, keep the Sabbath holy? Leaders were filled with fury and contempt because they put their thoughts of right and wrong above God's.  Jesus showed their fallacy:  the Sabbath is to do good and save life rather than to do evil or destroy life.  The Sabbath doesn't not exempt us from loving our neighbor.  If we love the Lord, then that love will overflow to love of neighbor. 
    Dress legend

  • 'Lion' pin, 'bear' tie bar:  The Lord delivered me from the lion and the bear (1st reading)

  • 'Stone/rock' tie pin:  David selected five stones (1st reading); the Lord, my Rock (psalm)

  • 'Sling' tie bar:  David hurled stone at Philistine with a sling (1st reading)

  • 'Dogs' tie:  Philistine:  "Am I a dog that you come against me with a staff?" (1st reading)

  • 'Sword/shield' tie pin:  David:  "You come against me with sword... but it's not by sword that the Lord saves" (1st reading); Lord, my shield, you deliver David from the sword (psalm)

  • Red shirt:  Goliath's blood (1st reading)

  • 'Treble clef' tie bar:  God, I'll sing a new song to you (psalm)

  • 'Hand' tie pin:  "The Lord shall deliver you into my hand"; he put his hand into his bag to get a stone (1st reading); the Lord trains my hands for battle (psalm); "stretch out your hand" (gospel)

  • 'Hearts' suspenders:  Jesus grieved at their hardness of heart (gospel); love among fellow Christians (Christian unity week)

  • 'OneLife LA' button:  3 days till the event!
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