February 4, 2016

Feb. 4

February 4, 2016:  Thursday, 4th week, Ordinary Time

  • 'Scroll' pin:  Observe the Lord's commands written in the law of Moses (1st reading)
  • Tie bar with two stones:  Jesus sent them two by two (gospel)
  • Wooden tie pin:  Material to make walking sticks (gospel)
  • Sandals (not shown; trust me):  Wear sandals (gospel)
  • 'Precious feet' pin:  Shake the dust off your feet (gospel)
  • 'Doctor's office' tie:  The Apostles cured many... (gospel)
  • 'Car' tie pin:  ...and 'drove' out many demons (gospel)
  • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season

  • Two by two, from Book of Mormon/ Stone, Parker, Lopez
  • Two by two, from Two by Two/ Charnin, Rogers (really about the ark)
Pope Francis homily
The 1st reading tells of David's death.  We should think about death; it illuminates life.  David ruled 40 years.  Before dying, he exhorted his son Solomon to observe the Law.  David had sinned often but asked for forgiveness; the Church calls him holy:  sinner, but Saint!  At the point of death, David left his son the greatest inheritance you can leave your children:  faith.  David remembered God's promises and his faith in them, and he left the faith as an inheritance.  When in Baptism we give the parents the lighted candle, the light of faith, we're saying, "Preserve it; make it grow in your child, and leave it as an inheritance."  David died like any man, but he knew what to leave his son! 
What inheritance will I leave?  One of a person of faith?  Pray not to be afraid of death and that with your life, you'll leave the inheritance of faith in our faithful God who's always close to us, a Father who never disappoints.
  • 1 Kgs 2:1-4, 10-12  David, dying, instructed Solomon:  “Take courage. Keep the mandate of the Lord, that you may succeed, and the Lord may fulfill his promise to keep one of our line on the throne.”  David rested with his ancestors after his 40-year reign.  Solomon was seated on the throne, his sovereignty firmly established.
  • Mk 6:7-13  Jesus sent out the Twelve two by two with authority over unclean spirits. “Take nothing but a walking stick.  When you enter a house, stay there.  Where they don't welcome or listen to you, leave and shake the dust off your feet.”  They went off and preached repentance, driving out many demons and curing many who were sick.
    • Creighton:  Jesus gave his apostles power to heal the sick and expel demons; he also told them to conduct themselves with humility and without concern for how they'll meet their basic needs.  Did they think they might attempt to heal someone and fail, or that no one would provide them with food or shelter?   But the gospel doesn't talk about any reluctance on their part; they apparently embraced their role of preaching and healing.  The Suscipe reflects the humility and trust the apostles had and that we all need to follow the call of Jesus.
    • Passionist:  "A disciple's love":  As Jesus sent the Apostles out to preach and heal, they must have been filled with both excitement and fear.  They drove out demons and shared God’s healing love.  We share their call to bring the Good News.  Jesus sent them in a spirit of simplicity and sharp focus.  Today’s call comes to us in the midst of complex, cluttered, busy lives, and we tend to carry along our “baggage.”  May we simplify and refocus, as David did with his son as death drew near.  Jesus’ message is clear:  believe, follow, love, and live as if this day were our last.  What do I need to set aside?  What do I need to do:  pray, make time, simplify, reconnect with family and friends, experience God's mercy anew...?
    • DailyScripture.net:  "Jesus gave them authority over sickness and unclean spirits":  Jesus commanded his apostles to heal the sick. cast out evil spirits, and speak God's word.  He wedded power and authority with self-sacrificing love and humility.  Jesus told them to travel light; poverty of spirit frees us from preoccupation with possessions and makes room for God's provision.  The Lord wants us to be dependent on him; he wants to work in and through us.  What authority and power does the Lord want you to exercise on his behalf?
      • St. Gilbert of Sempringham, priest, founded 'Gilbertines.'
      • St John de Britto, Jesuit missionary priest, martyr

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