July 8, 2016

July 8

July 8, 2016:  Friday, 14th week, Ordinary Time

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Pope Francis prayer request

Pray for respect for populations whose origins date back to prehistoric times.  Add your voice to mine in prayer that all will respect indigenous peoples, threatened in their identity and even their existence.
On 1-31-85 St. John Paul II told indigenous people in Ecuador  he wanted to be a spokesman for their deepest longings.  On 7-9-15 in Bolivia, Pope Francis quoted his predecessor’s request for forgiveness:  “I humbly ask forgiveness, not only for the offences of the Church herself, but also for crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America.”  More at apmej.orgthepopevideo.org
  • Hos 14:2-10  Return to the Lord; you've collapsed through your guilt.  Say, “Forgive us, and receive what is good.”  I will heal and love them, says the Lord; they'll dwell in my shade and blossom.  I've humbled Ephraim but will prosper him.  The just walk in the Lord's paths, but sinners stumble.
  • Ps 51:3-4, 8-9, 12-14, 17  "My mouth will declare your praise."  Have mercy on me; cleanse me of my sin.  You're pleased with sincerity of heart, and you teach me wisdom.  Create a clean heart for me.  Open my lips....
  • Mt 10:16-23  “I send you like sheep among wolves; be shrewd and simple.  Beware of those who will hand you over.  When they do, don't worry about how to speak:  you'll be given what to say; the Spirit will speak through you.  All will hate you, but all who endure will be saved.  When they persecute you, flee; the Son of Man will come before you finish.”
    • Creighton:  Thank God the apostles didn't back down when they heard Jesus' invitation; their connection with Jesus so strong and his message so compelling.  Jesus sends us out, e.g. to family, co-workers, friends, and others.  It may cause conflict, but through our faith, words, and actions may we breathe life into Jesus' words and endure, celebrate, and be saved.
    • Passionist:  Jesus counsels his disciples to be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves.  In Greek, 'shrewd' means wise, insightful, understanding, and prudent; and 'simple' means unmixed (as pure gold or unmixed wine), as in with pure motive.  It was dangerous to be Christian then, and for many now, but how do we be serpent and dove while proclaiming the gospel?  When we face hostility, ridicule, and accusations of intolerance or hate, may we heed Jesus’ counsel, discerning the signs, acting prudently, proclaiming the gospel, and living our faith boldly and selflessly, willing the other's good.
    • DailyScripture.net:  "Sheep in the midst of wolves, wise and innocent":  Isaiah foretold a time when wolves and lambs will dwell in peace, referring to Christ's second coming.  Meanwhile, we must expect opposition and persecution.  Jesus told his disciples what to expect.  Am I willing to accept hardship and suffering in serving the Lord?
    Dress legend
    • 'Horse' tie pin:  "We won't have horses to mount" (1st reading)
    • 'Golden calf' tie pin:  "We won't say, ‘Our god,’ to the work of our hands" (no idolatry, 1st reading)
    • 'Tree' pin:  "His splendor shall be like the olive tree and his fragrance like the Lebanon cedar." (1st reading)
    • 'Grain' pin:  They shall raise grain (1st reading)
    • 'Fruit with grapes' tie:  "They shall blossom like the vine"; "because of me you bear fruit" (1st reading)
    • 'Owl' tie pin:  "Let the wise understand these things" (1st reading); "You teach me wisdom" (psalm)
    • 'Heart' tie bar:  "A clean heart create for me, O God" (psalm)
    • 'Sheep' tie bar:  “I send you like sheep among wolves" (gospel)
    • 'Serpent' tie pin:  "Be shrewd as serpents" (gospel)
    • 'Holy Spirit' chain:  The Spirit of your Father will speak through you (gospel)
    • White shirt:  "wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." (psalm)
      • Green on suspenders, tie:  Ordinary Time season

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