October 26, 2016

Oct. 26

October 26, 2016:  Wednesday, 30th week, Ordinary Time

  • 'Children around the world' tie:  Children, obey your parents (1st reading); people will come from east, west, north, and south... (gospel)

  • 'Heart' pin:  Be obedient, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ; do God's will from the heart (1st reading)'Key' tie pin:  The master locked the door (gospel)

  • 'Silverware' tie bar, '?' tie pin:  "We ate and drank in your company..." / "I don't know where you come from" (gospel)

  • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season

Pope Francis General Audience
Refugees fleeing war, famine, and poverty call us to welcome and care for them.  Through the centuries, so many have generously met the needs of people fleeing violence and injustice, but today's economic crisis fosters closure, not welcome.   Walls and barriers are being built, and the silent work of people trying to help refugees and migrants is being drowned out.   Closure actually ends up favoring criminal trafficking.  The only solution is solidarity with the migrant, with the foreigner:  no one excluded.  We're all called to welcome those fleeing war, hunger, violence, and cruelty.  When we help a refugee, there can be some discomfort, a ‘smell,’ but it brings fragrance to the soul and changes us.
So too, ‘clothing the naked’ increasingly means caring for those whose dignity has been stripped and working to ensure it's safeguarded, by giving clothes to those with none, or fighting exploitation of women by human traffickers....  Having no job, home, or just salary is a form of nakedness we're called to act on, as is suffering discrimination because of race or faith.  May we never close our hearts to those in need.  By being open, our lives are enriched, society can enjoy peace, and all can live with dignity.
  • Eph 6:1-9  Children, obey your parents.  Fathers, don't provoke your children; instruct them in the Lord.  Slaves, be obedient to your masters in sincerity of heart, as slaves of Christ.  Masters, act in the same way towards them, and stop bullying, knowing that both they and you have a Master in heaven and that with him there is no partiality.
  • Ps 145:10-14  "The Lord is faithful in all his words."  Let your works thank you and your faithful bless you.  The Lord is faithful and holy; he lifts up the falling and raises those bowed down.
  • Lk 13:22-30  “Strive to enter through the narrow gate; many will try but won't be strong enough.  After the master locks the door, you'll say, ‘Open the door for us,’ he'll reply, ‘I do not know you,’ you'll say, ‘We ate and drank with you...,’ he'll say, ‘I don't know you; depart, you evildoers!’ and there will be grinding of teeth.  Some of the last will be first, and some of the first, last.”
    • Creighton:  We need to be obedient and to believe in our Lord's faithfulness.  No matter whom we “serve” on earth, we should always serve the Lord.,,,
    • One Bread, One Body:  "Work it out":  Translate 'slave' (1st reading) as 'employee.'  We should obey our bosses with the reverence, even when they're unreasonable.  Suffering injustice and enduring hardship through awareness of God's presence is the work of grace.  We're working for food that remains forever.  May we do God's will with all our heart....
    • Passionist:  The "narrow gate" to the Kingdom of God seems to come with requirements:   We won’t make it with suitcases of money and treasures, supporters, or giant egos.  We have to pass through on our own.  The inscription at Abbey of Gethsemani entrance is, “God Alone.” We're called to enter the Kingdom with our hearts open and everything else left behind.  Jesus led the way on the Cross, stripped of everything, alone, full of love; may we follow him into the Kingdom.
    • DailyScripture.net:  "Don't risk being shut out":  The latecomers to whom the door was shut had offended their host and deserved to be excluded.  (Teachers would close the door on tardy students and not let them back in for a week.)  Jesus said that being in a covenant with God didn't guarantee entry into God's kingdom, and that Gentiles would enter.  We can be excluded if we don't strive to enter by the narrow door, Jesus himself, who freed us from slavery to sin made us God's children, free to choose to serve the kingdom of truth and light or the that of falsehood and darkness.  To enter God's kingdom, we must follow the Lord on his way of the cross, renouncing our own will, life, and way for his.  'Strive' can be translated as 'agony.'  We must struggle against every opposing force, even the temptation to indifference or compromise.  But God's grace is with us in the struggle!
      • Chad, abbot, bishop, holy and humble, dedicated to preaching the Gospel.
      • Cedd, Chad's brother, monastery founder, bishop

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