October 15, 2016

Teresa of Jesus

October 15, 2016:  St. Teresa of Jesus, Virgin and Doctor

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    For Psalm 8
    Pope Francis to Senior Citizens
    The Church regards you with affection, gratitude, and high esteem; you're an essential part of society and the Christian community and of society:  you represent people's roots and memory.  Your experience is precious, essential for looking ahead with hope and responsibility.  Your maturity and wisdom can support younger people on the path of growth and openness.  You show that we must never lose confidence in God and in a better future. You're like trees that keep bearing fruit:  still contributing to society rich in values ​​and affirming the culture of life.
    Many of you help and support others, in parishes, decorating the house of the Lord, as catechists, liturgy leaders, witnesses to charity.  And your role in the family!  Caring for grandchildren, passing on your experience and values....  Keep bearing witness to values ​​that matter and endure.  Develop the culture of life, witnessing that every season of life is a gift from God with its own beauty and importance. 
    Many of you live with disease and disability, and need assistance.  Thank God for the people and structures dedicated to providing service, so everyone can live with dignity live this important stage of life.  Institutions that house the elderly must be places of humanity and loving attention, where the weakest are visited, remembered, and cared for, in gratitude for your gifts to our communities and for preserving our roots.
    Institutions and social structures can do much more to help older people to make the most of their abilities, to facilitate their participation, to ensure their dignity is respected and appreciated.  We must counter the throwaway culture that marginalizes the elderly as unproductive.  All are called to build a more welcoming and inclusive society and to promote the bond between generations.  Our future requires the encounter between young and old; you reinforce the vitality of the "people on the way" with memory and wisdom.  Thank you for your example of love, dedication, and wisdom.  Keep bearing witness!  Show your smiles and bright eyes in society!
    • Eph 1:15-23  Hearing of your faith and love, I give thanks for you.  May God give you wisdom, enlightenment, knowledge of him, the hope of his call, the riches of his inheritance, the greatness of his power. He put all things under his feet, fills all things....
    • Ps 8:2-3b, 4-7  "You have given your Son rule over the works of your hands."  When I behold your heavens, what are we that you should care for us?  You've crowned us with glory and honor.
    • Lk 12:8-12  Everyone who acknowledges/denies me before others, the Son of Man will acknowledge/deny before God's angels.   When they take you before synagogues, rulers, and authorities, don't worry about your defense; the Holy Spirit will teach you.
    St. Teresa of Ávila
    Ecstasy of St. Teresa/ Bernini

    • Universalis:  She founded Discalced Carmelites convents against broad opposition.  Contemplation overflows to action.  To God after horse threw her:  “If this is how you treat your friends, no wonder you have so few!”  Bring everything to God in prayer, even reproach (that expresses our incomprehension of God's gift).  See WikipediaCatholic Encyclopedia.
        • Creighton:  If God’s mercy overcomes all evil, what's this unforgivable sin?  God won't force a hard heart to accept forgiveness....
        • Passionist:  Paul wrote Ephesians from prison, likely to a wider audience.  Struck by the converts' faith and love, he thanks God, then prays they receive wisdom and insight, sure that God's power is up to their challenges.  Do we believe God has put all things under Christ’s feet?
        • DailyScripture.net:  "The Holy Spirit will teach you what to say":  Jesus assures his disciples the Spirit will give them what they need but warns them that it's possible to reject God's grace.  Blasphemy is uttering words of hatred, reproach, or defiance against God; Jesus spoke about blasphemy against the Spirit right after the scribes and Pharisees attributed his miracles to the devil.  If someone stays closed to God, at some point they may not recognize God even when he makes himself known to them.  God's mercy has no limits, but we can refuse to ask for and accept pardon and help,  God gives grace and help to all who call on him, but pride, stubbornness, sin, and despair can lead us to give up....  Hope in God is a gift from Jesus Christ who won for us new life and freedom.  The Spirit enables us to live as God's children.
        Dress legend
        • 'Owl' pin:  May God give you a spirit of wisdom (1st reading)
        • 'Eyeball' and 'heart' pins:  May the eyes of your hearts be enlightened (1st reading)
        • 'Hand' tie pin:  You gave us rule over the works of your hands (psalm); God seated Christ at his right hand... (1st reading)
        • 'Feet' pin:  ...and put all things under his feet (1st reading)
        • 'Star' tie pin:  "When I behold the moon and stars, what are we?" (psalm)
        • 'Angel' pin:  You made us little less than the angels (psalm); If you acknowledge me, the Son will acknowledge you before God's angels (gospel)
        • 'Dove' pin:  One who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit won't be forgiven; the Spirit will teach you what to say (gospel)
        • 'Ruler' tie bar:  When they take you before rulers, don't worry... (gospel)
        • White shirt (and socks):  Liturgical color for St. Teresa
        • 'Doctor's office' tie:  St. Teresa, "doctor" of the Church

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