July 5, 2017

July 5

July 5, 2017:

St. Elizabeth of Portugal
Our Lady, Sinners' Refuge
Wednesday, 13th week, Ordinary Time

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*d: daytime; m: memorial
Pope Francis

July prayer intention:  Our joy is the inexhaustible love of Christ.  Christians who become sad have distanced themselves from Jesus.  We should offer them Christian hope, with our words, testimony, freedom, and joy.  Pray that those distant from the Christian faith may rediscover the beauty of the Christian life through our prayer and witness.  (Apostleship of Prayer reflection)

To Scholas Occurrentes:  You, beginning from your differences, have achieved unity.  You see each other without prejudice, essential for a true encounter that gives our lives meaning and purpose, and so a reason to celebrate and be grateful.  You rightly see education as a means to open us to the unknown and seek new paths.  We can't take from young people the capacity to dream or play (a waking dream).  We must hear young people and give them hope so their dreams might grow and be shared; we must foster a culture of encounter that allows people to arrive at harmony.
Supporting InfoMigrants portal:  You provide migrants and prospective migrants with information about the journey to and life in Europe.  May your site promote their integration, respect for local law, and renew commitment to a culture of welcome and solidarity.  Migration is an opportunity for growth, encounter, dialogue, and promotion of peace and fraternity.  May God accompany all who must leave their homelands because of armed conflicts, terrorism, famine, or oppression.  I hope migrants encounter brothers and sisters under every sky who share bread and hope with them along our common journey.
    • Gn 21:5, 8-20a  At a feast in Isaac's honor, Sarah saw the son Hagar had borne to Abraham and demanded Abraham to drive Ishmael and Hagar out.  God told Abraham to heed Sarah's demands, and he did.  When supplies ran out, Hagar put Ishmael down and moved away so as not to see him die, and he cried.  God told Hagar he heard and would make of Ishmael a great nation, then showed her water to give him.
    • Ps 34:7-8, 10-13  "The Lord hears the cry of the poor."  The Lord delivers those who fear him.  
    • Mt 8:28-34  Two savage demoniacs cried to Jesus, “What have you to do with us, Son of God?,” then pleaded, “If you drive us out, send us into those swine.” / “Go!”  They entered the swine, and the herd drowned.  The swineherds reported everything, and everyone begged Jesus to leave.
Mary's memorial
    • Zec 2:14–17  Rejoice; I'm coming to dwell among you.  Many nations will join the Lord, but the Lord will hold Judah as his portion and choose Jerusalem.  Be silent before the Lord!  He stirs forth from his holy dwelling.
    • Lk 1:46–55  "The Almighty has done great things for me and holy is his name."  I proclaim the Lord's greatness; he looked on his handmaid.  All will call me blessed.  He showed power, routed the proud, threw down rulers, lifted up the lowly, filled the hungry, sent the rich away empty, helped Israel, and remembered the mercy he promised.
    • Rom 5:12, 17–19  Sin and death entered the world through one man, and death spread because everyone has sinned.  But one man, Jesus, will cause everyone to reign who receives the gift of righteousness.  As one man’s fall brought condemnation, so the good act of one man brings everyone life.
    • Jn 19:25–27  Near the cross stood his mother, and Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary of Magdala. Seeing his mother and the disciple he loved, Jesus said to his mother and the disciple, “This is your son,” and “This is your mother....”
  • Creighton:  In today’s 1st reading, Abraham is “greatly distressed” when God directs him to send his son Ishmael and Ishmael’s mother Hagar away, though God promises to “make a great nation” of Ishmael.  We all experience heartache, e.g. from illness, loss, accident, or layoff....   Distress takes over, and we struggle with pain and anguish.  Others realize they can't take our pain away but stand in care and empathy, offering us God's love, and we may begin to see some light.  We're called to do the same when we see others suffer.  We're not always in touch with others' pain, but if we reach out (vs. than wait to be asked), provide gestures of love (acknowledged or not), or stay with others in pain (vs. turn away), we become God's presence.  God comforts Hagar and Ishmael in their suffering.  How do we reach out to the suffering?  May we help give birth to God every day to infuse light into darkness.
    Miracle of the Gadarene swine
  • One Bread, One Body:  "Out of sync with God":  God promised Abraham a son so he'd be father of nations, but as they aged and the promise seemingly wasn't coming to pass, Sarah took control and gave Abraham Hagar who bore him Ishmael."  Years later, Sarah conceived and bore Isaac as God had promised.  Suffering and injustice took place in Abraham's family because Sarah and Abraham took control, but God turned some of the problems to good, though future problems arose because of the Sarah-Hagar rift.  The Israelites didn't learn. God delivered them from slavery and planned for them to seize the promised land, but because they feared the land's inhabitants more than God, they wouldn't enter and so wandered in the desert, or invaded the land and were routed.  God's timing is perfect; ours isn't. May we listening to God and let his will be done in us so as to be in sync, perfectly directed....
    Jesus healing the Gerasene
    (Medieval illustration)
  • Passionist:  As we live, we tend to gather things:  material goods, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, perspectives, relationships....  As we grow, we may examine them with an eye to casting some off, e.g. to lighten our load, let go of something that no longer serves us, or make room for something new.  Today’s readings contain three ‘casting outs’:  Sarah demands Abraham cast out Ishmael and Hagar.  Abraham sees the chaos that will ensue if he doesn’t but is distressed at the loss of the relationship with his son.  God assures him it'll be best for them all, and he complied.  The second casting out is Jesus' explusion of the demons who had caused chaos in those they possessed and all who wanted to travel the road.  Knowing Jesus won't tolerate them, the demons beg to be sent into the swine.  The last casting out is when the townspeople beg Jesus to leave.  May we turn to God when discerning what we need to cast out, and may we welcome Jesus when we want to send him away because it may upset our plans.
  • DailyScripture.net:  "Jesus frees":  Do you ever feel driven by forces beyond your strength?  Today's gospel reminds us that no force can keep us from what God offers those who seek him.  The Lord is ready and willing to free us from whatever binds us.  May we part with anything that might keep us from his love....
Dress legend
  • 'Tree' pin:  Hagar put Ishmael down under a shrub (1st reading d)
  • 'Hand' pin:  "Hold the boy by the hand" (1st reading d)
  • 'Car' pin:  Sarah demanded that Abraham 'drive' Hagar and Ishmael out (1st reading d); Jesus 'drove' demons into swine (gospel)
  • 'Eyeball' pin:  God opened Hagar's eyes (1st reading d); God looked upon his handmaid (gospel m)
  • 'Phone' tie bar:  When the poor one called, the Lord heard (psalm d)
  • 'Angel' pin:  The angel of the Lord delivers who fear the Lord (psalm d)
  • 'Swine' suspenders:  Jesus sent the demons into the swine (gospel d)
  • 'Heart' tie bar:  God has routed the proud of heart (gospel m)
  • 'Ruler' tie bar:  God threw down rulers (gospel m)
  • 'Visitation/Magnificat' pin:  gospel m
  • White shirt:  St. Elizabeth of Portugal, Our Lady Sinners' Refuge

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