January 15, 2020

Jan. 15

January 15, 2020:  Wednesday, 1st week, Ordinary Time

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  • Fever/ Cooley, Blackwell (gospel-inspired :-)
For Psalm 40
Pope Francis General Audience

Paul's journey to Rome proves that our journeys, if lived in faith, can become a place for God's salvation, capable of transforming situations and opening new paths.  Luke ends Acts not with Paul’s martyrdom but by describing his proclamation of the Gospel, showing God’s word can never be chained.  His missionary journeys, culminating in Rome, reveal the power of grace to open hearts to the Gospel's saving message.

In Rome, Paul first meets his brothers and sisters in Christ, who welcome him and give him courage.  Though he was a prisoner, he could meet with notable Jews to explain why he was forced to appeal and to speak to them about God's kingdom. He tries to convince them about Jesus, starting from Scripture, showing the continuity between Christ and the "hope of Israel," announcing God's kingdom, and trying to open them to faith.

Since not everyone is convinced, he denounces the hardening of their hearts, the cause of their condemnation, and celebrates the salvation of those sensitive to God who can listen to the Gospel of life.  Paul doesn't have freedom to move but can speak; the Word is not chained but ready to be sown.  Paul sows it with frankness, unimpeded.  The Church, though persecuted, misunderstood, and chained, never tires of welcoming everyone and proclaiming the love of the Father who made himself visible in Jesus.  Our poverty is a tool, not an obstacle; God's grace manifests itself in weakness.

  • 1 Sm 3:1-10, 19-20  While Samuel and Eli were asleep. the Lord called Samuel, who answered, “Here I am” and ran to Eli:  “You called. ”  Eli answered, “I didn't; go back to sleep.”  Again God called Samuel, who went to Eli, who answered, “No; go to sleep.”  The Lord called Samuel a third time, and he again went to Eli, who now understood God was calling him and said, “If you're called again, reply, ‘Speak, Lord; your servant is listening.’”  The Lord called again, and Samuel so answered.  Samuel grew; the Lord was with him.  Israel came to know Samuel as a prophet.
  • Ps 40:2, 5, 7-10  "Here am I, Lord; I come to do your will."  I have waited for the Lord, and he heard my cry.  Blessed those who trust the Lord.  You didn't want oblation but gave me ears open to obedience.  To do your will is my delight.
    • Mk 1:29-39 Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick; Jesus took her hand; the fever left her.  He cured many of the sick, drove out demons, left for a deserted place to pray, then went to nearby villages to preach and heal.
    • Creighton:  This may be the only mention of a mother-in-law in the gospels.  Where there’s a mother-in-law, there's likely a wife and children.  I imagine Jesus enters Simon’s mother-in-law's room, she looks with joy at her son-in-law, then at Jesus, who kneels beside her, takes her hand, encourages her to rise, and supports her as she does.  She smiles, stands, hugs Jesus, welcomes him, then joins her daughter preparing a meal.  Children enter and shriek “Uncle Jesus”; he grabs them, leans over, and listens as, happy to see him, they say what they've been doing.  Things settle down; they go back outside, Jesus helps with meal prep, wine flows into cups.  I feel I'm the ill mother-in-law, Jesus takes my hand, helps me stand and resume serving.  And I'm one of the children Jesus holds close, loves, plays with, listens to, and nurtures.  As "Uncle Jesus" was special to the family, he wants to be special in our lives.  May we welcome him in.
      Christ healing the mother of Simon Peter's wife/ Bridges
    • One Bread, One Body:  "Listen for God's voice":  Our world is full of noise; everyone demands to be heard on the radio and TV and online.  Samuel learned to listen for the Lord; he "stilled and quieted his soul."  He heard God and became effective in speaking his word that the Israel came to the Lord within 20 years.  Listening prayer is important.  We must set a daily time to quiet our soul, silence the noise, say, "Speak, Lord; your servant is listening," and listen.  It's equally important to hear what God has revealed by reading Scripture and the Catechism.  "Anyone committed to the truth hears My voice."  Jesus is the Truth.  The Spirit is Truth.  "Whoever is of God hears every word God speaks."
      Healing of Peter's mother-in-law/ Bahuet
    • Passionist:  “Jesus cured many who were sick and drove out many demons.”  Why not all? Maybe not all desired healing.  We can get comfortable with our demons, attachments, and sicknesses and not be sure who we are without them, fear surrender and what life will look like after healing.  What prevents us from living more fully in God’s light:  un-forgiveness of self or others, pride, overindulgence, control, the need to be right...?  God wants to heal us and fill the empty space with grace.  Maybe we're not aware but others are.  Are they trying to bring you to Jesus for healing?  Or do you desire healing for another?  Like Samuel, may we hear God calling us to deeper freedom and allow him to speak to us.  May we trust in God's power at work in us to heal us from all that could harm us.  May Jesus grasp us by the hand so that we may rise freed from our fever to wait on others, pray, be nourished, receive courage, and go beyond the comfortable to discover God's Kingdom among us.
    • DailyScripture.net:  "Jesus healed many who were sick":  Jesus' disciples brought their troubles to him because he was ready to deal with them.  "Can you imagine Jesus standing before your bed and you continue sleeping?  It's absurd that you'd stay in bed.  Jesus is already among you offering himself.  God's kingdom is in your midst.  If you can't seize his hand, prostrate yourself at his feet.  If you can't reach his head, wash his feet with your tears. Our repentance is his perfume" (Jerome, paraphrased).  Let Jesus be Lord and healer in your life, family, and community; approach him with faith. His healing restores us to health and to active service."
    • Msgr. Jim Halley homily video:  Jesus had compassion on the marginalized and chose to heal them.  May we choose to contact and help the needy.
    Dress legend
    • 'Eyeball' pin:  Eli's eyes had grown so weak he couldn't see (1st reading)
    • 'Street light' tie bar:  The lamp of God was not yet extinguished (1st reading)
    • 'Phone' tie bar:  The Lord 'called' Samuel (1st reading) and the psalmist
    • 'Clocks' suspenders:  I've waited, waited for the Lord (psalm)
    • 'Scroll' pin:  In the scroll it's prescribed for me to do your will (psalm)
    • 'Heart' pin:  Your law is within my heart (psalm)
    • 'Golden calf' tie pin:  Blessed those who don't turn to idolatry (psalm)
    • 'Hand' tie pin:  Jesus grasped Simon's mother-in-law's hand and helped her up (gospel)
    • 'Doctor's office' tie:  Jesus healed Simon's mother-in-law and many who were sick... (gospel)
    • 'Car with mouth' tie pin:  ...and 'drove' out many demons (gospel); "I didn't restrain my lips" (psalm)
      • 'Hand' tie pin:  Jesus grasped Simon's mother-in-law's hand and helped her up (gospel)
      • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time season

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