December 10, 2013

December 10

December 10, 2013:   Tuesday, 2nd Week of Advent

    Wordle: Readings 12-10-13
  • Is 40:1-11  Comfort my people; proclaim her service is over, her guilt expiated;  Prepare the way of the Lord!  Every valley shall be filled in...  All shall see the Lord's glory.  God's word stands forever.  Go up a mountain; cry, "Here is your God!"  Like a shepherd he feeds his flock, leading with care.
  • Ps 96:1-2, 3, 10ac-13  "The Lord our God comes with power."  Sing; tell his deeds.  Let the trees rejoice; God comes to rule with justice.
  • Mt 18:12-14  Won't a man with a stray sheep leave his others to find it and rejoice when he does?  Your Father doesn't want anyone lost.
Pope Francis
Selfishness and sloth:  Many fear apostolic work robbing their free time, as if evangelization were poison rather than response to God’s love making us fulfilled and productive.  Some end up in acedia:  without proper motivation and spirituality, work becomes too tiring—not content tiredness but burdensome fatigue.  Some undertake unrealistic projects; some are impatient; some are attached to vain dreams; some lose contact with people; some want to dominate the rhythm of life.  Today’s obsession immediacy makes it hard for ministers to tolerate disagreement, possible failure, criticism, the cross. 
Biggest threat:  pragmatism of daily Church life, where faith becomes small-mindedness and tomb psychology transforms Christians into disillusioned, weary mummies lacking zeal and hope, not radiating light and life.  Don't be robbed of the joy of evangelization!  (2.II, 81-83; pp. 66-68)
      • Creighton:  God comes to deliver.  God comforts better than things.  God's glory comes in community.  Reach out to those who lose their way.
      •  Shepherd's persistence pays off.  Community rejoices when one returns.  God won't rest till we're home.

          • Sheep tie bar:  like a shepherd he feeds his flock and seeks the stray (1st reading, gospel)
          • Tree pin:  let the trees rejoice (psalm)
          • "Scales of justice" pin:  Lord shall rule with justice (psalm)
          • Purple shirt:  Advent season
          Holy people, from Universalis
          • St. Melchiades, pope
          • St. John Roberts, OSB, priest, martyr
          • St. Edmund Gennings, convert, priest, martyr
          • St. Eustace White, priest, martyr
          • St. Polydore Plasden/Oliver Palmer, priest, martyr
          • St. Swithin Wells, schoolmaster, martyr
          • Thomas Merton, wild man turned poet monk
          Dress your life!

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