December 21, 2013

December 21

December 21, 2013:  Saturday, 3rd week of Advent

  • Sg 2:8-14  My lover comes and says. “Arise and come!  Let me see and hear you; you're lovely.”  or
Wordle: Readings 12-21-13
  • Zep 3:14-18a  Shout for joy!  God has removed the judgment against you and turned your enemies away.  Fear not; the Lord is in your midst, a mighty savior; he'll rejoice over you and renew you in his love.
  • Ps 33:2-3, 11-12, 20-21  "Exult, you just, in the Lord! Sing to him a new song."  Give thanks on the harp and lyre.  Blessed those he chose for his inheritance.  We await and trust the Lord, our help.
  • Lk 1:39-45  Mary traveled to the house of Zechariah and greeted Elizabeth, who cried, “Blessed are you and the fruit of your womb!  When I heard your greeting, the infant in my womb leaped for joy.  Blessed are you who believed that what the Lord told you would be fulfilled.”
Pope Francis
Person to person:  Informal preaching is our daily responsibility; bring the Gospel to people we meet, whether neighbors or strangers.  Being disciples means being ready to bring Jesus’ love to others. 
After the other person shares joys, hopes, concerns, or needs, bring up God’s word; keep in mind the message of the love of God who became man, gave himself for us, lives, and offers salvation and friendship—and share it humbly as a testimony of one willing to learn, aware that it exceeds our grasp.  It can be presented directly, by personal witness, or however the Spirit leads, and it could end with a prayer related to the person’s concerns, so they experience being listened to and understood,  know their situation is before God, and that God’s word really speaks to their lives.

The message can be communicated so many ways.  Promote inculturation, hoping the Gospel will create new syntheses.  Be creative and active rather than watching the Church stagnate.  (3.I, 127-129, pp. 102-104)
    • Today's O Antiphon:  O Radiant Dawnsplendor of eternal light, sun of justice:  come and shine on those who dwell in darkness and in the shadow of death!
    • Creighton:  Contemplate beyond Mary's and her fiat at the Annunciation/Incarnation:  Where's the Father?  Son?  What is Gabriel thinking?  How does Mary feel at the start and when the angel left?  What does that say about my life?
    •  "Without God's Son nothing could exist; without Mary's son, nothing could be redeemed."  The "blessedness" given to Mary eventually pierced her heart, but God gives joy that bears sorrow.  Elizabeth and Mary were filled with the Spirit and anticipation of the fulfillment of God's promise.  John the Baptist even before his birth pointed to the Lord's coming.  Do I live in the Spirit?
    • Universalis:  St. Peter Canisius, SJ, priest, doctor
    • Ave Maria/ Arcadelt (gospel) (had to pick one :-)
    • Please send me music suggestions, especially for the Christmas season!  I welcome links to audio, video, sheet music, and/or lyrics, and I'll give you credit.

    • Angel pin:  Gabriel (gospel)
    • "Keyboard with dove" tie pin:  Mary conceived Jesus through the Spirit  (gospel)
    • Shirt with purple:  Advent (season)
    • Christmas pin (see Tuesday for legend):  Nativity Novena (subseason)
    Dress your life!

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