December 11, 2013

December 11

December 11, 2013:   Wednesday, 2nd Week of Advent

    Wordle: Readings 12-11-13
  • Is 40:25-31  The Lord is God, creator, never growing weary.  He gives strength to the fainting, vigor to the weak.  They that hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
  • Ps 103:1-4, 8, 10  "O bless the Lord, my soul!"  Kind and merciful, he pardons, heals, redeems... 
  • Mt 11:28-30  “Come to me; I'll give you rest.   Learn from me; my yoke is easy and my burden light.”
Pope Francis, Time's Person of the Year
  • Yesterday's homily:  God's work of consolation draws all things.  He re-creates, and the re-creation is more wonderful than the creation.  The Lord comforts us tenderly and draws us forward.  The all-powerful God isn't afraid of tenderness; he becomes a small child.  To God, each of us is important; he approaches us tenderly, comforts us, and gives us hope like he did to the disciples between Easter and the Ascension.
No to pessimism:  Nobody/nothing takes away Gospel joy.  Evils and setbacks challenge us to grow; Spirit shines light in darkness.  Troubles distress us; disagree with the prophets of doom, trust, and be generous.
Defeatism stifles boldness, makes us querulous sourpusses.  March on, confident in God’s grace and power.  Christian triumph over evil is a cross but also a banner borne tenderly.  Defeatism is brother to the temptation to separate wheat from weeds early. 
Spiritual “desertification” has arisen where the faith is being eliminated or opposed, including society, family, and work:  the Christian world becomes sterile, and believers hide their faith.  Discover, from the desert/void, the joy of believing and the value of what’s essential. 
The world thirsts for God, for meaning; point the way through example.  Be living water from which people can drink.  Don’t be robbed of hope!  (2.II, 84-86; pp. 68-71)
      • Creighton:  Slow down and pay attention to world, people.  In quiet we find hope.
      •  Jews spoke of yoke of law/God as image of submission.  Easy = "well-fitting." Be yoked/united with Christ; his yoke liberates from burden of guilt and gives freedom to live in love, peace, and joy as God's own.

          • Tie with birds:  hope in Lord; soar like eagles (1st reading)
          • "Roadrunner" tie pin:  if we hope in God, we'll run and not be weary (1st reading)
          • Crown of Claddagh tie pin:  Lord crowns with mercy (psalm)
          • Purple shirt:  Advent season

          Dress your life!

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