January 29, 2014

January 29

January 29, 2014:  Wednesday, 3rd Week, Ordinary Time

Wordle: Readings 1-29-14
  • 2 Sm 7:4-17  God told David via Nathan:  Should you build me a house?  Did I ever ask my judges to build me a house?  I chose you; I've been with you.  I'll establish a house for you.  Your heir shall build me a house, and I'll make his Kingdom firm; I'll be a father to him and won't withdraw my favor.  Your house shall endure.
  • Ps 89:4-5, 27-30  "For ever I will maintain my love for my servant."  I've made a covenant with David my chosen to make your dynasty endure.  I'll maintain my love for and covenant with him.
  • Mk 4:1-20  Jesus taught a parable:  "A sower sowed:  some seed fell on the path; birds ate it.  Other seed fell on rocky ground and withered.   Some fell among thorns that choked it.  And some fell on rich soil and produced fruit....  The sower sows the word. To the ones on the path, Satan comes and takes it away.  The ones on rocky ground receive it but have no roots and so fall away.  The ones among thorns hear it but, choked by anxiety and cravings, bear no fruit.  Those on rich soil accept it; they bear fruit.”
Pope Francis
  • Audience:  The sacrament of Confirmation, with Baptism and the Eucharist, form Christian initiation, in which we become living members of the Church.  Confirmation unites us more firmly to Christ, completes our bond with the Church, and grants us strength of the Spirit to confess and spread the faith.  The Spirit's work is reflected in the spiritual gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.  When we welcome the Spirit, Christ takes form in our lives, praying, forgiving, giving hope and consolation, serving, and spreading communion and peace through us.
Concern for the vulnerable:  Care for the vulnerable, with whom Jesus identified. Recognize Christ in the homeless, the addicted, refugees, indigenous peoples, the elderly, migrants, and others.
Human trafficking involves everyone, and many are complicit.  Victims are mistreated, enslaved, killed in warehouses or prostitution rings, or exploited. Unborn children are denied dignity; their lives are taken, laws keep people from standing in the way, and our defense of the unborn is ridiculed—but we must defend them as any other person, sacred and inviolable.  When people are seen as means, not ends, human rights give in to the powers that be.  Every violation is an offense against the Creator.  We need to do more to accompany women in situations where abortion appears as a quick solution.
Others are at the mercy of economic interests or exploitation.  We're both beneficiaries and stewards of other creatures.  Destroying the earth affects our lives and those of future generations.  Protect the world and all its peoples.  (4.II, 209-216, pp. 163-68)
    • Creighton:  My parents sowed seed on good soil by example, daily prayer, sending us to Catholic school; it helps me now avoid the weeds of complacency, irritability, self-centeredness, etc..  God’s hand can lead me through the weeds.
    • RC.net:  Different ways of hearing God's word produce different fruits:  prejudiced/closed-minded, shallow, too busy to recognize what's most important, or open, humble, and willing to listen and learn.  May we hunger for God's word and understand and live in accord with God's will.
    • Psalm 89/ Barrie (psalms) [requires free Scorch plug-in to hear/see]

    • "Castle" pin:  House of David (1st reading)
    • "Birds" tie:  birds ate seed that fell on the path (gospel)
    • "Rock" tie pin:  seeds that fell on rocky ground withered (gospel)
    • "Roses" pin:  thorns choked some seeds (gospel)
    • "Apple" pin:  seeds on good soil bore fruit (gospel)
    • Green in tie, suspenders, and socks:  Ordinary Time (season)
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