January 31, 2014

St John Bosco

January 31, 2014:  St. John Bosco, priest

Wordle: Readings 1-31-14
  • 2 Sm 11:1-4a, 5-10a, 13-17  David saw a beautiful woman bathing, learned she was Uriah's wife, and had relations with her.  He sent Uriah home; when he didn't go, he ordered him placed up front to be killed in battle.
  • Ps 51:3-7, 10-11  "Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned."  I acknowledge my offense against you.  Let me rejoice.
  • Mk 4:26-34  The Kingdom is like a man scattering seed that yields fruit he harvests.  The Kingdom is like a mustard seed that grows large.  He spoke parables to all and explained them to his disciples.
Pope Francis
  • Homily:  David fell for Uriah's wife, took her, and had her husband killed, trying to solve a problem instead of asking forgiveness.  When the Kingdom of God diminishes, you lose the sense of sin and the sense of the Kingdom of God.  Don't fall for Christian mediocrity; pray daily.
Time is greater than space:  Work slowly but surely, not obsessed with immediate results.  Endure difficulties and changes.  Accept the tension between fullness and limitation.  Give priority to time, to initiating processes, to actions that engage others who can develop them to bear fruit.  Keep clear convictions and tenacity.  Foster development of full human existence.

Evangelization calls for attention to the big picture, openness to processes, and concern for the long run.  Jesus warned that there were things they wouldn’t understand till the Spirit came. The enemy can sow harm but is defeated by goodness.  (4.III, 222-25, pp. 170-72)
  • To the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:  Don't consider doctrine in a merely ideological or theoretical sense; it's to serve God’s people and ensure a solid foundation to our faith.  Don't try to control or domesticate the gifts of salvation according to the views of the world.  Safeguard the faith in collaboration with Pastors and Episcopal Conferences; safeguard the right of all to receive it in its purity and entirety.  Maintain constructive, respectful and patient dialogue and show charity. 
    • Creighton:  Who in my life needs my trust, charity, and gentleness?
    • RC.net:  God's kingdom starts in hearts receptive to God's word and transforms them. We can't change till God gives us the Holy Spirit.  Am I ready to be changed?
    • Universalis:  St. John Bosco, priest dedicated to youth, founder of the Salesians.  SS. Alban Roe and Thomas Green, priests and martyrs
    Music for the psalm

    • "Hearts" tie:  "Create in me a clean heart" (psalm)
    • "Eyeball" tie pin:  David spying Bathsheba (1st reading), "I have done evil in your eyes" (psalm)
    • "Skeleton" tie pin:  "the bones you have crushed will rejoice" (psalm)
    • White shirt:  "wash me, and I'll be whiter than snow" (skipped verse of psalm)
    • "Grapes" pin:  "of its own accord the land yields fruit" (gospel)
    Special blessings to and prayers for all connected with Don Bosco Technical Institute, Bishop Mora Salesian College Preparatory, and the Salesians of Don Bosco!

    Dress your life!

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