January 4, 2014

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

January 4, 2014:  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, religious

Wordle: Readings 1-4-13Readings

  • 1 Jn 3:7-10  The person who acts in righteousness is righteous; whoever sins belongs to the Devil.  The Son of God was revealed to destroy the works of the Devil.  No one who is begotten by God commits sin; no one who fails to act in righteousness or loves his brother belongs to God.
  • Ps 98:1, 7-9  "All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God."  Let the sea resound, rivers clap their hands, mountains shout for joy; the Lord comes to rule the earth with justice and the peoples with equity.
  • Jn 1:35-42  John:  “Behold, the Lamb of God.”  Two heard him and followed Jesus.  Jesus/disciples: “What are you looking for?” / “Where are you staying?” / “Come and see.”  Andrew told his brother Simon, “We found the Messiah” and brought him to Jesus, who said, “You'll be called Cephas (Peter/Rock).
Pope Francis
Fraternity, prerequisite for fighting poverty:  The lack of fraternity is a significant cause of poverty.  Many societies have a poverty of relationships.  Hardships, marginalization, isolation and pathological dependencies are increasing.  This poverty can be overcome only by valuing fraternal relationships in families and communities, sharing joys, sorrows, hardships, and triumphs.  If there's less absolute poverty but more relative poverty (inequality between people living together), we need policies to promote fraternity, securing access to capital, services, education, healthcare, and technology so everyone may develop fully as a person.
We also need policies to lessen the excessive imbalance of incomes, remembering Church teaching on the "social mortgage," that though people may own goods, they hold them in common to benefit others as well as themselves.  Another form of promoting fraternity, fundamental to being Christian, is choosing to live a sober lifestyle, sharing wealth and experiencing communion; many families and citizens, as well as ones who profess the vow of poverty, value their fraternal relationship with their neighbors that much.
    • Creighton:  Elizabeth Ann Seton founded the first US Catholic school.  She said:  “The first rule of our Savior's life was to do his Father's will.  We work (1) to do God's will, (2) in the manner he wills, and (3) because it's his will.  God calls us to a holy life and gives us grace to carry us through every obstacle.
    • RC.net:   John calls Jesus the Lamb of God and pointed to him.  Jesus to disciples and us:  “What are you searching for?...  Come and see."  God seeks and draws us, even when we're not looking for him.
    • Universalis:  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, from Episcopalian roots, founded a religious community and a school for poor children.  The Sisters of Charity continue her work.
    • Lamb tie bar:  Jesus, Lamb of God (gospel)
    • Peace sign tie bar:  World Day of Peace message
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