April 26, 2014

DressYourLife/LiturgicalDress: why/what?

Dress to God’s Word / “Liturgical Dress”:  why and what

"All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for … training in righteousness."

As lay Catholic Christian and music minister, I’ve wanted to integrate the daily Bible readings into my prayer, life, and ministry.  Since I hadn’t always made time to spend with the readings, I looked for something to help me be more consistent.

Site's favicon, from Aug. 12,
for Mt 17:22-27,
representing the fish and the
coin in it for twice the temple tax
I decided, since I dress up every day, to expand my practice of dressing to the liturgical season (e.g., white for Easter, purple for Advent and Lent) to dress to each day’s readings more specifically (e.g., a tie with fishes for a miraculous catch, or a red striped shirt for Good Friday’s "by his stripes we are healed").  A few co-workers and others who noticed suggested I blog about it.  I figured it would take too long and nobody would read it, but nonetheless I tried it and started “Dress to God’s word” (LiturgicalDress.com, DressYourLife.org).  It now has followers including DREs (who use it in their parish religious education programs)—and it does help me stay consistent.

In a post, I summarize each reading of the day and include a “word cloud” 
(sometimes shapedof their text, something related from Pope Francis (often from his homily), daily reflections (with summaries), related music, a selfie with bullets relating it to the readings; occasionally I add a special feature such as a “Roamin’ Catholic” report (when I attend a different Mass).

The music is often sacred (in various flavors, with unusual arrangements and some original stuff), but I add related show tunes, opera, country, pop, and spoofs when I find them.  I get the most feedback from the music links; please click them!

My outward dress challenges me to the more important matter of making my daily life more in tune with God's Word, as we’re challenged to clothe ourselves in Christ (Colossians 3:12-14) and to put on God’s armor (Ephesians 6:11-17).

So please check out http://liturgicaldress.com.  I also post a daily teaser to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+:  one-liner, picture, and link to the whole post.  Feel free to add a comment, perhaps about how you “dressed” to God’s word today, literally or figuratively.

See Liturgical Dress:  Wearing God's Word Every Day, thanks to Kate O'Hare.

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