April 10, 2014

April 10

April 10, 2014:  Thursday, 5th week of Lent

    God's covenant with Abraham, referencing Gn 17:1;
    God and Abe link all today's readings
  • Gn 17:3-9  God to Abram:  “I am making you the father of nations.  Kings shall stem from you.  I will maintain my covenant with you and your descendants forever, to be your God.  I will give you the whole land of Canaan.  You must keep my covenant throughout the ages.”
  • Ps 105:4-9  "The Lord remembers his covenant for ever."  Look to and serve the Lord, our God.  You, his servants, his chosen, recall his wondrous deeds!
  • Jn 8:51-59  Jesus / Jews:  “Whoever keeps my word won't see death.” / “You're possessed.  Abraham and the prophets died; are you greater?” / “God my Father glorifies me.  I know him and keep his word.” / “You've seen Abraham?” / “Before Abraham, I AM.” / They picked up stones to throw at him, but he left.
Pope Francis
  • Homily:   The Pharisees' detached commandments from God's heart, but the commandments are born from a relationship of love.  The Pharisees closed their hearts and minds, leaving no room for God, just for their own thought.  How many have closed heart and mind, not open to dialogue or God's voice; how many can't accept Jesus' message.  It's worse than stubbornness; it's idolatry of thinking.  Their theology became a slave to their narrow thought.  Jesus rebuked them for trying to impose their narrow thought on God's people.
Dictatorships of narrow thought, closed to dialogue and God's promise, have killed many.  Even today there's a dictatorship of thought that stones freedom of conscience and people's relationship with God and crucifies Jesus again.  Leaders say, 'If you want this support, you have to think like this…'  The Lord’s exhorts us to be humble and vigilant and to pray; don't be silly or buy what you don't need.  Lord, give us the freedom of an open heart, to receive your Word and move forward!
        Wordle: Readings 4-10-14
        Wordle of today's readings
      • Creighton:  God assures Abraham, that if he's faithful, he and his descendants will be “God’s protected people.”  This covenant, this relationship of trust with God, is ours to honor and share.  If we remain faithful, we'll receive God’s blessings.  “The Lord remembers his covenant forever.”
        • Passionist:  We were created for the covenant:  I need to invite God deeper into my heart, probe my unhealed hurts and how I hurt myself and others, critique my self-righteousness and unwillingness to listen and forgive, become less controlling and more honest and affirming, find what impedes deeper intimacy with God, shed masks, and humbly surrender myself to God.  
        • DailyScripture.net St. Augustine explains John 8:51:  'Jesus came to free us from eternal death, the death of the damned!  The other death is only a passage.'  Jesus challenged the Jews to accept his word as the revelation of God, claiming knowledge of and obedience to God as the only begotten Son of the Father, and that the way to know God is through himself.
        • Moved to greater love Jesuit reflection on union with Jesus en route to the cross. God's covenant promise to Abraham as father of nations unfolds when we're obedient and faithful and flourish.  Where have I found human flourishing in my call?  How faithfully am I following Christ?  How have I come to know God's faithfulness in my life?  +"Fall in Love" (attributed to Arrupe), "The Vision of La Storta" (SJ GC 35, Decree 2) 

        • "Olympics" pin (also at left since it's washed out on the right):  "I am making you the father of a host of nations" (1st reading)
        • "Kings" tie:  "Kings shall stem from you" (1st reading)
        • "Stone" tie pin:  "They picked up stones to throw at him" (gospel)
        • Purple shirt:  Lenten season

        Dress your life!

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