April 28, 2014

April 28

April 28, 2014:  Monday, 2nd week of Easter

  • Acts 4:23-31  Peter and John reported what the chief priests and elders told them.  The people said, “Lord, you said through David:  Why did the Gentiles rage?  Kings took their stand against the Lord and his anointed.  Herod and Pilate, with Jews and Gentiles, gathered to do what you'd willed long ago.  Lord, let your servants speak your word boldly and do signs and wonders in Jesus' name.”  They were filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak God's word boldly.
    Wordle: Readings 4-28-14
  • Ps 2:1-9  "Blessed are all who take refuge in the Lord."  Why do the nations rage?  Kings rise up against the Lord and his anointed.  The Lord derides, then terrifies them.  The Lord told me, “You are my Son.  You shall rule and shelter the nations.”
  • Jn 3:1-8  Pharisee Nicodemus / Jesus:  “Rabbi, we know you're from God; no one can do these signs unless God is with him.” / “Unless you're born from above, you can't see God's Kingdom.” / “How can an old man be born again?” / “Unless you're born of water and Spirit, you can't enter.  Flesh begets flesh and spirit spirit.  The wind blows where it wills; you hear it but don't know where it's from or where it's going.  So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”
      • Let us break their bonds asunder, from Part 2 of Messiah/ Handel; another (psalm) [The first is from a concert of just Parts 2 and 3, IMHO a great idea considering the preponderance of Part 1+Hallelujah chorus concerts, with or without the Amen]
      Pope Francis
        The incredulity of St. Thomas/ Caravaggio
        (for Sunday gospel)
      • To Argentina youth:  Who are you? Like the Apostles, initially enthusiastic but now too attached to things to follow Christ?  Like the prodigal son who returned to his father’s mercy?  Dead like the widow’s son?  If you're dead, Mother Church is crying for you, and Christ can revive you.  Trust in God’s forgiveness; when we falter, we can truly encounter the Lord.  [To young women:]  You have this great treasure:  to give life, tenderness, peace, and joy.  The Church is female, like Mary; it's your place.  Be Church, form the Church, be with Jesus, with tenderness, to accompany it and help it grow.
        • Creighton:  We encounter God as we are with our limits and talents.  We can't change ourselves but can trust in God to transform us.  Unchanging things are safe, comfortable, and familiar, but Jesus invites Nicodemus/us into a new, unknown, liberating, perhaps dangerous, world infused with the Spirit.
        • One Bread One Body:  Nicodemus talked of signs, Jesus of Baptism.  Live your Baptism.
            • Passionist:  Peter and John, released from jail and not sure of what's next. pray and experience the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit challenges us out of our comfort zone to trust in a higher power.  We're called as disciples to be open to the Spirit and live the gospel boldly, like Peter and John who lived with passion, faith, and courage.  Spread the good news to a world hungry for hope, peace and justice; the Spirit will guide us as we follow the risen Christ.
            • Moved to greater love  How is "community life" in my communities: growth?   companionship at table?  common discipleship?  daily reconciliation?  joy?  What is my hope:  different from optimism?  for what?
            • "Kneeling person" tie bar:  "As they prayed, the place shook" (1st reading)
            • "Keyboard with dove" tie pin:  "they were all filled with the Holy Spirit" (1st reading); one not born of water and Spirit can't enter the Kingdom (gospel)
            • "Hands" tie:  today: "Enable us to speak your word, as you stretch your hand to heal" (1st reading); Sunday: Jesus showed them his hands, Thomas:  "unless I put my hand into his side" (gospel)
            • White shirt:  color of day/Easter season
            • "Key" tie pin:  the doors were locked (Sun. gospel; forgot yesterday)
            • "Peace sign" tie bar:  “Peace be with you!” (Sun. gospel; forgot yesterday)
            • "Hearts" suspenders:  Divine Mercy Sunday
            • Pope St. John Paul II prayer card (in pocket) from Saturday night's canonization celebration, thanks to Radiate.LA
            Pope St. John Paul II,
            pray for us.

            Pope St. John XXIII,
            pray for us
            Dress your life!

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