June 25, 2014

June 25

June 25, 2014:  Wednesday, 12th week, Ordinary Time


Wordle: Readings 6-25-2014
  • 2 Kgs 22:8-13; 23:1-3  High priest / scribe:  “I found the book of the law in the temple.”  When the king heard the contents, he commanded:  “Consult the Lord for me, for the people, for all Judah, about its stipulations; God is angry with us, because our ancestors didn't obey.”  He went to the temple with the people, had the book read out, and made a covenant before the Lord that they'd follow him.
  • Ps 119:33-37, 40  "Teach me the way of your decrees, O Lord."  Give me discernment, that I may keep your law with all my heart.  I long for your precepts; give me life.
  • Mt 7:15-20  “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but are wolves underneath.  By their fruits you'll know them.  Good trees bear good fruit; rotten trees, bad fruit.  Every tree that doesn't bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”
Pope Francis
  • Audience:  Belonging to the Church means being formed by members who have received the faith, i.e. being part of a living tradition.  The Church, the community of faith, is the essential and necessary mediator of grace, including the grace of knowledge of and relationship with the Lord.  Some believe you can have a personal relationship with Christ outside the communion and the mediation of the Church, but our relationship with Christ is personal but not private; it's born of and enriched by the Church.  Our shared pilgrimage isn't easy:  we encounter human weakness, limitations, and even scandal in the Church.  God has nevertheless called us to know and love him by loving our brothers and sisters, by persevering in the Church, and by seeking to grow in faith and holiness as members of the body of Christ.
    • Creighton:  I must examine myself to be sure I'm following God and listen to the “nag” I get when rationalizing.
    • One Bread One Body:  When the king heard the book of the law, he rent his garments, knowing the people accountable to obey God's Word weren't doing so.  We've disobeyed too but can return to our merciful Lord, rending our hearts [Jl 2:13].
    • Passionist:  Josiah takes charge of Judah at 8 and rules for 31 years.  Once he reads the Book of the Law, he gathers his people and makes a covenant with the Lord.  God will be faithful to him.
    • DailyScripture.net:  Fruit is good when free from decay/disease and healthy. Good fruit is the result of sound living.  Bad fruit makes for easy religion, Christianity sans cross.  Be true to God, his word, and his grace; live with faith, hope, love, justice, prudence, fortitude, and temperance.
    "Roamin' Catholic" music ministry report (for Sunday afternoon Mass)
    • Ensemble:  youths/young adults (4 men, 4 women, 3 acoustic guitarists, 1 pianist) in area right of sanctuary (converted from assembly seating?), visible from front but not back of church.  Cantor was at sanctuary podium (even, unfortunately, during psalm), visible to all.  IMHO his t-shirt and jeans deserved an upgrade to show respect for the Mass and the music ministry even if he would have fit into the assembly.  (Is this "liturgical dress" blogger too old-fashioned in this regard?)
    • Assembly singing was strong, reflecting well on the whole community.  Sound reinforcement unfortunately overpowered the assembly with music ministers and also contributed some pesky feedback.
    • Responsorial psalm:  Taste and see/ Angrisano:  Psalm 34 is good for Corpus Christi, and this is a good setting, but since we shouldn't normally trump the psalm of the day on a solemnity, I  would've preferred today's Psalm 89 here and this "Taste and see" elsewhere in the Mass.  (As I alluded earlier, I would have also preferred it being proclaimed/let from the ambo to associate the psalm more tightly with the Liturgy of the Word.)
    • Selected other music:
      • Taste and see/ Moore:  great communion song, but IMHO the busy piano accompaniment detracted from it
      • Seed scattered and sown/ Feiten:  good song for today done faster as a recessional; IMHO it works better elsewhere and a bit slower (maybe not as slow as this recording though)
    (Other Roamin' Catholic reports)
    • "Eyeball" tie pin:  Turn away my eyes from seeing what is vain (psalm)
    • "Sheep" tie bar:  “Beware false prophets, wolves in sheep’s clothing" (gospel)
    • "Apple" pin:  "By their fruits you will know them." (gospel)
    • "Grapes" pin:  "Do people pick grapes from thornbushes?" (gospel)
    • "Tree" pin:  "every good tree bears good fruit" (gospel)
    • Green in shirt:  Ordinary Time season

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