June 6, 2014

June 6

June 6, 2014:  Friday, 7th Week of Easter

  • Acts 25:13b-21  Festus referred Paul’s case to the king:  “The chief priests and elders demanded his condemnation.  They only had issues with him about their religion and about 'Jesus.'  I asked if he were willing to stand trial in Jerusalem, Paul appealed to the Emperor, and I ordered him held until I could send him.”
    Wordle: Readings 6-6-14
  • Ps 103:1-2, 11-12, 19-20ab  "The Lord has established his throne in heaven."  Bless the Lord, and forget not his benefits:  His kindness is surpassing.  He put our transgressions far from us.  His kingdom rules over all.
  • Jn 21:15-19  Jesus / Simon Peter:  “Do you love me more than these?” / “Yes; you know I love you.” / “Feed my lambs.” / “Do you love me?” / “Yes; you know I love you.” / “Tend my sheep.” / “Do you love me?” / (distressed he asked a third time) “Lord, you know everything; you know I love you.” / “Feed my sheep.  When you were younger, you used to go where you wanted; but when you grow old, someone else will lead you where you don't want to go.”  (He signified by what kind of death he'd glorify God.)  “Follow me.”
Pope Francis
  • Homily:  Priests and couples, ask regularly:  Am I still as in love as the first day?  Am I happy?  Jesus asks us like he did Peter, "Do you love me?".   I ask myself, how is my love of Jesus today?  Am I as in love now as on the first day, or do work and worries lead me to forget love a little?  Arguments are normal; when there's no love, there are no arguments.  Do I argue with the Lord?  This is a sign of love.  Priests, ask, "Am I a shepherd?"  The Lord has called us to be a shepherd first, "Feed my sheep."  Feed with what you study, but feed, lead, and go forward.  It's our destiny as pastors to end up like Jesus and Peter, with no glory or majesty, in common, humiliating circumstances:   having to be fed and dressed, sick and useless..."  Love that dies is the seed of fruit I won't see.  Jesus ends his conversation with Peter, "Follow me!"  If we lose our way, don't know how to respond, or aren't certain the Lord will stay with us in our worst moments, our certainty is in the footsteps of Jesus.
      • Creighton:  If we really love Christ, we'll care for the members of his flock, tending to their needs.  "They'll know we are Christians by our love."  Will they know?
      • DailyScripture.net:  "Do you love me more than anything else?"  Love is a choice to give oneself to another for their sake.  God's love compels us to give him everything—gifts, time, resources, allegiance, life.  The Lord calls us to love him above all else.  "Late have I loved you, O Beauty so ancient and so new.  Late have I loved you!  You shone your Self upon me to drive away my blindness.  You breathed your fragrance upon me and in astonishment I drew my breath; now I pant for you!  I tasted you, and now I hunger and thirst for you. You touched me! - and I burn to live within your peace." (St. Augustine, Confessions 10:27).
      • Passionist:  Greek words for love:  ἔρως (passionate, sensual eros), φιλία (philia, deep friendship, affection); ἀγάπη (selfless, sacrificial, unconditional agape)  Jesus asked twice whether Peter agape-loved him, and Peter responded he philia-loved him; then he asked whether he philia-loved him, and he said yes.  Peter had stated his unfailing love before, then betrayed him; now he humbly offered philia (not agape) and Jesus accepted it.  Jesus encounters us where and how we are.  The Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles as they were and comes to us no matter our degree of holiness.  Let the Spirit in.
      • Universalis:  St. Norbert, archbishop.  St. Marcellin Champagnat, priest, Marist Brothers/Society of Mary founder.

      • "Angel" pin:  "Bless the Lord, all you his angels." (gospel)
      • "Hearts" suspenders:  “Simon, do you love me?” (gospel)
      • "Lamb" tie bar:  “Feed my lambs.” (gospel)
      • "Hot air balloon" tie:  Ascension-Pentecost novena
      • White and green in shirt:  white for Easter season, green for upcoming Ordinary Time

      Dress your life!

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