April 24, 2015

April 24

April 24, 2015:  Friday, Third Week of Easter

Find 12 connections between my outfit and
today's Bible readings and celebration?

Legend below

Pope Francis homily
Jesus chose encounter as the means to change lives. A good example is Paul, the anti-Christian persecutor who became an Apostle.
The first encounter:  Consider life-changing “first encounters” with Jesus:  of John and Andrew, Simon Peter, the Samaritan leper, the sick woman who touched Jesus' tunic...; they're decisive encounters that should prompt us never to forget our own first encounter with Christ.  He never forgets, but we do.  Consider:  "When have I felt the Lord close to me?  When have I felt the need to change my life, or become better, or forgive someone?  When have I felt the Lord asking something of me?  When have I encountered the Lord?’  Our faith is an encounter with Jesus.
Daily memory:  Ask daily:  “Lord, when did you say something to me that changed my life, or invited me to take a step forward?”  Rejoice in the memory, a memory of love.  Look in the gospels how Jesus encountered and chose people…  So many encounters with Jesus are there; maybe one is similar to mine....
Remember your first love:  Christ intends the relationship with you as a predilection, a love of and for you.  Pray for the grace of memory, "Lord, when was that first encounter, that first love?," so you don't hear his complaint,  "You've forgotten your first love.
  • Acts 9:1-20  Saul asked for authority to haul believers to Jerusalem.  On his journey, he was blinded and heard Jesus ask why he's persecuting him and tell him to go to Damascus.  God told Ananias where to find him; he went and laid hands on him, and Saul regained his sight and strength, was baptized, and began to proclaim Jesus as Son of God.
  • Ps 117:1bc, 2  "Go out to all the world and tell the Good News."  Praise the Lord; he's kind and faithful.
  • Jn 6:52-59  Jesus:  “Unless you eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and drink his Blood, you have no life in you.  Whoever eats my Flesh and drinks my Blood remains in me and I in him.  The one who feeds on me will live forever.” 
    • One Bread One Body:  The Lord often decides to work through people.  Ananias was instrumental in converting Saul, then Saul was instrumental in converting Jews and Gentiles.  How does the Lord want you to be his instrument?  You're God's mouth, hands, and feet.  As the Lord gives his flesh and blood to me in the Eucharist, may I give mine to him in a life of loving service as his instrument.
      The Conversion of Saul/ Michelangelo
    • Passionist:  Paul's question "Who are You, Lord?" (which rhymes in Greek) is so important!  He came to understand with the help of the Church through Ananias who laid hands on him to restore his sight.  There is a long biblical tradition of eyes that can't see the world of God, but the Holy Spirit uncovers the reality of the Risen Christ for us.
    • DailyScripture.net:  The Jews were scandalized and the disciples divided when Jesus said "eat my flesh and drink my blood."  John has no Last Supper account, just foot washing and Jesus' farewell discourse, but rather this bread of life discourse.  In the Old Covenant, bread and wine were offered in a thanksgiving sacrifice as a sign of grateful acknowledgment to the Creator as life-giver and sustainer. Melchizedek, priest and king, offered a sacrifice of bread and wine; it prefigured the offering made by Jesus, our high priest and king.  The remembrance of the manna recalled to the Israelites that they live by the bread of the Word of God.
      • Erkenwald, convert, abbot, bishop
    Dress legend
    • NEW 'Letters' tie:  Saul asked the high priest for letters to synagogues (1st reading)
    • 'Eyeball' tie pin:  Blinded Saul regained sight when Ananias laid hands on him (1st reading)
    • 'Praying person' tie bar:  Ananias, you'll find Saul praying (1st reading)
    • 'Hand' tie pin:  Ananias laid hands on Saul (1st reading)
    • 'Piano' pin:  Paul is God's chosen 'instrument' (1st reading)
    • 'Holy Spirit' chain:  "The Lord sent me... that you may be filled with the Holy Spirit" (1st reading)
    • 'Wheat' tie bar:  Bread of Life discourse (gospel)
    • 'Blood drop' pin:  If you drink my Blood you have eternal life, and I'll raise you up... (gospel)
    • Red, white, and blue shirt:  red for Jesus' blood (What color is blood?) (gospel) and martyrdom of St. Fidelis, white for Easter season, blue for waters of baptism (1st reading)

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