April 9, 2015

Easter Thurs.

April 9, 2015:  Easter Thursday = Thursday in the Octave of Easter

Over ten connections with today's Bible readings and celebration
How many can you find?
Legend at bottom


  • See yesterday for good "Emmaus tunes" (beginning of gospel)
  • Acts 3:11-26  Peter at Solomon's Portico after cripple's healing:  “Why are you amazed, and why do you look at us as if we cured him?  God glorified Jesus; you killed him, but God raised him.  Faith in Jesus cured the man.  God fulfilled the prophecies that his Christ would suffer.  Repent and be converted so your sins may be wiped away and God may send you Jesus, and in your offspring all shall be blessed.”
  • Ps 8:2ab, 5-9  "O Lord, our God, how wonderful your name in all the earth!"  You've crowned him and given him dominion over created things.
  • Lk 24:35-48  They recounted how they recognized Jesus in the breaking of bread.  Jesus came:  “Peace!” but they thought him a ghost.  “Look at my hands and feet, and touch me; a ghost has no flesh or bones.”  They were joyful and amazed.  “Have you anything to eat?”  They gave him fish, and he ate it.  “I told you everything about me in the law, prophets, and psalms must be fulfilled....  It is written the Christ would suffer and rise, and that repentance would be preached to all.  You're witnesses.”

  • Creighton:  After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to his friends and said, “You are witnesses.”  They thought they were seeing a ghost but then realized it was Jesus.  The context of today's first reading is the healing of the cripple [[yesterday]].  People are amazed, but Peter sets the record straight:  the cripple has been healed by faith in Jesus, of whose resurrection Peter is a witness, and the people can now repent, be converted, and be refreshed in the Lord.
    The appearance of Christ at the Cenacle/ Tissot
  • One Bread One Body:  "At the name of Jesus":  In Jesus' name, the lame walk, every knee must bow, and the world may be saved.  May I enthrone Jesus as my Lord and Master and speak his name publicly to those who desperately need the Good News he brings....
  • Passionist:  "The Season of God's Word":   The Easter Scriptures help us keep the 7-week celebration new, alive, relevant, and Christ-centered.  Fr. Peter Cameron, OP:  the readings on Sundays of Easter help us to overcome our resistance to the Resurrection.  When the risen Lord appears, the disciples are afraid it's a ghost despite his "Peace" greeting.  He eats fish to show he's not a ghost, but he makes it through shut doors!  When Mary Magdalene can't cling to Jesus, it could mean the old ways of being with Jesus are gone, evoking a sadness despite the presence of the risen Lord; Fr. John Lynch, SJ in A Woman Wrapped in Silence suggests Mary the Mother of Jesus feels this emptiness after the Resurrection.  Our Lord is present to us now in the Word of God....
  • DailyScripture.net:  St. Jerome:  As Jesus showed "them real hands and a real side, he really ate with them; really walked with Cleopas, conversed, reclined at supper; took, blessed, broke, and offered bread... Don't put the Lord's power on the level of magic tricks; he ate with real teeth, walked with feet, broke bread with hands, spoke with a tongue, and showed a side that had no ribs." (paraphrased)  The heart of the Gospel is the cross, the way to glory.  The disciples rejoiced that death led to life, the cross to victory.  Jesus shows us the way and gives us power to overcome sin, despair, and anything else in the way of his love and truth.  We're called to be witnesses of the resurrection....
Dress legend
  • 'Angel' pin:  "You have made people little less than the angels..." (psalm)
  • 'Crown' tie bar:  "...and crowned them with glory and honor,..." (psalm)
  • 'Precious feet' pin:  "...putting all things under their feet,..." (psalm)
  • 'Sheep' tie bar"  "all sheep, beasts, fish (see below)..." (psalm)
  • 'Wheat' pin:  Jesus' disciples recognized him in the breaking of the bread (gospel)
  • 'Peace sign' tie bar:  “Peace be with you.” (gospel)
  • '?' tie pin:  "Why do questions arise in your hearts?"
  • 'Hands' tie, 'precious feet' pin:  "Look at my hands and feet" (gospel)
  • 'Fish' tie pin: "They gave him a piece of fish" (gospel)
  • White shirt:  color of day and season
  • NEW 'Fishing pole' tie bar:  “I'm going fishing”  (tomorrow's gospel, so I didn't count it) (oops, upside down; it'll be right side up tomorrow :-)

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