November 23, 2015

Nov. 23

November 23, 2015:  Monday, 34th week, Ordinary Time

  • 'Penny pincher' pin:  the wealthy's offering from surplus, the widow's of all she had (gospel)
  • Crucifix:  Jesus made peace through blood of cross (1st reading)
    • 'Crown' tie bar:  Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
      • 'Love' sticker, 'girl with heart' pin:  Widow's total offering; Christ, King of Love
      • 'Clocks' tie:  Ordinary Time closing, Day of the Lord coming
      • Red around clocks:  Fr. Miguel Pro's martyrdom
      • Green shirt and suspenders:  Ordinary Time

      Pope Francis homily
      Jesus said the “poor widow put in more than the rest” because the others were giving from their surplus while she “offered her whole livelihood.”  She placed her trust in the Lord.  Widows in the Gospel are an image of the “widowed” Church waiting for Jesus to return.  The Church is the bride of Christ, but her Lord, her only treasure, has gone.  If she remains faithful, she leaves everything while waiting for him to return.  If she doesn't have so much faith, she tries to get by in other ways, seeking security in worldly things.
      The widows of the Gospels speak beautifully about Jesus and His Church.  The Nain widow cried as she accompanied her son to be buried.  A importunate widow went to the unjust judge to defend her sons.  This is the widowed Church who prays for her children.  The heart of the Church is always with Jesus, the Bridegroom in heaven.
      The closer our lives are to Jesus, the more we can avoid useless things that lead us away from Christ.  While the ‘widowed’ Church waits for Jesus, she can be faithful, trusting her husband will return, or she can be unfaithful, lukewarm, and mediocre, seeking comfort in other things.  Are you searching for the Lord, or looking for comfort in things which don't please him?  “Come Lord Jesus!”  May we leave behind useless things that keep us from staying faithful.
        Le denier de la veuve/ Tissot
      • Dn 1:1-6, 8-20  King Nebuchadnezzar laid siege to Jerusalem.  Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah avoid defilement from king's food by passing 10-day vegetable test.  God gave them knowledge and understanding.  They entered the king’s service, were found better than the rest.
      • Dn 3:52, 53, 54, 55, 56  "Glory and praise for ever!"  Blessed are You in the temple, on the throne, in heaven...
      • Lk 21:1-4  Jesus, seeing the wealthy giving offerings and poor widow giving two coins:  “This widow put in more than all the rest; they offered from their surplus, but she gave her livelihood.”
      • Creighton:  The stories of Daniel are about wisdom, knowledge, proficiency. and cautious judgment.  Do I give, work, and live from my surplus or from my heart?
      • One Bread, One Body:  "Pass the trust test":  The four young Israelites asked their master to test their faith.  The poor widow asked God to test her faith by giving the Lord all her money.  During the testing they gave God their all, trusted him, and placed their future in his hands.  Many unsuccessfully try to store up treasures for tomorrow.  "Seek first your Father's kingship over you, his way of holiness..."  Don't plan for tomorrow using today's faith.  Trust in God today.
        Pro killed at point blank
        after surviving firing squad
      • Passionist:  Daniel and his companions, brought to Babylon to serve the Babylonian king after the Babylonians conquered Israel, showed themselves to be exceptional.  They refused the food given to them, likely because it's unclean according to the Law, but they flourished on vegetables.  They remained true to who they are, and whose they are.  No matter where we are, God is with us, and we can still grow in love and service, even if we're far from what's familiar and comfortable. / The widow teaches us we're called to give of ourselves, even if we look at ourselves as poor.  We're called to serve, wherever we are, in whatever circumstances we are, and know God gives us what we need to do it.
      •  "She put in all that she had":  True love doesn't calculate; it spends lavishly!  Real giving must come from the heart.  A gift given with a grudge or for display loses its value, but one given out of love, with generosity, is precious.  The cost to the giver matters more than the size of the gift.  What we can offer may seem worthless, but if we put it at the Lord's disposal, God will do with it, and us, more than we can imagine.  How do I give?
      Pro Video
      Padre Miguel Pro I-IIIPadre ProRain for a Dusty Summer, AKA Guns of the Revolution

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