November 24, 2015

Vietnamese martyrs

November 24, 2015:  St. Andrew Dũng-Lạc, Priest, and Companions, Martyrs

See 12 connections?
Legend below

    • Dn 2:31-45  Daniel to King Nebuchadnezzar re vision and interpretation:  “You saw a statue of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and clay tile, being crumbled by stone.  You're the head.  Kingdoms replacing yours are the silver, bronze, iron with clay.  Last won't stay united.  God will set up a permanent kingdom.”
    • Dn 3:57-61  "Give glory and eternal praise to him."  Works of the Lord, angels, heavens, waters, and hosts, bless the Lord.
    • Lk 21:5-11  Jesus re temple:  “Days will come when nothing you see here will remain.  Don't follow the false prophets or fear the wars.  There will be earthquakes, famines, and plagues, as well as awesome sights and signs from the sky.”
      • Creighton:  Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream reminds us that God speaks through dreams and that while kings, kingdoms, nations, and civilizations come and go, God's reign of mercy and justice will last.  Jesus spoke of the destruction of Jerusalem; God's power is always to bring change and conversion.
      Today we honor 117 martyrs, though there were probably over 100,000 Vietnamese tortured and executed from 1625–1886.  “As a Christian I don't believe in death without resurrection. If they kill me, I'll be reborn in the Salvadoran people” (Archbishop Oscar Romero, days before his martyrdom)....
        Martyrs of Vietnam
      • One Bread, One Body:  "The certainty of the end and his coming":  The vision Daniel interpreted was the pattern of history, the destruction of kingdoms.  Jesus prophesied the fall of Jerusalem would prefigure the end of the world.  "We await new heavens and a new earth where God's justice will reside."
      • Passionist:  Jesus tells us not to be deceived; the Greek is πλανάω, wander.   In our arrogance we still stray from truth....
      •  "Take heed you're not led astray":  The signs God uses are to point us to a higher truth and reality of his eternal kingdom.  God works through events and signs to purify and renew us in hope and help us set our hearts on him alone.  Jews took great pride in their temple; the foretelling of its destruction was a warning of judgment.  They asked Jesus for a sign of when it would take place; Jesus instead told them to pray for God's intervention of grace and mercy.  Jesus said many signs of conflicts and disasters would precede the struggles of the last days.  When the Lord returns, there will be a final judgment, and all secrets will be brought to light.  Jesus' prophecy of the destruction of the Jerusalem temple pointed to both God's judgment and his salvation and mercy.  We need to recognize the signs of God's judgment, mercy, and grace to save us....
      Dress legend
      • Gold-colored accessories:  Statue's head was pure gold; chest and arms were silver (1st reading)
      • 'Stone' tie pin:  While you looked, a stone struck and broke its feet (1st reading); "there won't be left a stone upon another that won't be thrown down"; people talked about how stones adorned the temple (gospel)
      • 'Ruler' tie bar:  God made you 'ruler' over people and beasts (1st reading); Christ the King, 'ruler' of all (Sunday's celebration)
      • 'Angel' pin:  Angels, bless the Lord (canticle)
      • 'Signs' tie:  "What sign will there be when these things are about to happen?...  Mighty signs will come from the sky." (gospel)
      • 'Abacus' tie pin:  The feet and toes, of tile and iron, mean the kingdom shall be divided... (1st reading) [Holy Tony, look around; I've lost the 'precious feet' pin I wanted to use for this]
      • Red shirt, 'blood drop' pin:  martyrs of Vietnam
      • 'Clocks' suspenders:  Don't follow those who say, ‘The time has come.’ (gospel); last week of Ordinary Time season

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