March 9, 2014

1st Sunday of Lent

March 9, 2014:  1st Sunday of Lent


  • Gn 2:7-9; 3:1-7  God formed man and gave him life, then planted a garden and placed him there.  The serpent tempted the woman to eat forbidden fruit; she ate and gave some to her husband, their eyes were opened, and they realized they were naked.
  • Ps 51:3-6, 12-13, 17  "Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned."  Create a clean heart for me.  Open my lips, and I'll praise you.
    Wordle: Readings 3-9-14
  • Rom 5:12-19  Through one man's disobedience, many were made sinners, judged, condemned, and died; through Jesus' obedience, many will receive grace and be made just.
  • Mt 4:1-11  Jesus fasted 40 days in the desert and was hungry.  The devil tempted him:  “If you're God's Son, turn these stones into bread.” / “One does not live on bread alone, but on God's word.” /  “If you're God's Son, throw yourself down and let the angels support you.” / “You shall not put God to the test.” / "I'll give you these kingdoms if you worship me.” / “Go, Satan!  It's written:  Worship and serve God alone.”  The devil left him, and angels ministered to Jesus.
Pope Francis
  • Angelus:  The tempter tries to divert Jesus from the Father's path of love and sacrifice to the road of success and power (via false messianic hopes).  Jesus doesn’t dialogue with him, as Eve did; he knows you can’t, because Satan is so cunning.  Instead, he responds with the power of God's Word.  In moments of temptation, defend yourself with God's Word; it'll strengthen and save you.  The road of faith passes through darkness and doubt and is nourished by patience and perseverance.  We must also get rid of idols and build our lives on the essentials.
Jesus' fidelity will lead him to the final confrontation with the prince of this world, in the Passion and Cross, to achieve final victory, the victory of love!  Lent is an opportunity for conversion, confronting ourselves.  Renew your baptismal promises, renouncing Satan and all his works and seductions, andwalk the paths of God to reach Easter with joy.
    • Creighton:  Fasting and prayer bring about change!  Fasting (including non-food fasts like from Words With Friends, spending the time with Scripture) allows the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to us.  Participate in an online retreat on the Spirituality of Pope Francis.
    • One Bread One Body:  Sin alienates us from God and others; blinded and enslaved, we hurt people.  Lent helps us live the new life of faith.  Give, pray, fast, repent...
    • Passionist:  Today's readings are about our relationship with God.  God can't stop loving; he sought Adam and Eve after their sin.  Jesus the Gardener leads us back to the Garden.  Let's tend our relationship with our faithful God and deal with the demons that get in the way.
    • Universalis:  St. Frances of Rome, married 40 years, helped the sick and poor,  contemplative; founded convent.
    • "Tree" pin:  Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (1st reading) [not a fruit tree; sorry]
    • Garden tie:  Garden of Eden (1st reading) 
    • "Apple" pin:  sign of forbidden fruit (1st reading)
    • "Serpent" pin for serpent (1st reading) (it looks like a serpent to me :-)
    • "Eyeball" tie pin:  they ate and their eyes were opened (1st reading)
    • Purple shirt:  Lent (season)
    • "Hearts" suspenders:  create a clean heart... (psalm)
    • Keyboard with dove tie pin:  don't take your Holy Spirit from me (psalm)
    • Crucifix:  Jesus' righteous act (2nd reading)
    • Stone tie pin:  "turn these stones into bread" (gospel)
    • Angel pin:  angels ministered to Jesus (gospel)

    Dress your life!

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