March 1, 2014

March 1

March 1, 2014:  Saturday, 7th week, Ordinary Time


Wordle: Readings 3-1-14
  • Jas 5:13-20  If you're suffering, pray; if you're in good spirits, sing praise.  If you're sick, summon the presbyters to pray over and anoint you; the prayer will save you.  Confess your sins to one another, pray for one another, and be healed.  Whoever brings back a sinner will save his soul and cover a multitude of sins.
  • Mk 10:13-16  “Let the children come to me; the Kingdom belongs to such as these.  Whoever doesn't accept the Kingdom like a child won't enter it.”  Then he embraced and blessed the children.
Pope Francis
  • To Commission for Latin America:  Follow Christ's example of commitment, service, selfless love, and struggle for justice and truth.  The Church wants to show youth how beautiful it is to live as He did, selflessly and drawn by the beauty of goodness.  One who knows Jesus becomes a missionary disciple, bearing witness to faith, sparing no sacrifice.  Jesus' encounter with the rich youth included:
    1. welcome, which precedes all teaching or sending out:   He put himself in people's situation even when they rejected him.  Be close to the young in every area of life:  school, family, work....  Many have serious problems—school difficulties, unemployment, loneliness, disunited families—and become vulnerable to drug abuse, sex without love, violence...  They need dignity, love, and a sense of inclusion.
    2. listening without condemning:  He had a frank and cordial dialogue.  The young want to feel at home in the Church.  Open your doors and actively seek them.
    3. inviting to sell what he had and follow him.  Youth must see Christ wants to share their desire for life, commitment, and dedication.  Offer them the best:  Christ, his Gospel, and a horizon letting them face life with coherence, honesty, and high-mindedness and build a better world.
The young are waiting for us; don't let them down.
    • Creighton:  Children are dependent, free, and joyful; so too Jesus' followers.  Depend on God.
    • Passionist:  Christ has no hands on earth but ours.  When we lay hands on someone, he's touching them.  Pray; be an instrument of the Lord and bless others.
      • "Kneeling person" tie bar: pray for healing (1st reading); "let my prayer come before you" (psalm)
      • Watch: set a "watch" before my mouth (psalm)
      • "Eyeball" pin (inside ∇ of tie bar):  my eyes are turned to you (psalm)
      • "Children" pin:  let them come to me (gospel)
      • Green shirt:  Ordinary Time (season)

      Dress your life!

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