March 20, 2014

March 20

March 20, 2014:  Thursday, 2nd week of Lent

  • Jer 17:5-10  The one who trusts in human beings, whose heart turns from God, is like a barren bush.  The one who trusts in the Lord is like a tree beside the waters, bearing fruit despite heat or drought.  God alone tests the heart and rewards everyone according to their deeds.
    Wordle: Readings 3-20-14
  • Ps 1:1-4, 6  "Blessed are they who hope in the Lord."  Blessed those who delight in and meditate on God's law; they're like trees yielding fruit.  But the wicked are like chaff...
  • Lk 16:19-31  Poor Lazarus lay at a rich man's door.  Both died; angels carried Lazarus to Abraham, but the rich man was tormented.  Rich man  / Abraham:  ‘Take pity; send Lazarus!’ / ‘There's a chasm between us.’ / ‘Then send him to my father's house to spare my brothers.’ / ‘Let them heed Moses and the prophets.’ / ‘But they'd change if one came from the dead.’ / ‘Not if they don't heed the law and prophets.
    • Creighton:   God always comes first; rely on God before anyone or anything.  Respond to grace and draw closer to God.
    • One Bread One Body:  The rich man (‘Dives’) knew Lazarus by name.  We can become hardhearted and disregard others' needs.  Dives dug a chasm by disregarding Lazarus and others in life.  Whom do we ignore unless they can help us?
    • Passionist:  Jesus wants us to be free, not attached.  The rich man lost his freedom and vision of others due to his attachment to wealth.  The destitute can also lose freedom and attention to others through preoccupation about survival.  How free am I?  What do I desire?  How generous and charitable am I with others?
    Pope Francis
    • Homily:  One who trusts in the Lord bears fruit.  Trusting in others doesn’t save or give life or joy, but we still like to trust ourselves or friends or ideas even though it closes us in on ourselves and doesn't save or give life or joy.  The rich man had it all but didn’t notice poor Lazarus at his door.  We can all trust in ourselves or friends or human possibilities, forgetting the Lord; it leads to unhappiness.  But there's hope:  the Father is waiting for our call.
    • To steel workers:  Employment is essential for society, families, and individuals.  Work affects the person, life, freedom, and happiness; its primary value is the person's good, because it realizes persons by making demands on their attitudes and abilities.  The unemployed and underemployed risk marginalization and exclusion; many become discouraged or apathetic.  Promote a justice- and solidarity-based approach—placing dignity, not money, at the center—to ensure everyone can work with dignity.  Act in solidarity with those in need by a more sober lifestyle, giving up something.  Hope for a better future.
    • If only I had known/ Gillette:  lyrics, tune (gospel)

    • Tree pin (1st reading)
    • Fruit pin (1st reading)
    • Penny pincher button:  rich man (gospel)
    • Purple in shirt, tie, suspenders:  rich man's garb (gospel), Lent (season)
    • "Phone" tie bar:  Lent:  'call' to trust God, care for others

    Dress your life!

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